Marxist Writers: Joseph Hansen

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Joseph Hansen

(1910 – 1979)

Biography [biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]


Dec. 1938: Gold Is Still Where You Find It (book review)

July 14, 1939 Coughlin Delivers Fascist Blast Against Workers Defense Guards

Aug. 1940: The Attempted Assassination of Leon Trotsky

Oct. 1940: With Trotsky to the End

Nov. 1940: Trotsky’s Last Battle Against the Revisionists

Dec. 1940: New Ways of War (book review)

Jan. 1941: March of Military Events

Feb. 1941: Burnham’s Attorney Carries On

June 1941: Burnham’s Managerial Revolution (extended book review)

Aug. 1941: A Speech To The Youth on Trotsky

Nov. 1941: Four Fronts of World War II

Dec. 1941: On the War Fronts

May 1942: On the War Fronts

Nov. 1942: A Defamer of Trotsky

Feb. 1943: Roosevelt and Spain

May 1943: The Shipbuilding Scandal

Oct. 1943: A Shamefaced Apologist For Fascism

Feb. 1944: How the Trotskyists Went to Jail

Sept. 1944: Trotsky’s Prognosis of Our Epoch

June 1945: Hayek Pleads for Capitalism (book review)

June 1947: A Wall Street Drummer Boy (book review)

Sept. 1947: Evolution of a Renegade

May 1948: New Evidence of Stalin’s Fear

June 1949: Fear and the Bomb (book review)

December 1949: The Problem Of Eastern Europe

July 1950: Stalin’s Frame-Up System

Jan. 1951: The Lysenko Case 1 (with R.H. Monroe)

Mar. 1951: The Lysenko Case 2 (with R.H. Monroe)

Jan. 1953: Letter from Joseph Hansen, Morris Stein and Farrel Dobbs

Feb. 1953: What the New York Discussion Has Revealed

Aug.–Oct. 1953: Is World War III Inevitable? A series of 7 articles from The Militant

Spring 1954: Pablo Approves “New” Economic Policy of Malenkov Regime

Fall 1954: Bernstein’s Challenge to Marx (book review)

Winter 1955: A Liberal Looks at the World Map (book review)

Spring 1955: Peasant and Bureaucrat (book review)

Summer 1955: Soviet Policies in China 1917-1924 (book review)

Fall 1955: No Thaw Yet (book review)

Winter 1956: On the Politics of Outer Mongolia (book review)

Spring 1956: A Psychoanalyst Looks for a Sane Society (book review)

Summer 1956: “But Why Did They Confess?” (book review)

Summer 1957: How To Build An Anti-Monopoly Coalition

Winter 1958: Three Programs for Peace

Spring 1958: Proposed Roads to Soviet Democracy

Summer 1958: The First Four Congresses

Fall 1958: Corliss Lamont on Humanism

Winter 1959: John Gates Tells His Story

Winter 1959: Schweitzer’s Appeals

Summer 1959: Trotsky “Psychoanalyzed”

Summer 1960: Ideology of the Cuban Revolution

February 1961 Letter from Joseph Hansen to Larry Trainor

March 1961: No Victory for Nazis

Winter 1961: Theory and the Cuban Revolution

October 1962: Trotskyism and the Cuban Revolution: An Answer to Hoy

November 1962: Cuba – the Acid Test: A Reply to the Ultraleft Sectarians

1963: Reunification of the Fourth International

August 1963: International Report at the Twentieth Convention of the Socialist Workers Party

Winter 1964: Deutscher on Trotsky

Summer 1964: Exchange of Views on Deutscher Biography (Reply to George Breitman)

1965: What the Record Really Shows: The Test of the Cuban Revolution

Fall 1965: A Trotsky Anthology

Winter 1966: Vietnam and World Politics

Summer 1966: Stalinism or Trotskyism in the Cuban Revolution?

Fall 1966: The Case Against “Pacification” in Vietnam

November 1966: The Catastrophe in Indonesia [3 articles include 1 by Ernest Mandel]

July 1967: Is Marxism-Leninism Obsolete?

November 1967: The OLAS Conference: Tactics and Strategy of a Continental Revolution

January 1968: Report on the International Situation

1968 Fidel Castro’s Position on the invasion and occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Warsaw Pact countries

1971: In Defense of the Leninist Strategy of Party Building

1973: Argentina and Bolivia—The Balance Sheet

1975: The Forced Evacuation of Cambodia’s Cities

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