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The International Committee

of the Fourth International


Letter to Gerry Healy—“The problem is not one of unification”—by Farrell Dobbs, 1954
Letter to Farrell Dobbs—“We shall handle the parity commission question as you suggest”—by Gerry Healy,
Letter from Farrell Dobbs to Gerard Bloch ——by Farrell Dobbs, February 12, 1955
Letter from the International Secretariat “to all Members and All Organizations of the International Committee”—(July 1955)
“Our task is to first consolidate the forces around the IC on clearly defined political positions”—Letter from Farrell Dobbs to Peng Shezi, September 29, 1955
Pabloism Reviewed: From Pablo to Cochran, Clarke, and Mestre—by Peng Shuzi, 1955
Therefore they Demand Immediate Reunification—by Peng Shuzi, 1955
A Common Discussion for Reunification with all the Trotskyists Remaining with the IS—by Peng Shuzi, 1955
Resolutions adopted at the International Committee—meeting in Paris on November 7-8, 1955, authored by Gerry Healy
Resolution On The Parity Commission—by Peng Shuzi, 1955
Your Section formally proposed to withdraw from the Parity Commission—Letter to Gerry Healy, by Peng Shuzi, 1955

“It would be dangerous to maneuver with the question of unity”—Letter from Farrell Dobbs to Peng Shuzi, January 30, 1956


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