An Analysis of Russian Economy. Raya Dunayevskaya 1942


1. For studies of Japan, see: Industrialization of Japan and Manchukuo, 1930-1940, by Schumpeter, Alien, Gordon and Penrose; The Economic Strength of Japan, by Isoshi Asahi, and Industrialization of the Western Pacific, by Kate L. Mitchell, 1942.

2. This is not based on the unit which was used for previous years since, in 1933, for reasons best known to the Russian state and unrevealed to the public, a measure known as the “biological yield” was adopted. This standard of measurement meant the grain is estimated on the stalks in the field before harvesting, and a 10 per cent deduction is allowed for waste. All agricultural economists, with the exception of the Stalinists, of course, agree that such an estimate does not account for actual waste. Prof. Prokopovitch discounts an additional 10 per cent, or a total of 20 per cent, for waste; other bourgeois economists discount as high as 30 to 40 per cent. However, this abstract reports official figures only.

3. 1937 census was destroyed and data were not made available to public.

4. Russian statistics lump workers and employees in one category; or when they separate them into two categories they lump rural and urban workers in one category and rural and urban employees in another; the above figure rep-resents urban workers and employees.

5. Author’s own estimate; cf. section on Standard of Living, 1940.

6. 1928 figures: Gosplan, State Planning Commission for the Dev. of Nat. Eco., 1980; 1932 figures: Caspian, Results of the First Five Year Plan, 1988, both in Russian. The results are also published In English

7. Planned figures computed from: Gosplan, The Second Five Year Plan for the Development of Nat’1 Eco. of the USSR; accomplished figures computed from Caspian, Results of the Second Five Year Plan, 1989; both In Russian. There is no English edition of the results; there is one of the Plans, but it varies considerably from the figures in the Russian edition.

8. Table by Molotov in speech to the 18th Congress, RCP, March, 1989, with exception of starred figure, which is from Problems of Economics, No. 8/89, in Russian.

9. Those who wish to see the Third Plan can consult: Gosplan, The Third Five Year Plan for the Dev. of the Nat. Eco. of the USSR, 1989 (Russian); no English edition was published.

10. Cf. section on ending rationing.

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12. Cf. Soviet Money and Finance, by L. E. Hubbard, and Bank Credit and Money in Soviet Russia, by A. Z. Arnold. The latter is evidently a Stalinist but if the rationalization is thrown out, the banking legislation is there in full. In Russian the legislation (as well as all decrees mentioned in this article) can be found in Compendium of Laws, 1929-40: also, the dally press generally carries decrees the day after enacted.

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