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Vol. II No. 1 Saturday January 1, 1938
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches.

Sit-Down Strikes Sweeping France – Paris

“Robinson-Rubens” Frameup Prepared for U.S.

Spy Scare – “Robinson-Rubens” Frameup Part of GPU Spy-Scare Plots in U.S.

Algic Trial Hits Labor – Ship Strikers Condemned Mutineers For Solidarity Move

Cooperation — With Whom? – Why? – An Editorial

Latin American Notes by Bernard Ross

Local 544 Victory Over Wholesale Grocers Hailed by Minneapolis Labor


WAA Workers Fight Ousting of N. Harrison –

Three Hundred Workers Storm Alliance Office

And Demand Open Hearing; Force Lasser To

Adjourn Session

Kuomintang Decrees Death For Strikers by Lo Sen

Chicago Workers Aid China Fight; Urge

Independent Labor Action

C.P. Repudiates Revolutionary Aims – Prefers

to Strengthen Existing Social Order by Harold Draper

Toward The New Party! by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

G.P.U. Plans Framing French Trotskyists in Secret Fascist Plots by Pierre Naville

A New Stalinist Crime: The Murder of Januola

International Notes – French Press on Soviet “Election”—"Fathers” of Stalinist

Constitution Now “Traitors"—World’s Mounting

Armaments by John G. Wright

Fate of Austrian Revolutionists in U.S.S.R.

“Cannon Balls, Cannon Balls, Jingle All Around!”

In The California Labor World – San Francisco Labor Council Condemns Stalinist Frauds

West Coast Labor Notes

Trotsky Urges Backing For Pioneer Publishers, letter from Leon Trotsky:

Union Lawyers Plead Memorial Day Massacre

Defendants Guilty

Akron Court Decision Outlaws Closed Shop by Blake Lear [C.K. Stewart]

Vol. II No. 2 Saturday January 8 1938
Socialist Appeal
Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches.

New Party Formed; To Fight War Plans – Left Wing Delegates Found Socialist Workers Party at Convention in Chicago

Convention Resolutions Stress Fight on War, Mass Work, Defense of Soviet Union by New Party

  • The Defense of the Revolution
  • Appeal View Confirmed in “Robinson”—GPU Mystery by Junius

    All Trails Lead to Stalinist Camp in the “Robinson”  “Rubens” Case by Junius

    Activities in St. Louis

    Boston Y.P.S.L. Meeting

    Convention Sidelights

    Minneapolis Unionists Bring Suit for Libel Against Daily Worker

    Further Exposure of West Coast Frame-Up

    Leaders Accept Speed-Up; Akron Workers Aroused

    The Lessons of Spain—the Last Warning by Leon Trotsky

    In the Teacher’s Union – Independent Group Combats People’s Front Policies of Stalinist Administration

    Popular Front Breaks French Sit-Downs;

    Gov’t Calls Troops by Terence Phelan [Sherry Mangan]

    Army for Fascist Coup, French Hearings Reveal by Pierre Naville

    Party Activities

    Fellow Travelers by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Vol. II No. 3 Saturday January 15, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Hail the Socialist Workers Party! – Join the

    Struggle for Socialism!

    House Defeats Ludlow Amendment 209 to 188

    Prepare Labor for War by Albert Goldman

    The Budget

    The Drive Is On

    Diary of Ignace Reiss Reveals Criminal Methods of G.P.U.—Young Communists Die Shouting Defiantly: “Long Live Trotsky!”

    New Format (Changing from tabloid to full-size newspaper format)

    The Lessons of Spain—the Last Warning by Leon Trotsky (Continued from last issue)

    Young Communists for Fourth International Join YPSL in New York

    International Notes

    Independent Group Built on Firm Base in Teachers Union

    Austrian Militants Bitter at Stalin’s “Asylum”

    Modesty (Excerpt from a Stalin Speech)

    Left Jabs [by Bill Sherman]

    Vol. II No. 4 Saturday January 22, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Roosevelt Confers With Big Business To Save

    Capitalism – Prepares Drive on Labor as Sham

    Fight Against Bosses Nears End

    W. Coast Unions Score Victories Over

    Stalinists – Sailors, Firemen Deal Heavy Blows to Bridges-C.P. Fakers

    Boston Greets New Party at Week-End Meet

    Leninism Can’t Be Embalmed by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    2 CIO Leaders Urge Lewis to Talk With AFL

    New French Crisis Stirred by Break in the

    Popular Front – Sharper Clashes Loom in Class

    War as Workers’ Burdens Increase

    Moscow Admits “Robinsons” Held for

    “Espionage” – Stalin’s Latest Frame-Up Gets

    Underway After Long Preparation by Junius

    All Out at Lenin Memorial Meeting Sunday – Cannon to Speak on Great Leader’s Teaching

    Party Convention Analyzes Political Situation – Text of Resolution Adopted at Chicago by Founding Convention of the S.W.P. – New Party Given Lead by the Convention


    Feudal-Military Reaction Planning Mexican Coup to End Reform Program by Bernard Ross

    The Hangman’s Year by Victor Serge

    Letter From China Reveals Harsh Facts on

    Far Eastern War by L.J.C.

    Left Jabs [by Bill Sherman?]


    Correspondents Write In From the Trade Unions

    Marxist School Starts Winter Term Feb. 16

    Vol. II No. 5 Saturday January 29, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Boss Court Holds Beal On Old Score –

    California SWOC Members Revolt Against Leaders

    Soviet Council Adjourns After Giving Stalin OK – Order to End the Party Purge Presages New


    Roosevelt in Huddle With Businessmen

    New Jersey Steel Workers Win Strike In

    Heart of the Notorious Anti-Labor Hudson

    County – Militant Tactics Bring Crucible Steel to Accept Workers Terms in 36 Hours

    UAWA Leaders Bow Down to GM – Give Up Ground Won By Workers – Proffer to Automakers Non-Strike Contract

    Rivera Resigns From Modern Monthly (Letter to the Editor of the Modern Monthly from Diego Rivera)

    Judge Wham Fines Illinois Miners for Alleged Conspiracy – Says 3-Year Strike Damaged

    Business – Precedent a Menace to Labor if Upheld by Albert Gates

    Profound Depths of Economic Crisis Revealed in Statistics on New Unemployment Wave

    Moscow In Difficulty With Robinson Case –

    State Department Refused Right to See Arrested Woman – Moscow Denies Hull Request by Junius

    Stalinists Frantically Try to Offset the Findings of The Dewey Commission – Strain to Divert World Attention from Historic Verdict Exonerating Trotsky Turn to Reactionary Sat. Eve. Post With Soviet Spy Story – Smoke Screen Laid to Hide Frame-Up by James Casey

    Present War in Far East and the Tasks of Our Party – Text of Resolution Adopted By SWP Convention

    Moscow Killings Split French Civil Rights Group – Several Most Influential Leaders Leave, Including Karl Marx’s Grand Daughter – Rebel

    Over Stalinist Control of Central Committee

    Special Offer (A cloth bound copy of “Behind the Moscow Trial” by Max Shachtman with each yearly subscription for a limited time)

    Britishers Refuse to Load Japanese Ship

    Green Joins With Legion and DAR In Patriotic Anti-Japanese Display – Aid Boycott Proposed by Chamber of Commerce To Protect Profits of U.S. Industry

    Akron Branch Plans to Widen Mass Work

    Soviet Union Notes – Drive Against

    Foreigners Proceeds—Another G.P.U. Mystery—

    Troyanovsky Engages N.Y. Times On “Illiteracy” by John G. Wright

    and Stalin’s Pravda—On Illiteracy Labor Defense Organization Must Be Built

    Roosevelt’s Navy Budget

    No, It Wasn’t Hearst!

    Life In the Soviet Union Today by Carlo
    (Political Cartoon)

    Left Jabs [by Bill Sherman?]

    WAA Group Dance

    Vol. II No. 6 Saturday February 5, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Party of New York, Left Wing Branches.

    Stalinists Try Frame-Up in Canada – Furriers’ Union Aroused to Fight Charges Made Against Federman

    Stolberg CIO Articles Faulty in Analysis – His Attack On Stalinist Disruption In Unions Weakened by Whitewash of Leaders and Support of Class Collaboration by B.J. Widick (Labor Secretary of the Socialist Workers Party)

    Second Steel Plant Struck in New Jersey

    Labor Secretary Widick Blasts Hague Before Jersey Unionists

    Seamen Stop Stalinists In Union Fight – Rank-and-File Rescind Plan Hitting at West Coast Brothers

    “Hates War” (Photograph of President Roosevelt)

    Dockmen Tie Up Ships, Cargoes In Puerto Rico – Strikers Demand Wage Hike to 75 cents; Ortiz Arrested

    Browder Backs F.D.R.; Hearst Backs F.D.R.

    Lynn Food Workers’ Unity Move Aids Fight Against Sharaf

    Roosevelt Speeds Drive Toward War With Navy Budget – Will Spend Billions In Arms Program – Huge Outlay Bares War Aims of American Imperialism by Maurice Spector

    UMW Gives Blank Check to Roosevelt – District Autonomy Is Blocked By Lewis Union Machine

    Progressive Slates Win In Lundeberg Victory—West Coast Seamen Show Their Determination to Follow Militant Leadership By Casting Huge Vote by Glen Trimble

    So. California A.C.L.U. Fights for Anarchist

    Police Terror in St. Louis Strike – Ford

    Workers Fight Provocations; Union Men Arrested

    Lundeberg Hits Back at Charges – Denounces Slanderous Accusations Made Against Seamen

    Party Resolutions – Trade Union Movement the S.W.P.

    Revolt Crystallizes In Newsstand Union Real Plan Behind Reubens Case Now Becoming

    Clearer by Junius

    Frame-up Artist Andrey Vishinsky (Photograph)

    Why the Lag? (In new subscriptions)

    School Holds Class in Party Principles

    Spanish Hold Franco Back Above Teruel – But

    Deadlock Threatens For Want of Bold Social


    Soviet Union Notes – Litvinov’s Removal

    Certain –—Case of A.N. Tupolev –—Shadows

    Over Stakhanovism by John G. Wright

    “Fugitive From Justice”

    Another Frame-Up

    The Ludlow Amendment

    People’s Front Balance

    The “New International”

    The Peace-Loving President by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Browder Defends Imperialism by James Burnham

    Against Capital

    Vol. II No. 7 Saturday February 12, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Green Backs War Program – An Editorial

    “Little Men” Fume and Bluster As F.D.R.

    Provides Steam Valve

    WPA Workers Used for War Purposes

    Auto Workers Leader Slams War Mongers –

    Homer Martin Exposes C.P. As Reactionary Force in Union

    Hitler Seeks to Appease Reichswehr – Army-Nazi Feud Breaks Out; Shifts Viewed As Compromise – Hitler Stalls in Army-Nazi Feud

    Murdered Victim of G.P.U. Reveals Inner

    Life of Stalin’s Secret Police by Ignace Reiss

    FDR “Talks” For Peace; Fleet Prepares For War – Navy Maneuvers, Alaska Issue, Indicate Trend Toward Clash

    Links Poyntz to “Robinson” Frame-Up – Carlo Tresca Says She Was Abducted by G.P.U. Agent by Junius

    Leahy Testimony Bares War Plans of U.S. Imperialism; Admits Conflict Is Near – Hint Joint Action With Britain – Note to Japan on Battleship Program Heralds Naval Race; Admiral Says Fleet Will Be Used to Implement Monroe


    Crucible Strikers Win Despite Hague Threats–Majority of Points Won After Week’s Strike;

    Kaempf Cheered

    Program Mapped At N.Y.C. Convention – Two-

    Day Session Opens New Phase of Work For Party

    “Victory” Faked By Office Union – Leaders

    Try to Conceal Defeat To Protect Prestige

    Curran Gets N.M.U. To Vote S.U.P. War

    Militant Policy Need In St. Louis – Progressives In Ford Strike Urge New Fighting Tactics

    UMW Convention Bans Communists From Membership – Vote Aids Bureaucrats To Act Against Real Militants

    Party Resolutions – Trade Union Movement the S.W.P. (Continued from last issue)

    Negrin Promises Stern Defense of Private Property – Frank Interview Shows Who Is Destroying Revolution

    Expulsions from A.F.L. Setback For Unity Drive – Reactionary Move By Executive Council Widens Chasm in Labor Movement; Campaign For Unity Must Be Intensified by B.J. Widick

    Reformists Win In Jersey W.A.A. –

    Progressive Forces Go Down to Defeat At

    Trenton Meet

    Fur Workers Back Verdict On Federman –

    Stalinists Try to Break Up Meeting Held to

    Hail Findings

    Soviet Union Notes – Purge Reflects Economic

    Crisis –—Coal Piles Up At Mines –—Tractor

    Failures Slow Down Harvest by John G. Wright


    A.F. of L. Expulsions

    The War In The Far East

    Keep Gerson, Mr. Isaacs!

    Party and Press

    A More Than Apt Pupil by Burck (Political Cartoon from the “Daily Worker” about F.D.R., Woodrow Wilson, War and Profits)

    What Is Collective Security by James Burnham (Second in a series of four)


    The Fifth Wheel by Leon Trotsky

    Vol. II No. 8 Saturday February 19, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Left wing Issues Convention Call
    • N.Y. and Chicago Join Four State Committees In National Appeal

    Stalin Waves Pink Flag to Bluff Allies – Admits “Final Victory” Is Not So Final As Believed

    Down With War Mongers! – Socialist Workers Party Manifesto

    Unionists Will March in Relief Demonstration

    W.A. Militants Call Jobless To Struggle–Progressive Group Takes Lead In Setting Forth Demands

    Twin City Progressives Score Smashing Victory – Splitters Swept From Top Bodies – Elections Drive Them >From Central Labor Organs in Midwest

    Joe Lubich (Obituary)

    Evelyn Gordon (Obituary)

    Minneapolis Teamsters Sue “Daily Worker” for Libel – Complaint Lists Repeated Stalinist Slanders Against Union

    Martyred Unionist – Patrick Corcoran

    One In Six In N.Y. Depend Upon Relief

    Rorty Gives Stinging Reply to “Writers” –

    Tells Few Home Truths to Communist Stooge Organization

    Party Resolutions – Trade Union Movement and the S.W.P. (Continued from last issue, Part 3 of 3.)

    20,000 Storm Philadelphia City Hall

    Jury to Get New Facts in Rubens Case – Carlo Tresca will Bare Significant Links In Moscow Frame-Up by Junius

    Communist League of China Needs Our Financial Aid On Firing Line

    Workers Must Rally Around Beal to Fight Sabotage of His Defense

    Littlepage “Evidence” Boomerang Against Communists, Lamont Finds

    British Dockmen Stop Japan Cargo

    Dock Strike Ends With Gains in P.R.

    No Solution Provided in Housing Bill – Act

    Filled Jokers Offers No Aid to Millions by

    John Fredericks

    Soviet Union Notes – Duranty “Explains” USSR Economic Crisis Like Purges –—By Concealing Facts and Belittling Seriousness by John G. Wright


    Cordell Hull Says “No!”

    Footnote to Carleton Beals Falsifiers of Marx

    Help Fight War

    Relief A La Roosevelt (Political Cartoon)

    The Dream of Isolation by James Burnham

    Anti-Lynch Bill  the I Speech I Did Not Deliver in the United States Senate by Albert Goldman

    Vol. II No. 9 Saturday February 26, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.
    Published at 116 University Place, New York.

    F.D.R War Plans Exposed, – Key Leaders Hear Details of Campaign, – Parleys With Army Navy Chiefs, Financial, Industrial, Newspaper Barons Prepare Way for War Propaganda Drive – Plan Laid at Secret Meeting

    Britain seeks 4 “Power Pact Against USSR” Chamberlain Offers Concessions to Rome Berlin to Form Anti-Soviet Bloc; Would Free Britain to Face Japan “Peace Lovers” Desert

    Stalin – Deal With Mussolini and Hitler Aims to Isolate Soviet Union

    Beal Receives Solid Backing for His Fight–Defense Group Joined by Prominent Educators Liberals, Authors

    Leon Sedoff Dies in Paris After Sudden Operation

    Trotsky Sees Possibility of Foul Play in Death of His Son by Leon Trotsky

    Swiss Court Finds G.P.U Killed Reiss – Facts

    Uncover Moscow Guilt in Murder at Lausanne

    Geller Files for St. Paul Election – S.W.P.

    Enters Mayoralty Primary in First Campaign

    Widick Leaves on Midwestern Lecture Tour – To Organize Party Union Activities During Two Months on Road

    Denver Teachers Face Union Split – Political Issues Injected by Stalinists Cause Threat of Bolt

    Progressives Lead Car Strike in Minneapolis – Unsatisfactory Terms Forced Through by Union Officers

    Hook Answers Broun Attack on John Dewey – Asks Pointed Questions in Reply to Columnist’s

    Slanderous Article by Sidney Hook

    Rubber Unions Confronted by Fight for Life – Layoffs and Attacks on Organizations Open

    Critical Period By Blake Lear [C.K. Stewart]

    Party Resolutions – On the Nature of the Party


    Fresh Light Is Cast On Poyntz Case – Tresca

    Links Mystery of Missing Woman To Rubens

    Affair by Junius

    Fascist Regime for Labor by Dave Cowles

    Detroit Scene of Jingo Orgy by Stalinists – Panay Bombing Pictures Shown at Convention


    Soviet Union Notes-French Newspaper Investigates Activities of G.P.U. Murder

    Agents—Tells of Schemes to Encompass Death of Ignace Reiss by John G Wright

    Appeal Drive On

    Lynn Workers Protest Hill-Sheppard Bill

    Leon Sedoff

    Stalin’s Letter

    Fireside Chat (Political Cartoon)

    Marxism and Collective Security by James Burnham



    Green-Lewis War – Verbal Battle Seen As Jockeying for Position in United Body by John ňAdamson

    Vol. II No. 10 Saturday March 5, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Stalin Stages New Frame-Up – Last Surviving Old Bolsheviks Facing Death – Bukharin, Rykov,Rakovsky and Eighteen Others Tried on New Frame-Up Charges of Treason and Murder –

    War Moves Speeded Up by Roosevelt – Prepare to Knit Latin American States in War Alliance

    723 in Teachers Union Take Anti-War St WPA Rolls Used for Recruiting Into U.S.

    Army – Military, Relief Agencies Cooperate to Put Men in Uniform

    Last of Lenin’s Colleagues Face Doom – Soviet Union Notes – Trial Defendants Include Last of Lenin’s Colleagues – They Now Face Their Turn Before Firing Squad by John G. Wright [Joseph Vanzler]

    FDR Offers Meager Sop to Jobless – Hundreds of Thousands Will Starve As War Budget Mounts – Money for War None for Relief – Deficiency

    Appropriation Fails to Meet Most Pressing Needs

    Trotsky Nails Fresh Attack on His Asylum – Answers Toledano’s Move to Gag Him As New Trial Opens by Leon Trotsky

    Known GPU Agent Goes to Mexico

    GPU Tries to Frame Chinese Bolsheviks – Chinese Comrades Spike Stalinists Charges Against Them

    Letters from Our Readers

    S.W.P. Replies to Slander of “New Republic” –Ex-Liberal Organ Caught Lying in Issue of Bridges Ouster by James P. Cannon, National Secretary Socialist Workers Party

    Jersey Jobless Win Concessions

    Akron Teachers Fight Layoffs With Union Aid”Board Drops 38 in Face of Militant Union

    Resistance by Blake Lear [C.K. Stewart]

    Spy Scare, Somewhat Too Neatly Timed, Rouses Jingo Newspapers

    Ohio-Michigan District Meets – SWP Organizations Meet at Cleveland to Plan Building Drive by R. Ferguson [Robert Treash]

    “Pro-“Labor” Congressman Abandon Beal’s Defense

    Appeal Army

    Stool Pigeons Put a Finger on Writers –

    Informers Cause Many to Lose Jobs on WPA Project

    YPSLs Fight Rule on Alien Students – Picket Board of Higher Education to Force New Decision

    N.J. Chemical Plant Strike in Ninth Week

    New Trial Is Climax of Two-Year Purge

    [Misspelled as “scepticism” in text]

    “Son, Friend, Fighter” (Photograph of Trotsky and his son Leon Sedoff)

    Leon Sedoff Honored by 700 at New York

    Memorial Meeting – Shachtman, Erber Pay Final Tribute to Late Warrior

    Safeguard Trotsky’s Asylum

    That Letter

    Labor’s “Friends”

    How Not to Fight War – An Editorial


    A “Program”

    American League

    Drive toward War

    Struggle Against War

    Vol. II No. 11 Saturday March 12, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Pacifist Rally to Dear Old Flag at New York

    Talkfest – Patriotic Fervor Arises at

    Hippodrome “Anti-War” Meeting

    SWP Anti-War Meet March 18

    Safeguard the Asylum of Leon Trotsky!

    New York Soviet Consulate Picketed to Protest Trial – Trial of 21 Denounced – Fourth International Slogan Resounds, (signed by Ernest Rice McKinney, Sec’y, Socialist Workers Party, Local New York

    Shachtman Talks on Trials to 800

    Yezhov “Favored” for Nobel Peace Prize! Trial Protest Sent by Mpls. Trade Unions – Midwest Organizations Wire Troyanovsky on Moscow Frame-up

    Alexei Rykov (Photograph)

    Stalin Regime Desperate – New Moscow Trial Shows Usual Flaws – Universal Ridicule Greets Flood of Fantastic “Confessions” Extracted from the Former Leaders of Russian Bolshevism—Real Evidence Is Non-Existent – Oslo Official Refutes Testimony – Stalin’s Regime Going

    Socialist Party Ready to Liquidate Itself Into American Labor Party

    Christian Rakovsky (Photograph)

    House Group Adopts Huge Navy Budget – Original Figure Raised to New Record Peace–Time High

    Widick Begins Labor Tour at Boston, Lynn – Finds Comrades Active in New England Key Unions

    N.Y. Painters Get Taste of Stalinism – Weinstock Imports C.P. Gangsterism to Gag Militants

    Goshen Rubber Workers Kill Fake Union Move – Fighting Platform Unfolded by Geller – Anti-War Stance Stressed by S.W.P. Candidate in St. Paul

    Stalinist Moves Against Defense of Beal Crumble – Socialist Party Bares Falsity of Lawrence Effort

    Handicapped Form New Trade Union – Old Organization Found Utterly Incapable of Struggle

    Roosevelt Price Policy Shows Economic Drop by David Cowles

    Akron Rubber Workers Ask Parley to Settle Friction Due to Lay-offs

    Old Socialist Views Convention of S.W.P. – Found Source of Inspiration in New Year Gathering of Militants at Chicago by George M Whiteside

    The Trials, Democracy and Communism


    The Trials and the Defense of the U.S.S.R.

    Moscow Trial Special Supplement — Stalin Directs Blows At Revolution Itself; Trial Testimony Crumbles at First Touch – Is Forced to New Extremes by Crisis – Krestinsky “Repudiation” Throws Glaring Light on Methods of G.P.U.; Documentary Evidence Entirely Absent by Max Shachtman

    March New International Appears

    Hail the Heroic Paris Communards! – A

    Commemorative Statement

    Soviet Union Notes – French Socialists Break Silence on Trials; What the Records Say About Deaths of Gorky and Others by John G Wright

    Appeal Army

    Advance Information!

    Mr. Kerensky Comes to Town

    Nailed Again

    The Real Moscow Defendant (Political Cartoon)

    Letters to the Editor

    * Letter by John Wheelwright (Pertaining to coverage of the “Partisan Review")

    Gilbert to members of the Socialist Party in Pennsylvania Hippodrome Meeting – An Editorial

    Shachtman Heard at ILGWU Group

    Marxist School

    Vol. II No. 12 Saturday March 19, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Lenin’s Aides Shot – Anti-War Struggle Only Reply to Hitler – GPU Court Decrees Death for Eighteen After Farcical Trial – Last of Lenin’s Staff Victims of Stalin’s Executioners – Rakovsky Spared for Future Frame-up Charges – Trial Was Flimsiest of All

    Soviet Consulate Picketed In Fisco

    An Open Letter – To Members of the Communist Party


    Fascism Lashes Austrian Labor – Drive Toward General War Conflagration Given Impetus by >Latest Triumph of Swastika; Move Looses Wave of Chauvinism – Vicious Reaction is Deepening

    Loyalist Spain in Peril of Collapse

    Navy Departs for Pacific War “Games” –

    Record Maneuvers Will Cover Vast Triangle in Western Ocean

    Frame-ups? – So What? Says Anna Strong

    2,000 Meet to Denounce Trial – 2,000 Meet to

    Protest Frame-up

    Lenin’s General Staff of 1917 – Stalin, The Executioner, Alone Remains (Shot, in prison, disappeared, missing, suicide, in exile or dead with one survivor, and 2 or 3 unaccounted for)

    Mooney Wages New Battle to Gain Liberty – State Assembly Passes Resolution for a Full Pardon

    Labor Leader Offer Backing for Fred Beal – AFL Head Aids Defense; Dubinsky, Others Join Up

    St. Louis Unionists Spike Fake “Unemployment” Plan

    Clear Rasmussen of Fake Charges – 1,000 Painters Fight Machine Rule in union — Hold Mass Meeting to Denounce Weinstock Leadership

    S.W.P. Candidate Polls Healthy Vote in St. Paul – Stalinists Are Slapped by Farmer-Labor Politicians by Carl O’Shea

    Goodrich Locals Prepare to Oppose Wage Slashes

    Pecan Shellers on Strike Six Weeks

    New SWP Maritime Paper is Issued

    Lift Charters From Four WAA Locals in PA. – Stalinists Force Split in Allentown; League Takes Lead

    Appeal Army

    “New Republic” Evades Challenge by Cannon &38212; Fails to Name Alleged Provocateurs In S.W.P. Ranks

    Stove Workers Win Sit-Down Victory – Fight New Cut in Wage of $2.50 Weekly; 700 in Jail

    Fund Mounts for Chinese Comrades

    Blum Cabinet New Attempt to Stem Crisis – Franc Dives as Regime Tries Desperately to Save Itself

    Anti-War Campaign On in Minneapolis – Issue Cuts Through All State Politics 544 Leads Drive

    Gene Frey (Obituary)

    Minnesota Farmer-Labor Group Takes Militant Anti-War St Mark Commune Date by Anti-War Mass Meeting

    Spector Speaks On Trials in Toronto

    Soviet Union Notes – Stalin on His Onetime

    Allies—He Sheds Blood He Said Opposition Wanted—The Mystery of Postyshev by John G. Wright [Joseph Vanzler]

    Vol. II No. 13 Saturday March 26, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    LaGuardia Cuts Relief Ten Percent – “Labor Mayor” Acts in “Gesture” Against Gov. Lehman

    Relief Militants Arrested in N.Y.

    Expropriation of Oil Lands Opens New Era for Mexican Workers – Cardenas Move Is Step Forward; Workers in This Country Must Give Full Support to Mexican Working Class

    SWP Militants Keep Fascists from East Side – Picket Line and Rally Block Meeting on Second Avenue

    Next Week! – An 8-Page Anti-War Issue!

    Rappoport Breaks with French C.P.

    Trial Causes New Fissures in C.P. Ranks – Stalin’s Terror Repels Honest Proletarian Militants

    Imperialist War Impends in Europe; Hull Reiterates Aim to Dominate World – Hitler Speeds His War Plans – U.S.S.R.’s Isolation Is Deepened; Poland’s Appetite Whetted New War Moves

    Navy Funds to Be Hiked Again – War Scare Used to Spur American Armaments Program

    The Only Road To Peace

    People’s Front Leads Spanish Working Class Toward Fascist Abyss – Only the Repression of the Revolutionary Mass Movement of the Workers Has Made Franco’s Sweeping Victories Possible

    10,000 Ohio Gum Minders Mass to Protest Wage Slashes – Boss Offensive Arouses Akron – Washington Acts behind Scenes to Spike Union Vote

    Minneapolis Electrical Workers Vote to Strike – Power Company Attacks in General Offensive Directed Against Labor in Mid-West

    Crucible Steel Workers Out on Strike in New Jersey – Picket Squads Evidence Fighting Spirit of Strike Committee

    Roosevelt War Aims Denounced at New York Ant-War Meeting

    Bankruptcy of Roosevelt’s Reform Program Laid Bare by Gov’t Acts by Dave Cowles

    Appeal Army

    Voroshilov is Next by Leon Sedoff

    Fund for Chinese Comrades Goes Up

    Soviet Union Notes – Monstrousness Of Trials Matched by Acuteness of Soviet Economic Crisis; Pravda Gives Picture Showing Scope of Breakdown by John G Wright [Joseph Vanzler]

    The McNaboe Bill

    The Travels of Kautsky

    Lamont to Dewey to Lamont

    Unity Against Fascism

    ILGWU Members Protest Trial to Soviet Envoy

    April New International

    Hitler’s Austria Coup Aided by Moscow Trial by Leon Trotsky

    Trotsky Explains to Kirchwey Aftermath of the Trials by James Burnham

    New York Jobless Protest La Guardia Relief Slash

    Fresh Wave of Strikes Hits France – Workers Open Offensive Despite Treachery of Popular Front by Argus

    Minneapolis Takes the Lead! – Unions DeclareAnti-War Stand (Adopted by the Central Labor Union of Minneapolis, representing 50,000 unionists)

    “The Church Militant”

    Stalinists Try to Oust Martin from UAW Post — Groom Frankensteen for Presidency With View to Pushing “Collective Security” Fakery

    Stalin Purge Extended to Polar Heroes – Nineteen More Are Shot After an Alleged Secret Trial

    Labor Alone Can Prevent Spain’s Doom – Popular Front Crumbles Before Franco’s Big Catalan Drive

    Navy Maneuvers Proceed Under Close Secrecy–Internment Camps Being Prepared in Hawaii For Japanese

    SWP Leaders in Mexico City Support Workers Struggle

    Stalinists Back Governor Murphy for Re-Election – Mazey, Head of Briggs Auto Local, Alone in Opposition

    Curran Aids Navy Recruiting Action

    Martin, Kenyon, Hays Join Beal Defense Group – Many Join in Nationwide Movement for His Liberation

    Loones Ouster Uncovers Strife in Seamen’s Union

    Allentown Project Reopens as Result of Militant Action

    Appeal Army

    Britain Not Yet Ready to Fight Hitler – Chamberlain Declines Role of Savior of


    Consider Arbitration Board to Settle Rubber Disputes

    Arrested Photographer a Stalinist Sympathizer – Ossip Garber, Held in Rubens Passport Fraud, Is Well-Known in C.P. Periphery by Junius

    “Donald L. Robinson” (Perhaps made by Ossip Garber)

    Fund for China Mounts to $143

    French Technicians Denounce the Trials

    Soviet Union Notes – Purge Goes On—New Trial of Red Army Generals is in Prospect— Soviet Deputies Begin to Get the Axe by John G. Wright [Joseph Vanzler]

    Bravo Minneapolis!

    The Gainesville Speech

    Stalinist Gangsterism

    Lynn Gets Taste of “Democracy” at Meeting

    on Moscow Frame-ups

    The Only War to End War! by Carlo(Political Cartoon)

    A Letter from China

    Vol. II No. 14 Saturday April 2, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Workers! The Enemy Is In Your Own Country! (Headline Above Masthead)

    Millions Died for the Fraud of “Democracy”

    A Rooseveltian Ship of State – Aircraft Carrier “Lexington” (Photograph)

    Do Not Allow the Lessons of 1917 to be Easily Forgotten – Boss War is for Boss Profits and Not for “Democracy”

    Wars Since the “War to End War”

    S.W.P. Policy on War – Fight the War-Makers!
    (From “The Declaration of the Principles of the Socialist Workers Party.”)

    Roosevelt-Hull Are Heading Toward New World Conflict – War is Pivot of American Plans – Preparations Are Going Ahead in Every Domain

    In Whose War Shall I Fight? by Eugene V. Debs (Article written in 1915)

    Sino-Japanese War is Prelude to Greater Pacific Conflict – Our Solidarity is With Masses of China, Japan – National Revolutionary War Will Transform the Whole East

    Workers of the World Must Absorb Lessons of Spanish Civil War

    Franco’s Bombers (Photograph)

    Imperialist Interests in China Are at Root of Coming Clashes


    Comintern Prepared to Support Imperialist War

    Dove of Peace, Roosevelt Style – One of the >U.S. Army’s new “flying fortresses” which recently made a “goodwill” flight to South America (Photograph)

    The Idea of “National Defense”

    Defense of the Soviet Union Rests on Working Class – The Criminal Policies of Stalin Have Isolated the U.S.S.R.; Workers Will Aid

    It Only by Resisting Imperialistic War Plans

    Pacifism is An Aid, Not a Deterrent, To the War-Makers

    Helpless In Face of War

    The Enemy is in Your Own Country! by Karl Liebknecht

    Socialism and War by Lenin and Zinoviev (Pamphlet published in 1915)

    Woodrow Wilson, In Four Installments – Howe Led Us to War

    Minneapolis Vets Take Militant Anti-War Stand “Keep America Out of War,” Asks New Committee; But How?

    William Green Ready to Sub for Gompers – He Already Announced Support of Roosevelt War Program

    Vol. II No. 15 Saturday April 9, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Roosevelt Speeds War Plans – Vast Army Games to Help Make Country War-Minded – Many Sided Preparations, Military, Naval, and Diplomatic,

    Are Pointing U.S Toward New World Conflagration – Will Build Super-Warships

    Revolutionary Course in Spain Can Check Franco – Politicians Scurry for Safe Cover – Scapegoats Sought For Series of Heavy Defeats

    Palestine C.P. Joins Fourth International

    W.A.A. Gathers in Convention – Progressive To Urge Militant Program as Reply to Policies of People’s Fronters

    Workers Hold Power Plants in Michigan – Murphy Steps in Again to Head off New Sitdown Strike

    Mexican Workers Greet Delegates of the Socialist Workers Party

    Roosevelt Trims Sails in Oil Fight – Tries Tacking to Meet Threat of Storm in Mexico

    Parade Today, Die Tomorrow!

    F.L.P. Becomes Cog in Roosevelt Machine –

    Stalinist ─ýBenson Clique Presents Hand-Picked

    Convention with Class Peace Program

    Senator Clarke Confirm N.Y. War Meeting

    Workers Resists Scab – Herding Police in Detroit Battle – Force Closing of Screw Plant – Thousands Join Strikers to Prevent Movement of Scabs

    Electrical Workers Score Fine Victory

    Food Workers to Take Poll on April 12

    Soviet Union Notes – Stalin’s Bloody Purge Surpasses All Previous Bonapartist Excesses – Red Army Decimated; Soviet Transportation Disorganized by John G Wright

    Hook Blasts Moscow Frame-Ups in New York Radio Broadcast

    Jersey Law Void, High Court Rules – Leaflet Distributors Need No Permits

    Chicago Office Workers Reject C.P. Attempt to Oust Organizer

    Chinese Garment Workers Strike in San Francisco

    20,000 Furriers Tie Up N.Y. Shops – Industry Paralyzed by Strike Action

    National Committee Plenum Meeting in N.Y. Next Week

    Pastor Holmes Confirms “Appeal” Story on Strong

    A.P.L. Sec’y Gives Backing to Beal Group – Rose Sends Letter of Support to Defense Committee

    Newsmen on Coast Vote Strike Action

    Marine Unions Hit by New Fink Hall – Crews

    Shipped Out by Maritime Body

    Widick Speaks to Farmers in Olivia

    April New International Contains Timely Articles

    Appeal Army

    New Crisis Looms as Blum Totters Again – Right Prepares Coup in France – National Union Government Will Pave Way for Repression of Workers to Help Capital Meet Deepening Crisis By Argus

    Fund for Chinese Comrades Mounts

    Ta-tu, Indo-Chinese Militant, Held in Prison of People’s Front

    Grand Jury Indicts Two in Rubens Mystery

    Case – Garber, Sharfin, Known As C.P. Supporters Or Members by Junius

    Gerson, Meet Gerson!

    Reorganization Bill

    A Letter from China by Fu Ling

    Vol. II No. 16 Saturday April 16, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Unemployment Gets No Lead at WAA Meet – N.Y. Convention Skirts All Issues Vital for Jobless

    150,000 French Workers out on Strike To Defy Daladier – Red Flag Flies Again Over Paris Factories As Workers Resist Reactionary Offensive; Communists Vote for Daladier

    Labor Playing Pennsylvania Boss Politics – Lewis Sets Out to Take over Democratic Party Machine

    Plenum of S.W.P. Postponed One Week

    Nippon Drive Bog Down in Central China – Chiang Kai-Shek Given Absolute Powers by Congress

    The Priests of Half-Truth By Leon Trotsky

    U.S. Puts Off Freedom for Philippines – War Strategy in Orient Causes Revision of Plans

    Mink, Well-Known G.P.U. Assassin, Is En Route to Mexico – Notorious Stalinist Agent Proceeds South Via Galveston; Served As Terror Chief for G.P.U. In Spain – Trotsky’s Life Is Menaced! – Stalinist Hirelings Aim for Trotsky by Max Shachtman

    12 SWPers Injured by Hoodlum Attack in Chicago

    Will Improve Panama Canal for War Use – $200,000,000 Voted for Widening; Nicaragua Plan Dropped

    Teachers Union Ousted by Joint Committee – Company Union Type of Organization Moves With Reactionary Wave; Conciliatory Methods of Local 5 Prove Bankrupt

    Rochester Unions Begin Organizing Jobless Workers – AFL Affiliates Support Drive to Unite Unemployed

    Fur Strike Ends Its Second Week

    Stalinists Turn Out for St. Louis Rally

    NMU Opposition Shows Lack of Clarity in Poll – Various Elements Mixed in “Rank and File Pilot” Group

    C.P. Seeks to Prevent United May Day Parades – Strait-jacketed Committees Exclude Militants from Meetings in Boston, Lynn, Newark to Prevent Unity

    American League Fails to Get Response in Yorkville

    Newark Union Adopts Anti-War Resolution

    Appeal Army

    Sharfin, Garber Released on Bail

    Where is Juliet Poyntz, Missing Now for a Year?—Tresca Links Disappearance to Agents of G.P.U.; Stalinists Maintain Tight-lipped Silence

    History of Polish C.P. Undergoes Refurbishing by Ernest Erber

    Workers Begin to Drift, Disgusted, from Communist Party Ranks Everywhere

    Effects of Purge—New Party Elections to be Held to Fill Vacant Posts by John G. Wright

    The Eleventh Hour

    Blessed Are the Peace-Makers

    French Workers Demonstrate Their Might (Photograph shows workers occupying the Renault motor works)

    Back Numbers of N.I. on Sale

    Vol. II No. 17 Saturday April 23, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Britain and Italy Sign Robber Pact – Open Road for Bloc of “Democratic” and Fascist States

    French Sit-In Strikers Told to End Fight – Difficult Choice Now Faces Centrists in That S.F.I.O.

    Workers Challenge Midwest Boss Drive Against Labor

    CIO Decision to Form National Body Brings Unity Issue Forward – Six-Month Interval Provided to Give Hillman Chance to Make New Peace Overtures; Leaders Fed up with C.P. by James P Cannon

    Illinois C.P. Backs Kelly’s Man for Senate – Apes Labor Non-Partisan League in Democratic Primary Fight – Back Igoe and Other Machine Primary Candidates by Albert Gates


    * But His Spending Cure-All Is Just Another Quack Remedy – Workers Will Pay

    Hemisphere – Roosevelt Warns off All Foreign Interests from Latin America: LaGuardia Gives Forthright Expression to Imperialist Aims

    Fruit Growers Open Parley After Workers Vote Strike

    Militants in Phila. Fight Red-Baiting – Leaders of ILGWU Local Try to Cover Their Own Bankruptcy

    Hoodlums attack Cleveland SWPers

    Steel Workers Net Gains in Jersey Strike – Crucible Strikers Win Concessions After Militant Fight

    Jersey WAA Rejects May Day Stooge Role

    SWP Alone Boycotted Boss Party Primaries in Chicago – Long-standing Tradition in Labor Movement Borne Forward by Revolutionists in Party Call

    St. Paul Unionists Oppose War Plans – Stalinists Unite with Racketeers in Election

    Lynn Foodworkers in Second Strike


    Appeal Army

    Dunne Raps Bernard for Quitting Beal

    Defense – Minneapolis Union Leader Rips

    Congressman’s Arguments to Pieces on Issue of Defending Class-War Prisoner

    Appeal for Funds (The Non-Partisan Committee for the Defense of Fred Beal issued an appeal for funds to help organize the legal aspects of the Beal Defense)

    Famous German Actress is Shot in Moscow Without Public Trial

    Mass Meeting in N.Y. Backs Mexico Labor – S.W.P. Delegates Given Greeting on Return from South Trip

    Enough of Mud! Enough of Blood! By Alfred Rosmer

    Unit Quits Communist Party – Denounces Moscow Frame Ups

    Capitalists Ask for Doles to Bolster Sagging Output Levels

    China Fund Nears Its Goal of $200

    The Right of Asylum

    Whose Morals?

    Street-walkers of the G.P.U. – An Editorial

    The Good Neighbor Policy by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Stalin’s Trial as a Terrorist Demanded of League by Trotsky, letter from Leon Trotsky

    Y.C.L. Supports U.S. Imperialism

    A Personal Note – The Pot Without Gold by Max Shachtman

    Vol. II No. 18 Saturday April 30, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    May Day – A Day of Struggle! – SWP Summons Workers for May Day Rally – Revolutionists Will Not Attend Patriotic Show of the Stalinists

    Make May Day Labor’s Day!

    Down Tools! by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Nazi Shadow Deepens Over Czechoslovakia – Hitler Makes New Threats as Britain Pushes Its Plans to Strike Bargain With Nazis

    S.W.P. Plenum Maps Out Future Party Activity

    Harry Bridges Orders Union-Smashing Drive Against Coast Sailors – Whole Future of Maritime Unions at Stake On Clear ut Issue of Collaboration or Class Struggle Policy

    Fink-herder – Harry Bridges (Photograph)

    Our Greetings and our Tribute – To Prisoners of the Class War

    Progressive Painters Fight Bureaucrats – Groups in Ten Locals Meet to Map Campaign – Thugs Beat Up Militant in Local 51; Members Are Outraged

    Typo Workers Reject Fight Against C.I.O. – Reject Assessment Order and Demand Poll On Issue

    Auto Workers Fight Against Wage Cutting – Strikes Meet Bosses’ Plan to Break Unions

    Goodrich Union Defeats Plans for Wage Cuts – Akron Bosses Overplay Hand in Rubber Parleys

    Shepard Line Ships West Coast Sailors

    Japan Starts New Drive in Central China – Seeks to Wipe Out the Defeat in Southern Shantung

    Comrades in China Acknowledge Aid

    Left Wing Forces Issue at Canadian Convention – Commonwealth Federation Displays Bureaucratic Methods at Do-Nothing Sessions by E. Robertson

    Wife of Ex-C.P. Head Held by the G.P.U.

    150 Gather at S.W.P. Dinner – Gala Event to Greet N.C. Members

    Police Seize Arms from Mexican C.P.

    Soviet Union Notes – Council of People’s Commissars Feels New Blows—Denny Discovers Destruction of Party Apparatus in Soviet Union by John G. Wright

    Meet the Nazi Thugs!

    Kerensky and Stalin

    Lynn SWP Supports Sharaf Strikers

    T.U. Unity Needed In Coming Class Battles by Arne Swabeck

    LaFollette Prepares Third Party Attempt for 1940 by Frances Merill

    Tram Workers Strike in Columbus

    New International May Issue Appears

    Vol. II No. 19 Saturday May 7, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Hitler Seeks to Mend Axis by Rome Visit – Britain Anticipates His Move by Concluding French Alliance

    Indians Given New Taste of Democracy

    Seek to Oust Sailors from Maritime Body – Bridges Moves to Expel S.U.P. from Coast Federation

    Palestine Communist Party Members Denounce Frame-up

    LaFollette Third Party Movement Would CheckWorkers’ Independence – National Progressive Party, Launched by Scion of Wisconsin Dynasty, Seeks to Head Off Labor’s Own Political Action

    Boss Hague’s Police Kidnap Norman Thomas – Workers’ Own Action is Needed to Combat Jersey Fuehrer

    Government Tax Program Hits Labor – Roosevelt Measure Gives Relief Only to the Exploiters – Threats to Load Major Crisis Burdens on Bosses Evaporate in Congress Bill Slashing by David Cowles

    Stalinists Start Fight to Capture or Smash United Auto Workers – Frankensteen, Browder’s Candidate to Replace Homer Martin, Issues Open Challenge; Board Meets This Week – Would Crush Union Democracy

    AFL Uses Dual Union Tactics to Fight CIO – Charters Reactionary Miners’ Union in Illinois

    Rank and File Committee Brings In NMU Agreement

    U.A.W. Launches Dramatic Section

    Rochester Unemployed Win Payments in Cash

    WAA Frustrates Plot to Expel Rasmussen

    SWP Holds Enthusiastic May Day Meeting in N.Y. – More Than 500 Cheer Demands for Class Struggle Policy; YPSLs Hold Outdoor Rally

    C.P. Celebrates May Day With Patriotic Parades – Militant Traditions of Labor’s Day Continue Under Banner of Fourth International

    Mob Attacks Y.P.S.L. Speakers in Jamaica Coast Office Workers Fight Bridges’ Blackmail – He Threatens to Withdraw C.I.O. Support from Union Unless It Knuckles Under by Kathleen Walker

    Appeal Army

    Workers of All Races Must Unite Against Fascism in Czechoslovakia

    Militant Students Hold Large Anti-War Rallies – Resistance to Patriotic Degeneration of Annual Anti-War Strikes is Widespread

    Mass Meeting on Spain

    Soviet Union Notes – Election Call for R.S.F.S.R. Seen as a Move for Extension of Purge; Shortage of Primary Goods Still Prevails by John G. Wright

    LaFollette’s New Party

    China’s Victories

    Rubber Union Considers New NRLB Project

    Labor Has Strong Arms, Too by Carlo(Political Cartoon)

    Inside the N.Y. Painters Union – The Painting Industry Today (First in a series on conditions among painters in New York and the problems of militants in the Painters Union)

    YPSL Committees Will Slug It Out (Y.P.S.L.National Committee versus the District Committee in a baseball game)

    S.W.P. Labor Secretary Gives Account of Tour by B.J. Widick, Labor Secretary, S.W.P.

    Vol. II No. 20 Saturday May 14, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Hague’s Rule Still Awaits Real Challenge – Farmer’sLabor Congressman, Acting on Advice of Stalinist I.L.D., Fail to Make Good on Threat to Defy New Jersey Dictator – Free Speech Fight Imperative

    A.F. of L. Bosses Back Hague Terror League Serves to Consecrate Ethiopian Rape – Italian Conquest Will Be Legitimized at Geneva

    Y.P.S.L. Members Arrested at Street Meeting in N.Y.

    Workers! Unite All Forces Against the Union Wreckers! by James P. Cannon

    The Sheriff Knocks

    Lifeguards of Capital

    Devaluation of Franc to Raise Cost of Living – Daladier Move Strikes Blow at Workers’ Standards

    Big Business Asks Curb On Trade Union Rights – Knudsen and Others Sound Off At Chamber of Commerce Session in Washington

    Appeal Salesmen Are Threatened

    Toledo White Collar Workers Put

    Progressives in Office

    Martin Balks Frankensteen Plot in U.A.W. – Browder’s Candidate for Union Presidency Gets

    Rebuff at Executive Board Meeting; Stalinists

    Begin to Squirm – Union-Busters Strike Snag

    Bridges Thugs Attack Pickets on West Coast – Revolt Movement Grows Among Rank and File Longshoremen

    Daily Worker Retreats from Anti-Martin Fight to Escape UAW Wrath – Stalinists Change Their Tune Overnight as News From Detroit Presages Failure for Their Plot to Capture Auto Union, by B.J. Widick, Labor Secreary, S.W.P.

    Worker Paints Revealing Picture of Conditions in Ford Factories

    Hillman Hints at New Attempt to Effect A.F.L.-C.I.O. Unity

    Toledo Militant is Vindicated by Union

    C.I.O. to Organize Lynn WPA Workers

    Radio Union Votes Against Boss War

    Goodrich Workers Vote Ten-One Against Wage Cut Plan

    Appeal Army

    Cafeteria Union Bosses Sell Out Hard-Won

    Gain – Job Security Sacrificed by Agreement to

    Refer Discharge Cases to “Impartial” Board

    German Centrists Give Bleak Conference Report – London Bureau, Uniting Miscellaneous European Groups, Fails to Make Headway

    New International for May on Stands

    Max Eastman Sues the Daily Worker

    Cowley Labored – And He Brought Forth some


    “Enemies of Man” Will Cavort at Pioneer Shindig

    200 French Communists Hear Trials Denounced ”Rappaport, Ex-Party Leader, Denounces Stalin’s Totalitarianism at Paris Gathering

    Unite Against Hague! – Form Workers Defense Committees! – An Editorial

    Inside the N.Y. Painters Union – In the Grip of Racketeers (Part 2 of 4)

    Leon Trotsky Challenges British Labor Party on Oil Land Expropriation (Letter from Leon Trotsky to the London Daily Herald on the subject of the British government’s demand for return of the oil property of the Mexican Eagle Oil Co., recently expropriated by the Cardenas Administration)

    Vol. II No. 21 Saturday May 21, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Stalinists Put to Flight by UAW Board – Frankensteen-Browder Combination Collapses Completely; Union Errs, However, In Supporting Governor Murphy – Program Gets Unanimous Vote

    Progressives Show Gains in Painters’ Poll – Get Majority in Three Locals in Union Referendum

    “No Riders!” by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    U.S. Imperialism Shows Aerial Might Over N.Y. – Japan Envisioned in Maneuvers as Actual Enemy in Coming War; Air-fleet Defects to Be Used As Lever for More War Appropriations

    In the June “New International” – Trotsky on “Their Morals and Ours—

    Coast Sailors Voting on AFL Entry Proposal – Stalinists Wrecking Drive in CIO Forces Seamen to Seek Support

    Chamberlain Seeking New Status Quo – Wants Understanding with Germany at the Cheapest Price

    Mexico Ends Its Relations with Britain – Action Follows Insolent Demands by Britain; American Unions Must Give Strong Support to Mexican Workers – Fascist Rebellion Fomented

    Integralistas Ape Hitlerites in Brazil Coup – Putsch Against Vargas Recalls Attack on Dollfuss in 1934

    UAW Head Supports Mexican Strikers

    UAW Adopts 20 Point Program of Activity

    Vigilantes Attack WPA Picket Lines

    Stalinist Thugs Busy in Akron

    N.Y. Teachers’ Union Fights Counsel Edict – Unionists Have Duty to Back Move for Reinstatement

    Ford “Union” Refuses to Leave Scene – Workers Vote Affiliation to U.A.W. But Company Union Lives On

    Amalgamated Urges Unity of C.I.O., A.F.L. – Clothing Workers Hear Pleas for Peace Among Unions

    Philadelphia SWP Activists Confer

    Appeal Army

    Toledo Unions Moved to Aid Struggle of Jobless – Growing Crisis Puts Organization of Unemployed on Agenda of Industrial Council

    Inside the N.Y. Painters’ Union – Stalinist Wreckers Move in (Part 3 of 4)

    Shachtman Talks at Boston Meet

    World Bank Hits Myths of New Deal – Report

    Shows Futility of Planning under Capitalism

    On Mothers’ Day C.P. Corral Sons for War

    AFL Takes Unions Out of Labor Party

    Is Bluecher the Next on Stalin’s Death List – Purge Hits Closest Aides and New Batch of High Officers; Judicial System Found Filled With Criminals

    Anti-War Motion Gets New Support

    Lewis Conceals Anti-Labor Acts Behind Left Talk – Speech at A.C.W. Meet Designed to Keep His Influence

    Gas Workers Gain in New Contract

    Hague Rule is “Local Police Matter"-F.D.R. – Roosevelt Skirts Pleas for Action Against

    Jersey Fuehrer

    The Wages and Hours Bill


    On the Ludlow Amendment, Statement of the National Committee, SWP “Preparing the Shot!” by Burck (Political cartoon reprinted from the “Daily Worker”)

    One in Six Depends on Relief, Says Hopkins by David Cowles

    On Housing – An Editorial

    Vol. II No. 22 Saturday May 28, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Smash Fascism in Mexico! – Workers Must Mobilize to Fight Cedillo – Fascist General Aspiring to Role of Mexican Franco, Has Backing of British and American Oil Companies – Break Washington’s Blockade

    G.P.U. Stages Frame-Up Trial in Barcelona – Charges Seven Militants With Assassination – Stalin-Yezhof Methods Applied in Spain Against

    Revolutionists Who Have Been in Front Ranks Against Franco – Bolshevik-Leninists Accused

    If the Martyrs Could Speak – For Workers Defense! The Memorial Day Massacre (When 10 workers died at police hands during a strike at Republic Steel in South Chicago, Photograph)

    9,000 Rubber Workers Quit Akron Plants – Goodrich Plants Struck in Fight Against Wage Cuts by B.J. Widick, Labor Secretary S.W.P.

    An Open Letter – To Members of the Communist Party

    Relief Crisis in Cleveland Still Unsolved – City, State Authorities Pass the Buck While Jobless Starve – Workers Alliance Fails to Give Jobless a Lead

    War Menace Looming in Czech Crisis – Britain, France Act to Forestall Forceful Hitler Coup

    Relief Ceases as “Recession” Hits Chicago – 34,000 Jobless Families Face Starvation as Funds Fail

    Chicago Case Workers’ Union Falls Down Miserably in New Relief crisis by L. Malgrecki

    Bridges Group Backs Bosses’ Mass Meeting – Open Shop Employers Offered Forum by Frisco C.I.O.

    Next Issue to Report Congress

    Appeal Army

    USSR Entry Into IFTU is Barred – Woll Citrine Lead in Blocking Union Affiliation

    Inside the N.Y. Painters’ Union – Who Are the Wreckers? (4th installment of the series, which concludes next issue)

    Fissure Opens in Chinese C.P. Ranks

    Slanders Against Chen Tu-Hsui Repudiated by Noted Chinese Scholars – Stalinist Calumnies. That He is Japanese Agent Indignantly Denounced in Hankow Public Statement

    Chinese Comrades Acknowledge Fund

    Gov’t Starts Harlan Mine Owners Trial – Long Record of Terror Brings Federal Prosecution

    U.S. to Increase Military Forces

    Revvv-olution? No Thank You, Gerson Pleads

    Use Tear Gas on Duluth Pickets

    Orr Tells of Spain at Louisville Meet

    Roosevelt is Forced to Take Notice of Hague – Investigators Hunt for “Conspiracy” Against Democratic Rights in Realm of the Jersey City Fuehrer

    The Pennsylvania Primaries

    The Relief Crisis

    A “Peace” Banquet

    The Spanish “United Front” by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Felix Morrow Writes a Marxist Study of the Events in Spain – Revolution and Counter- Revolution in Spain by Felix Morrow, Pioneer Publishers, reviewed by Ernest Erber

    Once More – On Housing – An Editorial

    Vol. II No. 24 Saturday June 4, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Organizer Kills Brown in Insane Fit – President of Minneapolis Drivers Union Shot by Demented Union Employee; Great Crowd Honors Him at Funeral – Midwest Labor Mourns Loss

    Firemen Back Progressives; Vote Merger With Sailors

    Minneapolis Labor Pays Final Tribute to Brown – Thousands Gather at Headquarters of Drivers’ Local 544 for Last Rites Honoring Murdered Union Leader by Carlos Hudson

    Harlan Miners Accuse Bosses of Thug Rule – Court Hears Stories of Terror From Union Witnesses

    Quick Action Checkmates Gen. Cedillo – But Fascist Danger in Mexico Continues to Be Acute

    Internal Meeting

    Striking Goodyear Workers Fight Police Terror, Score Gains

    * Akron Militant Tells of Big Picket Line Battle = Police Brutally Attack Goodyear Pickets with Gas Bombs; Workers Make Heroic Defense Against “Law and Order” Thugs – Strike Ended by Compromise Arrangement by R. Ferguson

    Detroit Cops Gas and Club C.I.O. Pickets – Workers Buil Barricade to Halt Movement of Scabs

    Coast SWPers and Stalinists in Anti-Nazi Demonstration

    The Lessons of Akron – Organize Workers Defense! by B.J. Widick, Labor Secretary S.W.P.

    Furriers Score in Strike Settlement

    Higher Pay Won by P.R. Dock Workers

    Use of Army, Navy Urged to Ban Sitdowns – Senator Rants Against Sitdown Tactic as Bosses Applaud

    Relief A La Roosevelt! – Single Men Are Barred From N.Y. Relief Rolls – Jobless Client Told to Look for Maintenance to Fellow Roomer on W.P.A.; $55.78 Enough Per Month for Two, Says Official (Photograph of a letter from the Case Supervisor above article)

    Ohio Teachers Balk at Attempted Steamroller – Convention Quickly Adjourned After Uproar Over Stalinist Move to Ram Through Changes in the Union Constitution by Blake Lear [C.K. Stewart]

    Appeal Army

    Japanese Imperialism Hurtles Toward Ruin in in China – Collapse Brought Closer by Every Fresh “Victory” – Creation of New “War Cabinet” Reflects Growing Crisis by Lo Sen

    An Important Beginning – All-American – Pacific Pre-Conference of the Fourth International by Max Shachtman

    South Africans Donate $62.50 to China Fund

    Jamaica Strikers Are Terrorized by British – Army and Police Go Into Action as Exploited Slaves of “Democratic” Imperialists Tie Up Colony in Militant Strikes

    Hague Again Frustrates Meeting Plan – C.I.O. Must Take Lead in Struggle Against Jersey Fuehrer

    Trotsky Article Features Lively June Issue of “New International”

    The C.P. Convention

    Stalinists in Convention by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Hague’s Gangster Rule Nourished by Roosevelt New Deal Patronage by James Raleigh

    In the N.Y. Painters’ Union – Fight the Wreckers! (The fifth and concluding article in this series)

    Vol. II No. 24 Saturday June 11, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Akron-Detroit-Newark – The Workers Can Make Only One Answer!

    German Trotskyists Get Long Prison Sentences

    Weinstock Defeated by Own Local

    Labor Guard Must Answer Hague Menace – Thomas Meeting Broken Up by Mobsters in Newark

    The Fight for Relief (Photograph showing police brutality at a demonstration)

    City-Wide Relief Sit-In Called for N.Y.

    * Alliance Progressive Group Demands

    Militant Program – Local Relief Appropriation Slash Forces Plan to Bring Pressure on Authorities by George Milton

    “Keeping America Out of War” by Max Shachtman

    U.S. Congress Reveals New Deal Futility – Capitalist Legislators Strip Wages and Hours Bill of Progressive Features, Display Impotence In Face of Deepening Crisis – Unity

    Shown on War Plans

    New Evidence in Fight for Jailed Miners – Kentucky Governor Gets Proof That Photos Were Faked

    Akron Defense Organ Created – Recent Battle on Picket Line Was Stimulant for Action

    Local 544 Leads in Battling for Unemployed in Minneapolis by Carl O’Shea

    Supplements to W.P.A. Earnings

    Delegates Walk Out on L.N.P.L. Sessions in Ohio – Refuse to Accept Rule Barring 15 Steel Lodge Men

    Appeal Army

    Workers Boo Employers’ Plea for “Cooperation” – Bridges Praised for Smashing Picket Lines at San Francisco Meeting;

    Audience Shows Distinct Class “Bias”

    Railroad Union Leaders Move in Wage Cut Crisis Without Ranks – Unionist Points Need for Planning United Action to Combat Employers’ Offensive and Forestall Sell-out Maneuvers

    900,000 Rail Workers Face Big Pay Slash – Railway Labor Act Will Be Used to Bog Down Militant Action

    N.Y. Auto Builders Strike in 35 Shops

    Akron Teachers Demand Release for Fred Beal – Anti-War Resolution is Also Passed; Active Year Comes to End

    Office Union Session Sterile Under Gag Rule – Stalinist Leadership Concentrates on Keeping Opposition Silenced at Washington Office Workers’ Session

    West Coast C.P. Has Hard Time Obeying New Dictum

    Help Refused to Dying Baby, Miner Tells Jury – Union Card Costs Miner Life of Infant Son as Company Doctor Neglects Child at Order of Harlan Mine Boss

    More Workers Killed as Jamaica Strike Spreads

    Jobs or Relief!

    “Aiding” the Loyalists

    Socialist Party and the A.L.P.

    Hague Will Be Ousted by Workers Offensive by James Raleigh

    Hollywood Bows to Orders on War Film

    Vol. II No. 25 Saturday June 18, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Answer Hague and Harvey – With Workers’ Defense

    SWP Intensifies Campaign Against Firetraps in N.Y.

    Political Strike Staged in Newark

    WPA Workers to Have New Deal Pay Cut – Will Affect More Than 25,000 on Jobs in New York

    C.P. Stooges Suspended by Martin to Forestall Bid for U.A.W. Control –Frankensteen and Four Others Are Affected by Order; Stalinists Violate Agreement to Observe 20-Point Program

    N.Y. Committee Launches Fund to Assist Persecuted Revolutionists

    Japanese Air Raids Ravage China’s Cities – Air Attacks on Canton Take Immense Toll of Human Life – China Bombings Show Japanese Imperialists Desperate to End War – Kuomintang Inaugurates Repressive Campaign to Silence Leftists as Invading Armies Press On for the Capture of Hankow

    N.Y. Painters Deal Blow at C.P. Wreckers – Ousting of Weinstock from Top Post in District Council Marks High Point in Rank-and-File Revolt Against the Stalinists – Victory for Progressives – Weinstock Ouster Breaches Stalinist Union Domination

    Youthful Revolutionist is Arrested by GPU in Spain

    Purge Looms in NMU as Officials Lose Prestige – Curran Asks Outlawing of All Groups as Rank and File Seamen Reject Policies of Stalinist District Committee

    Progressives in Culinary Union Establish Group – Ranks in Revolt Against Stalinists in Frisco Dishwashers Local

    Appeal Army

    N.J. Bosses Glad CIO Fired Kaempf

    Unionist Jailed on Handbill ban – L.A.

    Police Arrest ILGWU Organizer, Set Bail at $600

    N.Y. Jobless Prepare Action in New Crisis

    80,000 March in China on May Day

    Hull Reveals Real Aims of U.S. Diplomacy – Note to Japan Discloses Nature of “Friendship” for China

    Social Crisis Grows as Business Indices Drop to levels of 1932 by Davis Cowles

    Harlan Witness Killed as Gov’t Presses Case – Coal Operators Brazenly Use Old Terror Methods to Frame Alibis, But Witnesses Identify Night-Riding Murder Men

    Terror Rages Against Spain’s Revolutionists – Vicious Suppression Paves Way for “Compromise” With Franco; P.O.U.M. Organ Describes Horrors in Barcelona Prison

    Union Briefs

    Noah London Reported Executed in Moscow

    July New International to Have Article by Trotsky

    Progress in Akron

    Thomas in Queer Company

    Deport ’Em!

    Bloody Reign of Terror in Jamaica Still Continuing

    Stalinists Oust Selves from Anti-Nazi Drive

    Mpls. Unions Show Method of Ending CIO-AFL Disputes – Jurisdiction Quarrel in Garages Settled by Firm Action by Carl O’Shea

    Chilean Stalinists Ally With Fascists

    Vol. II No. 25 Saturday June 26, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    An Urgent Appeal – Aid the Revolutionists! by James P. Cannon

    Puerto Rican Slavedrivers Balk at Wage-Hours Bill

    Refugee Fund is Welcomed Far and Wide – Enthusiastic Response Greets Formation of N.Y. Committee

    Willi Muenzenberg is Entered on Growing Blacklist of the G.P.U.

    Progressives Chalking Up New Scores in N.Y. Painters’ Union Fight – Make Clean Sweep of offices in Local 892; Stalinist Campaign of Slander Fails to Halt Advance of Militant Candidates

    Labor Gains Smashed by Spain Gov’t – Enterprises Are Handed Back to Exploiters as Fascists Advance

    Additional Troops Sent to Crush Jamaica Strike

    Warn Against Agent of the GPU on The Coast – Suspicious Movements of Hanoff Are Noted in San Francisco. CP Wreckers Force Splits in Maritime – Founding Organizations Withdraw From Pacific Federation After Bridges Packs Convention Unseats Tacoma I.L.U. Delegation – Stalinist “Unity” is Exposed

    Curran Moves to Eliminate Rival Unions – Militant Organizations Are Threatened by Ray Proposal

    Stalinist Wreckers Act Concertedly to Smash Auto Workers’ Union – Plunge Locals Into Pandemonium, Seek to Place International in Receivership in Order to Advance Rule or Ruin Policy

    Unions Refuse Endorsement to Gov. Davey – Ohio Labor Federation Delegates Declare “Nothing Doing”

    Appeal Army

    A Veteran Passes – Rodney Salisbury Dead by Max Shachtman

    Bonapartism Rules In France As Parliament is Sent on Vacation

    Anti-Hague Drive Launched by SWP

    Mayor Hague Holds Stage in N. Jersey – Uses Forum of Court to Expound His Fascist Views on Labor

    Attempt Made to Bar Appeal Sales

    Labor Book Shop Suggests Books for Militants

    Kuomintang in Crisis as Japanese Advance Up Yangtse to Hankow – U.S. Courts “Incidents” by Ordering Gunboats to Remain in Zone of

    Hostilities; Floods by Lo Sen

    Leaflet License Law to get Test

    Carter Mack Dies, Loss to N. Jersey

    Expropriate the Railroads!

    We Are Not Excited

    Where Anything Goes

    Spain Featured in N.I. for July

    Mexico and British Imperialism by Leon Trotsky

    U.S. Will Fight in New War, Says N.Y. Times

    Vol. II No. 27 Saturday July 2, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Progressives Force Close Painters’ Poll – Two Years of Weinstock Domination Finds Stalinists Hard Pressed to Win District Council Posts; Opposition Gains Impressive – Weinstock Gets 615 Majority

    National Guard Stages Big Chicago War Demonstration

    Akron Labor Defense Hit by Stalinists – C.P.

    Press Calls United C.I.O.-A.F.L. Committee

    “Trotskyist Plot” by B.J. Widick Labor secretary, S.W.P.

    We Ask Once More: Is Noah London Alive or Dead?

    Union Busters Prepare Marine Federation for Strike-Breaking Course – Bridges’ Machine Forces Through Anti-Union Program as Seafaring Crafts Quit Convention; Unions Protest Splitting tactics

    21 Union Men Get Year in Kentucky Jail – Teamster Organizer Sent to Penitentiary Under Old Statute

    SP Advances Phony UAW Peace Plan – End of Factional War Proposed on Basis of the Former 20-Point Program Whose Violation Caused Frankensteen Suspension – Martin Not Battling Wreckers

    Libel Suit Against Daily Worker Shifts to M’pls

    Concerted Union Drive Needed to Oust Hague – A.F. of L.-C.I.O. Feud Must End so That Labor May Act Unitedly to Smash Dictatorial Rule of Would-be Hitler in New Jersey by James Raleigh

    Bill Brown – A Proletarian Fighter by James P. Cannon

    Omaha Court Arrests, Vags Union Official – Police Seize Organizer in Office, Search His Quarters

    Appeal Army

    Guild Convention Shows Newsmen’s Big Gains – But Broun, Re-elected President, Moves to tie Membership to Imperialist War Chariot by Resolution on Collective Security

    Bob Minor and The Times – A Revealing Commentary

    July New International is Finest Issue Yet Published

    Cleveland Workless in Desperate Plight

    On Guard Against Spy Scares! – An Editorial

    Virginia Workers Vote Strike to Force Pact

    Drive for Fund to Aid Revolutionists Gathers Momentum in Country

    Russian Speaking Comrades Form Club

    Soviet Economy Lags as Purge Intensified – Denny Succeeds Duranty as Cover-Up Man for Stalin; But Facts Show Bureaucracy is Digging Grave of Workers’ Power by John G. Wright[Joseph Vanzler]

    Trotsky on Lovestone – No Its Not the Same

    Lovestone’s Travels “We Communists Disdain to Conceal Our Aims” by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Unity Against the Union Wreckers!

    Vol. II No. 28 Saturday July 9, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Jersey City – Lesson and Warning by James P. Cannon

    Death Claims Otto Bauer in French Exile – Austro-Marxist Leader Dies Aftert Spendig Life in Betrayal

    Refugee Fund Sends Sum to Aid Persecuted in Europe

    Stalin’s Third Degree Methods Are Revealed by Former GPU Agent – Story of 90-hour Grilling of Mratchkovsky Gives Insight Into Moscow “Confession” Trials; Torture Ends With Capitulation by Walter Krivitsky

    N.Y. Unions Hit Court Picket Ban – Anti- Labor Injunction Fought: 14 Are Held for Contempt

    Ohio Teachers Support Fight for Fred Beal

    Alleged Plot to Kill Labor Leaders is Exposed in Minneapolis

    Relief Probe is Slated for New York – Boss Politicians Seeking to Chisel Payments as Crisis Deepens

    Spotlight is Played on Job Security Plan – Survey Bares Hopeless Inadequacy of Pet New

    Deal Insurance Measure; Beneficiaries Number

    Only Fraction of Workless – Doles Drop as Needs


    Stalinists Try to Frame Oak in Workers Alliance

    Govt. Lines Up Against Truckers

    Rodney Salisbury – A Model Revolutionist by Charles E. Taylor

    The Fight for the Auto Union – An Editorial

    Coast Union Split Widens After Parley – Remnants of Federation Now Isolated from Sea-Going Unions

    S.U.P. Crew on Shepard Ship

    Dunne Debates Parson on Gangsterism Charge

    Appeal Army

    The Socialist Appeal Can Be Obtained at the Following Newsstands

    An Open Letter – To Moissaye Olgin – Concerning the Fate of Your Two Friends,Juliet Poyntz and Noah London by Max Shachtman

    Self-Avowed Assassins – An Editorial

    Y.P.S.L. Summer Classes Get Under Way Union Briefs

    A Turn-Coat on the Witness-Stand – Earl Browder Testifies Before the McNaboe Committee by Max Shachtman

    France Under Daladier Moves Toward National “Sacred Union” Gov’t – Political Course of Bourgeoisie is Influenced by Growing Isolation of the Soviet Union; Socialist Party “Left”

    Expelled by Terrance Phelan [Sherry Mangan]

    Another Fine Issue of New International Due

    Smash the Cotillo Injunction!

    Helping Mexico

    Next Step for the Painters

    Page the Communist Party (Editorial comment on the C.P.’s passing a rule at its last convention that no alien can be a member of the party)

    Not Two—Three!

    The New Deal on Parade by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    The Conference at Evian – An Editorial

    Hoodlums Assail Astoria Meeting

    Books for Workers

  • * A Historic Document – Not Guilty. (Reportof the of Inquiry into the Charges Made

    Against Leon Trotsky in the Moscow Trials) reviewed by F.G.

    Two Views –—Upton Sinclair and Eugene Lyons reviewed by L.F.J.

    Albert Goldman reviewed by H.D.

    Vol. II No. 29 Saturday July 16, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Czechoslovakia – Another – “Poor Little “Belgium”

    Minnesota Socialists Reject Party of Norman Thomas, Join the S.W.P.

    Stalin Murders Foreign Communists Who Sought Refuge in the U.S.S.R. – Writer Gives Grim List of Victims Shot or Imprisoned by G.P.U. Without Semblance of a Trial – Poland

    Watch for Spain Article Next Week

    First Year of China War Shows Japanese

    Imperialism Doomed – Army Victories Not Effective Beyond Soldiers’ Bayonet Points; Japan Plunges toward Bankruptcy – China’s Struggle Shows Weakness – Chang Kai-Shek Gov’t Weakens China’s Fight by Suppressing Masses by Lo Sen

    Catching up and Outstripping... By Carlo (Political Cartoon about Hitler and Stalin’s respective body counts) Stalin Found Guilty of Frame-Ups – Dewey Commission Issues Exhaustive Report of Its Investigation Into the Moscow Trials, Finds Criminals in the Kremlin

    Sit-In Stage by Strikers in N.Y. Plant – Workers Hailed to Court After Cops Evict Them

    Omaha Drivers Reply to Police Attack on Union; Appeal Sentence

    LaGuardia Police Crack Down on New York Jobless – Arrest 22 members of W.A.A. For Demanding Bigger Relief Checks

    H.O.L.C. Busy Evicting N.Y. Workers – New Deal Concern Posts Eviction Successes

    C.I.O. Summons Strike in C.P. Summer Camp – Stalinist Slave Girls 12 Hours for $7 a Week

    Union Briefs

    New Deal Crop Program Based on Starvation – Bumper Harvests Promise No Relief for Hungry as Government Maps Plans Of Destruction by J. Pytlak

    C.I.O., A.F. of L. Get Together in Akron Ohio Teachers Showed Gains by Progressives – Stalinists Defeated in Plan to Capture Federation

    Ex-Deputy Sheriff Is Killed As Mine Trial Proceeds in Harlan

    August New International to Have Article by


    Appeal Army

    The Socialist Appeal Can Be Obtained at the Following Newsstands

    How Stalin Gov’t Aids China War

    Radio Is Used to Generate War Hysteria

    Divide and Rule Policy Explains Palestine Riots

    Some More Questions – To Moissaye Olgin by

    Max Shachtman

    Prieto Letter Reveals How Revolutionists in

    Spain Were Wiped Out –Knifes Workers – Indalecio Prieto (Photograph)

    Hypocrisy at Evian

    The W.A.A. and Politics

    New Workers Party Springs from SFIO Split

    Mr. Cahan versus Mr. Hillman – An Editorial

    A Letter from England – Armaments Alone Boom As Brief Spell of “Prosperity” Passes; C.P. Courts Liberals; Union Bosses Back or Plans by A.B. Elsbury

    Iowa Farmers Oppose Rail Cut

    Vol. II No. 30 Saturday July 23, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    G.P.U. Kidnaps Sec’y of IV Internat’l – Trotskyist Leader Seized in Paris; Taken to Spain – A Young German Revolutionist in Hands of Stalin’s Assassins; Clues Lead to Spanish Border – Forged Letter Points to Frameup (Cable to the Socialist Appeal)

    Bosses Hurl Armed Mobs Against C.I.O. Unions in 2 Strikes – California Lumber Workers Driven from Homes by Hoodlums; – Cops Battle New Orleans Taxi Drivers in California – Mob Drives Mill Workers from Homes

    C.I.O Unions

    Eastside Labor to Hold Housing Parade

    Court Cracks down on N.Y. Strikers – Labor’s

    Right Mere “Privileges,” Says Jersey Judge

    Socialist Appeal Needs Your Aid! – Emergency Call for Funds by the Business Manager

    Auto Union Threatened by Split As Wreckers Force Fight for Power – Unscrupulous Tactics of Stalinists Paralyzes Militant Union: Lewis Intervention Danger

    Trip across Country Has Political Aim – President Adds to Party Prestige by Tour

    Evian Conference is Dismal Flop; Powers Offer No Aid to Refugees Gang Disrupts Astoria SWP Rally; Cops Look on – Harvey’s Police, Like Hague’s, Condones Fascist Tactics Against Labor Meetings; Workers Need Own Defense Guard by Frank Graves

    Skoglund Elected President of 544

    Philadelphia – Example and Symptom – An


    Ohio Unions to Demand Better Relief Scales – Example of Minneapolis Unions’ Fight for Adequate Unemployment Relief Inspires Akron Workers by B.J. Widick, Labor Secretary, S.W.P.

    Yipsels Announce Membership Meet

    The Socialist Appeal Can Be Obtained at the Following Newsstands

    French Labor Passive on Bastille Day

    Two Years of Civil War in Spain – Summing Up the Balance-Sheet of the People’s Front Government in Its “Struggle for Democracy” the Results of the Policies Followed by the Social-Democrats, Stalinists, Anarchists the P.O.U.M.

    50 Pickets Injured in North Chicago Police Attack

    Ludlow Retreats

    T.V.A. and War

    Watch Their Hands!

    Paul Revere... 1938! – by Carlo (Political


    Democracy and Communism – How Browder Has Abandoned the Traditional Revolutionary Teachings of Marxism on Decisive and Basic Questions by M.J. Olgin

    The Case of Joseph Zack – An Editorial

    Stock Market Rises; Basic Crisis Continues by Dave Cowles

    Vol. II No. 31 Saturday July 30, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Seamen Fight “Fink” Halls – Pickets Open Drive on N.Y. Gov’t Hiring Hall – Picket Line Answers Government Threat to Take over Hiring; Seamen Act Despite N.M.U. Opposition – Hiring on Dollar Line Held by SUP

    Stalinists Riot As Trial of Suspended Chiefs Begins in UAW – Stage Shameful Brawl to Discredit Proceedings; Switch Line After Lewis Fails to Intervene; Drop Rump Moves – But Danger to Union Is Mounting

    G.O.P. Campaigns for Democrats – Two Boss Parties Unite to Back Reactionary

    Trotsky Fears Fate of Klement, G.P.U. Victim, Letter from Leon Trotsky Labor under Attack – The Only Answer East Side Workers March for Housing Call Guardsmen in Iowa Strike

    Nationalist Feeling Flares As Attempt Is Made on Puerto Rican Governor – Attempted Assassination Discloses Repressive Rule of U.S. Imperialism Against Independence Movement

    Mexican Miners Strike

    C.P. Splits Phila. Navy Yard Union – Shipyard Local Gives Up C.I.O. Charter in Split Move

    Teamsters War on Finks

    Middletown Gives Labor Big Lesson – Militant Action by Muncie Auto Workers Smashes Attacks on Union

    Japan Retreats in Border Clash – Soviets’

    Firm Stand Forces Japan to Retreat

    C.P. Gang Attacks Appeal Salesmen Press Ballyhoo Hides True Story of Housing Program; Slum Problem Acute

    Relief Red Tape Leaves Tenants Helpless Before Marshals; Brutality Features Evictions

    Stalinists Order W.P.A. “Purge” – C.P. Members Told to Dismiss All Dissenters

    Officer – Union Wins in Fight against Illegal Seizure

    C.P. Slander Fails in Alliance Local

    Eight Arrests in Indiana Strike – Indianapolis Police Attack Striking Box Workers

    Appeal Army

    The Socialist Appeal Can Be Obtained at the Following Newsstands

    Hauled Note Masks New Imperialist Threat by Roosevelt – U.S. Starts Fight Against Mexican Oil Expropriation – Agrarian Claims Serve As Pretext for Establishing Precedent Against Right of Expropriation

    Leading French Scientists Protest Law on Asylum – Committee Denounces Decree As “Inhuman and Illegal"; Trade Union Officials Join in Protest

    Branches Active in Fund Drive for Refugees – Money Rolls to Committee from All Sections of the Country

    Eight Given Five Refugees

    Need Funds for Fred Beal Fight

    Labor Militancy Rises Anew in France; Progressives Gain Strength in Unions – Reject People’s Frontism at Left Socialist Convention; New Awakening Seen in Political Trends by Terence Phelan [Sherry Mangan]

    Telegraphists Present Demands

    Daily Worker Exposed by Gustav Mulfinger

    Horse-Trading Politics

    Taxing the Poor

    Lasser’s Resignation

    America’s Permanent Depression – Experts Baffled for Explanation –—But New Millions Face Unemployment and Disemployment – A Future of Hunger and Insecurity By Art Preis (First

    in a series of articles on unemployment)

    On My Conspiracy by Leon Trotsky

    George Sokolsky – One More Chapter in a Venal History

    Vol. II No. 32 Saturday August 6, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Remember August 4th by Renewing the Fight Against Imperialist War! (Headline above masthead)

    After 24 Years – Above: Sacrificed on the Altar of Imperialist Greed in the Last War. –— Right: War Machine Primed for New Slaughter (Photographs)

    New Wage Cuts Hit WPA Workers – Directors Get Big Raise as Ranks Face Hunger

    Stage Set in Barcelona for Frame-Up of POUM – Long-Awaited “Moscow Trial” Of Spanish Revolutionists Believed to Begin; Defense Action Urged

    Stiler to Answer Stalinist Slander

    Auto Union Trial to Be Resumed – Chief Task of U.A.W. To Carry Out 20-Point Program

    Teamsters Defy Court Order to Reveal Records – Minneapolis Labor Backs Stand of Local 544 by Carlos Hudson (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    Japan’s Border Provocations Met With Firm Resistance by Soviet; Danger of General War Growing – Internal Crisis May Force Japan to Extend War – Hitler Holds Key

    Fight Against Fink Hall Forces Showdown in NMU – Rank-And-File Seamen Revolt Against Scuttling of Union by Officials; Raid Drives out Stalinists

    Jury in Harlan Trial Dismissed – Deputies and Mine Owners Jubilant at Mistrial

    Officers Armed by Steel Barons – Police Supplied With Guns and Bombs; Used in Strike

    East Side Parade Demands Housing Members Denied Vote in Teachers Union Election – Stalinists Pull Fake Election to Pack Convention

    New York Local Leads Fund Drive

    Building Trades Lose Control of Clevel Labor – Teamsters Group In, After Bitter Fight

    Railroads Demand Wage Cuts – Fat From Years of Plunder, Rail Moguls Turn Guns on Workers by Dave Cowles

    Together Again? – Abe Cahan, Norman Thomas

    Minneapolis Unions Back Fight for Jobless Youth

    Philadelphia Warehouse Closed

    Appeal Army

    The Socialist Appeal Can Be Obtained at the Following Newsstands

    Socialist Bares Barcelona Frame-Up Against POUM – Tells How Militants Are Persecuted by the Stalinist GPU – Import Moscow Trials into Spain; Crush Revolutionary Movement in Name of “Democracy”

    Vancouver Jobless Fight for Right to Live by E. Robertson

    New Internat’l Features Debate on Labor Party

    Refugees Flee Nazis; Spurned by “Democracy” – Cite Cases of Exiles Sent Back to Concentration Camps

    French Party Brands Klement Kidnapping As Work of GPU Agents – Plan Joint Action to Combat Stalin’s Terror System

    The Popular Front and the POUM

    Third Term for Roosevelt

    Rounding the Circle

    British Repressions Continue in Burma

    America’s Permanent Depression-II – New Deal

    Takes Care of Bankers First; Juggles Relief As

    Riot Insurance and for Political Machine by

    Art Preis

    Destroying Crops


    New Deal Housing (Political Cartoon)

    Old Party Lines Break Down In Round of

    Primary Voting

    Vol. II No. 33 Saturday August 13, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Stalinist Union Wreckers Hit Hard by NMU Elections; – Rank & File Win Control in First N.M.U. Election – Get 5 to 4 Majority on New Executive Committee

    Wrecking Policy – Form New Central Body to Build Labor Unity

    Labor in Northwest Rallies to Local 544 in Court Defy – Militants Stand of Drivers Union Wins Thirty-Day Stay of Court Order to Open Books for Bosses by Felix Morrow

    Japan Searches for Retreat in Soviet Impasse – Provocations Earn Reprisals from Soviet Army

    “Peace” Parade Expels Pacifist

    National Guard – Strike Breaker (Photograph of the Guard in action at a Maytag plant)

    Political Refugees Face Hunger in All Europe – Regulations Deny Worker-Refugees Right to Work by James Burnham

    Guild Wins Strike

    A Welcome Sign! – An Editorial Appeal Refused in Russell Case

    Poster Shop Opens

    Auto Union Strikes As Boss Moves Machinery – Will Force Company to Keep Work in Detroit

    Call Strike of L.A. Steel Plant to Win Demands – Chiseling Company Find Union Ready to Fight

    Progressives Win at CUCOM Meet

    Union Officials Aid Boss Drive on Foodworkers – Union Fails to Back Up Fight Against Speed-up

    Relief Pickets Break Injunction

    Charge of “Trotskyist Spies” In Steel Lodges Exposed As Lies – Organizer Answers Daily Worker Calumny by Bob Stiler

    Alliance Member Frame-up Victim

    Appeal Army – First Anniversary of the

    Socialist Appeal The Socialist Appeal Can Be Obtained at the Following Newsstands

    Peace & Plenty

    Was Leon Sedoff Murdered — Trotsky Presses Question In Letter to French Court; Finds Inquiry Avoids Essential Facts – Medical Men Find Death Mysterious, But Authorities Fail to Investigate Work of G.P.U. Assassins, letter from Leon Trotsky

    Next Issue of N.I. Previewed

    Trotsky Tells of “Letter” from Victim of G.P.U. by Leon Trotsky

    World at a Glance

    Sugar Companies Grab Lands in Puerto Rico by Frances Merrill

    A Judge Orders—But...

    Mexican People Speaks

    Stalinist Thievery

    Made by Union Labor by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    America’s Permanent Depression-III – Roosevelt Smiles on the Unemployed When Elections Roll Around; But WPA Scales Are Lower Than Ever by Art Preis

    Pinning ’em Down by James Casey

    Vol. II No. 34 Saturday August 20, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Union Busters Peril U.A.W. – Plan Rump Convention to Split Auto Union – Frankensteen Claims Support of Lewis as Locals Are Advised to Throttle Int’l by Sending Funds to National C.I.O. – Lewis Maintains Silence

    FDR Aligns Forces in Primary Battles; Labor Acts As Pawn – Democrats Are Prepared for Major Schism – LNPL Tail-Ends Democrats, Depends on “Labor’s Friends”

    Steelworkers Win L.A. Strike – Strikers Backed by New Trade Union Conference

    Music Guild Wins

    Gov’t Hiring Halls or Seamen’s Unions? – Plans of Maritime Commission to Regiment Seamen in Preparation for War Spells Death to Unions – West Coast Unions Prepared to Defend Right to Control Hiring, But New N.M.U God Leaders Remain Silent

    English Groups Unite to Build 4th Internat’l – New Party Combines Forces for Revolutionary Policy

    Local New York Schedules Meet It Might Have Happened!

    Tenuous Truce Reached in Siberian Conflict – Japanese Back Down but Threaten to Resume War

    Akron C.I.O. To Build Union for WPA Workers – W.A.A. Fights Move; Stalinists Want Open Field by B.J. Widick, Labor Secretary S.W.P.

    America’s Permanent Depression-IV – Roosevelt, Man of Many Faces, Has But Single Purpose, To Save Capitalism ─ýDefense Guards

    Only Answer! By Art Preis

    Child Slavery Brings Strike

    Ohio YPSL Holds Successful Camp

    Protest Long Hours, Low Pay

    Blackwell, Anti-Fascist Jailed by Loyalists, Free – Defense Needs Funds to Complete Works

    Appeal Army

    Socialist Appeal and New International Can Be Obtained at the Following Newsstands

    Peace & Plenty

    Victims of Nazis Write Pitiful Letters to U.S.

    New Book on Fascism to Be Published by Pioneer

    Trotsky Brands “Klement Letter” As GPU Forgery – Analysis of Alleged Letter Reveals Glaring Inconsistencies; Kidnappers Exposed by Leon Trotsky

    Polish C.P. Dissolved; Call Stalinist Chiefs “Spies”

    Reaction in the Northwest

    Trotsky and Cardenas

    Sabotaging the Anti-Fascist Struggle

    From the Labor Press

    Still Spieling by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Who Owns the Courts? Spotlight on Capitalist Justice in Harlan by Albert Goldman

    Pinning ’em Down by James Casey

    Vol. II No. 35 Saturday August 27, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    We Want No Moscow Trials in Spain, Mister Pena! (Headline above Masthead) Vital Questions to Spain’s Minister of Justice Pena

    F.D.R. Includes Canada In US War Zone; Hull Shakes Warning Fist at Europe – Pledge of Armed Support to Canada Shows Imperialist Plans for World Dominion

    Blackwell, Freed by Spanish Gov’t, Snatched from Ship

    St. Paul Unions Demand Idle Factories Be Opened, Operated under Workers’ Control – Approve Plan for No ─ýProfit Industry – Propose Law Would Have State Take Over Closed Plants to Be Run by Jobless Workers – At Union Hours, Wages

    Paper Unions Rule at Bridges Conclave – Calif. State Meeting Admits Impotence to Aid Unions

    Slate Is Named by S.W.P. in New Jersey Election – Candidates Oppose Hague’s Political Machine

    Hands Off, Mr. Dies! – Labor Will Clean Its

    Own House! — Editorial

    Union Builders Lay Plans; Wreckers Map UAW Split – Stalinists Claim Sanction from Lewis; Urge Him to Set Up Czar Rule Over Auto Workers Union Chicago Slate in an A.F.T. Meet – Fred Beal

    Defense Defeated by Stalinists

    Strange Medley at Youth Meet – Patriots From

    Many Lands Bicker, Pass War Resolution

    Pickets Protest Frame-Up Trials

    America’s Permanent Depression – Panaceas Fail; Only Destruction of Capitalism Can Rid Society of Mass Unemployment by Art Preis (Conclusion of Series)

    L.A. Summer School Ends Fifth Session

    Slogan “Sales Mean Jobs” Displays Boss


    New Body Wins Support in L.A. – Locals Back Stand of Leaders; Hail Six-Point Program, By a Special Correspondent

    Appeal Available in Bound Volume

    St. Paul Unions Hit Silver Shirts

    Socialist Appeal and New International Can Be Obtained at the Following Newsstands

    Peace & Plenty

    Await Nazi Move In Czechoslovakia – Hitler Threat Arouses Extreme Nationalistic Fervor; Workers View British Efforts With Skepticism, By Frank Demby (Special to the Socialist Appeal)

    Franco’s Refusal to Withdraw Foreign Troops End Non-Intervention Farce – Note Reveals Italian and German Plan for More Aid by Albert Goldman

    Guild Signs Pact

    Wire Visiting Spanish Minister, Protesting

    Pending POUM Trials

    Soviet-Japanese War Inevitable – Trotsky Sees Japanese Militarists Headed for Blow-Up; Internal Difficulties Force Stalin’s Hand by Leon Trotsky

    French Workers Face Major Loss

    Basky, Veteran Militant, Dead

    Lewis’ Eloquent Silence

    Sacco and Vanzetti

    Horse Trader’s Alibi – “Explaining” The Republican ALP Coalition by James Burnham

    S.P. Spurns United Front for GPU Victims in Spain

    Nazi Chieftain – Fritz Kuhn (Photograph)

    Jail Two in Anti-Nazi Protest

    Pinning ’em Down by James Casey

    Vol. II No. 36 Saturday September 3, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    UAW Fights Lewis Invasion – Locals Condemn Plan to Set Up Dictatorship – Lewis Acts as Foil for Union-Wreckers; Would End Auto Union Autonomy and Hand Control to Stalinists – Lewis in Splitters Role

    Driver Sign Pact Covering 11 States, 250,000 Workers – Tentative Agreement Will Affect 2,000 Operators, Make Teamsters Largest U.S. Union

    Unity Against Picket Ban

    Appeal Available in Bound Volume

    More Ships to Be Run by Gov’t – Commission Extends Hiring Control Over More Seamen

    War Nears in Europe – Czechoslovakia Vital to German Plans for Expansion

    “Jitters” – Adolph Hitler (Photograph)

    Seattle Council Hits Fink Halls

    Klement Reported Killed, Body Found – Headless and Legless Body Tentatively

    Identified As Fourth Victim of G.P.U. In


    Chinese Trotskyists Lead Strike Against Japan Ship

    New York Faces Crisis in Relief

    Union-Smashing Drive Opens in San Francisco – Warehouse Lockout Begins Campaign Against Unions

    Strikers Force Parley on Plan to Move Plant – Quick Act Prevents Entry of Scabs; Leader Praised

    Cops Surround N.Y. Relief Sit-In – Protesting Jobless Denied Food As Bureau Closes

    Open the Factories! – An Editorial

    Hook Alliance to Roosevelt Machine – Strange List of Politicians Named As “Progressives” by Alliance; to Collect Huge Slush Fund by George Milton

    Opposition Grows in Furriers Union – Dissatisfaction With New Agreement Brews

    Discord in Union Long Under C.P. Control

    Tobacco Workers Strike

    Appeal Army

    Peace & Plenty

    Death Trust: American Medical Ass’n Milks Profits; But Diseases Is Rampant by David Cowles

    POUM Trials Postponed; Prisoners Still in Jail

    Puerto Rican Nationalists Face Trial — Lawyer Quits

    French Workers Grow Restive Under Deepening Crisis; Strikes Break Out – Military Checked by “Loyal” CGT Bureaucrats by Terence Phelan [Sherry Mangan]

    Auto Strike (Photograph)

    Cordell Hull’s Philosophy

    “Peace” Means War Wages Attacks on NLRB Reflects Blows Suffered by Labor – William Green Joins With Employers Against Board – Militancy Alone Will Save Gains Under Wagner Act by James Burnham

    Fate of Political Refugees Rests with Labor

    by V.R. Dunne

    Pending ’em Down by James Casey

    Timely Articles On War Features September N.I.

    Vol. II No. 37 Saturday September 10, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    War Crisis in 11th Hour – Armies on Frontiers As Europe Mobilizes – Diplomats Jockey for Position But Only United Workers’ Might Can Beat Down War Danger – Against the War Makers!

    “One Third of the Nation” – An Editorial (Concerns Poverty in America)

    Plea for Liberalism Is Roosevelt Hoax – Drop “Principles” in California Primaries; Pension Hit By James Burnham

    King, Ramsay and Connor in Appeal

    W.P.A. Local in Split from W.A. – New York Union Hits Communist Party Misleadership by George Milton

    Cleaners Gain in Syracuse; Jail 2

    Pact Covering 250,000 Drivers Nets Big Gains – Drivers Win Union Conditions for Huge Area

    N.Y. Police Club Relief Seekers; 16 Youth Jailed – Face Jail Terms on Framed Charges; Bail High

    Stevedores on West Coast Hit by Bosses’

    Drive – Only Agreement Not Renewed by Water-Front Employers

    Rivera Says Trade Union Congress Staged by C.P. – Handpicked Delegates Will Extends Sway of Stalinists, Boom Toledano for Mexican Presidency World Youth Congress Beats the Drums of War – Inspired by Stalinist, Sponsored by Reaction, It Issues Open Appeal for Robber War Alliances by Hal Draper

    These (Photograph Of Aircraft Carrier “Lexington”)

    Labor Unity Spurs Southern Unionism – Houston A.F. Of L. and C.I.O. Cooperate in

    Organization and Strike Activity; Texas

    Workers Better Conditions By Special


    Appeal Army – Special 8-Page issue on world Congress

    Socialist Appeal and New International Can Be Obtained at the Following Newsstands

    Peace & Plenty

    Damning Evidence in Sedoff Murder – Trotsky Bares Further Proof of G.P.U. Guilt – Investigation Discloses Direct Tie-Up Between G.P.U. and Hospital Staff; Laxity of Police Assailed

    Late Flash! – Mexican G.P.U. Plot Trotsky’s

    Death – Laborde, Mexican G.P.U. Head, Spent

    Months in U.S. Preparing Final Blow Against

    Trotsky and Friends

    A Broad Hint

    Expropriate the Railroads

    Mexico’s Real Allies

    What the Army Is For

    “In Stalin’s Realm” – “The Russian Workers’

    Own Story” (Review Of Book by Boris Silver)

    Reviewed by Joe Hansen

    Pinning ’em Down by James Casey

    Vol. II No. 38 Saturday September 17, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Powers Prepare War – Czechs Pawns in Conflict as Crisis of System Drives to Disaster – Workers Sold to War Machine by Paytriot Leaders – Fight the War-Plans!

    What Good Work, Mr. President? – An Editorial

    Unions Back Clerks! – Boss Offensive Met by United Labor Movement – Strikers Picket 27 Dep’t Stores; In Militant Mood

    The Crisis in the Auto Workers Union – Martin, Waging Fight Against Wreckers, Is Hampered by Bureaucratic Tactics, Reactionary Allies – Internal Struggle Exposes Stalinism as Major Threat to Labor Movement; Socialist Party Only C.P. Shadow by Geo. Clarke

    Sailors Back Longshoremen; Blast C.P. Slanders (Reprinted from the WEST COAST SAILORS) by Harry Lundeberg, Sec’y-Treas.

    Union Defense Guards Formed by Local 544 – Group Prepares to Defend Union Hall From Thugs

    Seaman Picket Fink Hall, Gov’t Training School – Pickets Meet Gov’t Ship, NMU Officials Aid Commission

    Latin Americans Hit “Democratic” U.S. Imperialism – Congress in Uproar; Dissident Voices Suppressed (Special to the Socialist Appeal)

    Shipyard Union Convenes; Maps Drive on Bethlehem – Shipyard Workers to Launch Huge Organizing Drive – Aim at “Little Steel” Yards – IUMSWA Meet Hits Fink Halls; Defends Fred Beal by Bill Morgan

    Progressives Gain In N.Y. Painters’ Union – Referendum on Tax Goes Against C.P. Administration

    N.Y. Fund Raises $150 Collection

    Police Protect Fascist Meeting – Arrest Four S.W.P. Members; Leaflets Banned

    2 More Locals Leave Alliance – Eight Delegates, 35 Observers Attend Conference by George Milton

    McCord Strike Ranks Hold Firm – Other Locals Must Act in Solidarity With Strikers

    11 – State Pact Is Now in Effect – Unions Ratify Plan; Establish Area Committee Appeal Army – Appeal Needs Immediate Financial Aid

    Kulak Danger in Soviet Reappears – New Tax Decree, Aimed at Wealthy Peasants, Reveals Grave Situation; Collectives Being Undermined by J.G. Wright [Joseph Vanzler]

    Labor Shows Strength in South

    “In Stalin’s Realm” – “The Russian Workers Own Story” Reviewed by Joe Hansen (Continued from last issue)

    Company Unionism in New York Primaries – A.L.P. Is Tail To Kite of Boss Parties by James Burnham

    Hathaway “Forgets” London But Doesn’t Deny Murder

    History Repeats! – An Editorial

    Guard the Security of Trotsky!

    Minneapolis Leads the Way Again!

    The New Deal Speaks on Hague

    Pinning ’em Down by James Casey

    Vol. II No. 39 Saturday September 24, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Plain Speaking On Czechoslovakia – An


  • A Weapon For Exploitation

    Plan War on Soviets – Post-War European Lineup Shattered – Collective Security Is Interred at Berchtesgaden: Anti-Soviet Four- Power Pact Is Next Aim – Win Temporary Respite

    Truck Drivers Tie up New York City – Rank And File Leaders Backed by Membership – Huge Meeting Balks Strikebreaking Attempts

    Omaha Drivers Halt Trucking – New Set-up Ties up Trucks Over Vast Area

    Pena Challenged on Trial of Spanish Revolutionists – Socialist Workers Party Letter Demands Clear Statement From Minister of “Justice”

    Bridges Accepts Changes In Pact – Modifications May Mean Compulsory Arbitration

    Auto Strike Is Menaced by Ruse of Union Jobholder – Police Attack Pickets After McCord Workers Repel Attempt to Force Return to Work

    “Treason Trial” Delayed Again by Government – Sentence of Death Asked for Three Militants

    Referendum in Painters D.C. 9 Defeats $5 Tax – Administration Plan Rejected by Ranks

    Unions Fight Picket Ban

    * Los Angeles Bosses Pass Anti-Picket Ordinance


    Grand Jury Clears Mpls. Unions; Slanderers Hit

    Appeal Available In Bound Volume

    Set Hearing for Jobless Youth

    Alliance Heads Ready to Expel Militant Locals – Stalinist Committee Able to Revoke Charters by George Milton

    New York C.I.O. Supports F.D.R. – Head of State Body Pledges Workers to War-Makers

    Books Asked for Schools

    Appeal Army

    Socialist Appeal and New International Can Be Obtained at the Following Newsstands

    Akron Unionist Blast Lying Liberty Article by R. Ferguson [Robert Treash]

    October N.I. Has Varied Content

    G.P.U. Assassins and Their Victim
    (Photomontage of Ignace Reiss murdered by the GPU and Vladimir Kondratieff, Dmitry Smizensky, Renata Steiner, Gertrude Schildbach, GPU agents involved)

    Murderers of Reiss Seek Life of Trotsky

    The Defense of Czechoslovakia

    War Crisis Curbs Strikes in France – French

    Bosses Use National Defense Plans to Break Strikes and Chain Workers to War Machine by F.L. Demby

    A Bona Fide Strike!

    Patriot’s Progress

    None so Blind

    Imperialist Smokescreen at Latin American Congress by Garcia Cestero

    Rubber Union Hits Hull Notes On Mexican Oil

    New Deal Candidates Lose, But F.D.R. Dolds Prestige by James Burnham

    Pinning ’em Down by James Casey

    Vol. II No. 40 Saturday October 1, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    The Appeal Will Be Issued Three Times

    Weekly Beginning Saturday!

    Fight Imperialist War! – Millions in Arms

    Await Zero Hour on All Borders – Pacifist Leap

    On Bandwagon to Support War

    Drivers Accept Terms While Strike Goes On – Boss Front Cracking After Ass’n Rejects Up – New Pact Reduces Hours

    Primary Deals Reveal Danger in ALP Policy – Independent Action Alone Will Rally Workers

    Strikelights on the Truck Front by Bill Morgan

    New War Flows from Versailles Banditry – Trotsky Urges Firm Revolutionary Defeatist Policy As Only Way to Fight Hitlerism by Leon Trotsky

    Fight Hitlerism by Revolution – An Editorial


    Peasants, Teachers Fight G.P.U. Slander Against Trotsky

    Omaha Trucks Tied Up throughout North Central Area – Move Only with Union Permits – New Area Contract Is Issue; 35 Companies Sign Rubber Workers Urge Labor Unity Ask C.I.O. – A.F. of L. Peace; Refuse C.P. Whitewash of Bridges Wrecking Tactics On West Coast by B.J. Widick, Labor Secretary, S.W.P.

    YPSL Conference Plans Activity

    Slug Militants in Food Union – Appeal Is

    Made Against Gangsters C.P. Clique

    Sailors Tie up Shepard Again – Breaking of Pact Gets Quick Strike Action

    Unemployed Militant Faces C.P. Expulsion

    Call the Cops!

    Jobless Issue Convention Call

    Appeal Army – We Must Redouble Our Efforts

    Defense Formed for Unemployed

    Trotskyists Defend Heroic Past of Polish Communists – Dissolution of Party and Murder of Leaders Is Reward for Loyalty to Stalin Comintern

    R.R. Workers to Strike

    Half the Battle Won

    Open Letter to the Members of the C.P. from the Socialist Workers Party

    On the Labor Party – A Resolution of the S.W.P.

    Pinning ’em Down by James Casey

    Vol. II No. 41 Saturday October 3, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Only the Workers of the World Can Defend the USSR! (Headline above Masthead) Pact Menaces Russia

    On the Eve of War – What Became of Democracy

    Socialist Solution Is Only One for Czech National Minorities (From “Banner,” Organ of the Sudeten Bolshevik-Leninists)

    Appeal Army

    Fourth Internationalist Firm in Czechoslovakia

    We Stand with Debs (Photograph)

    US Laws Ready to Shatter All Civil

    Liberties – In Case of War We Would Be Placed Under Iron Rule

    Washington’s Intervention Makes the Record,

    Helps Speed Up New Armament Outlays

    Roosevelt Rehearses

    Stalinist Run Alliance Conclave; Bar Dissidents – New York Progressives Denied Seats; Cheering Delegates Clamber on Roosevelt Bandwagon

    American Legion to Mobilize for Reactionaries – Convention Adopts 10-Point Anti-Labor Program

    Truck Strike Routes Bosses; Unions Gain – Substantial Increases Won by Drivers as Strike Comes to End; LaGuardia’s True Role Now

    Revealed by S.V. O’Flaherty

    Force Wage Cut on Philco Union – Stalinist Leadership Ends Strike with Heavy Defeat

    Vol. II No. 42 Saturday October 5, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    After Munich – – What Next?

    Cannon Reports on Strong Peace Spirit of Masses – S.W.P. National Secretary, Just Back from Europe, Tells of Anti-War Activity in Paris

    A Smash Sell-Out! – Penny Appeal Makes Hit

    A Good Start; Let’s Keep It Up!

    Czechs Bound for Economic Collapse After Munich Pact – Partitioned Country Will Become Vassal of Reich – Army Will Be Converted into Anti-Soviet Force by W.Keller

    A Popular Referendum

    New Internat’l Off the Press

    C.P. Stages Red– Baiting Frame– Up

    Peoples of Europe Clamor for Peace – Even in Fascist Countries Spontaneous Demonstration Show Deep– Going Opposition to War

    Vol. II No. 43 Saturday October 8, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    People’s Front Bankrupt! – Are Leading Toward New Dictatorships – France in Czechoslovakia Turning Authoritarian; Loyalists Prepare for Deal with Fascists

    For a People’s Vote on War – An Editorial

    The Fourth International Fights Boss War!
    (Montage of newspapers affiliated with the

    Fourth International with headlines opposing the war over Czechoslovakia)

    Laborites Trail Boss Parties – A.L.P.

    Convention Again Endorses Gov. Lehman

    Trotsky Predicts Stalin Will Now Seek an Understanding with Hitler by Leon Trotsky

    Drivers Power in A.F.L. Meet – Counsel Straddles an Issue of AFL– CIO Unity

    New Unemployed Union Organized in New York – Militants Locals Demand More Relief; Want Idle Factories Opened; Plan Fight on Sales Tax by George Milton

    Mass Sale of N.J. Campaign Paper

    Anti-Union Plan Is Defeated by Houston

    Labor – Plan for Managerial Dictatorship Is Spiked by a Special Correspondent

    IRT Threatens to Cut Wages – Transport Workers Prepare to Fight Transit Bosses

    Repulsive Hoodlum Attack on Meeting

    U.A.W. Wins Two Indiana strikes – Demands

    Granted in Plymouth and Briggs Plant

    Champ’ Salesman! By Ted Bekos

    Appeal Army – Second Anti-War Issue of Appeal Has Great Success!

    C.I.O. To Set up Jersey Council

    S.W.P. Opens Big Offices in MPLS

    “Fight Imperialism to Fight Fascism,”

    Trotsky Tells Cuban Press by Leon Trotsky

    ASU Conducts Jingo Drive While YPSL Fights War

    SWP Hits at War Meet in St. Louis

    LaGuardia Beats the Legion’s War Drums – Swallows 10– Point Anti-Labor Program. The “Little Flower” (Photograph of

  • LaGuardia)

    International Come to Aid of Striking Omaha Drivers

    Army Rule for Labor in War – Make Plans to Hog– Tie Unions When U.S. Fights

    The Judas Kiss for Spain

    Greetings to “Workers Voice”

    Czech Bourgeoisie Prepares For Turn to Fascist Regime by W. Keller

    Greet the Y.P.S.L. Convention

    Refugees Turned Back to Hitler

    Pinning ’em Down by James Casey

    Vol. II No. 44 Saturday October 10, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    War On U.S. War– Makers! – U.S. Deeply Involved in World War Crisis

    New Attempt Made to Frame Leon Trotsky – Goldman Challenges Dies Agent on Slanderous Charge Alleging Trotsky– Fascist Link

    The Only Fight Against War by Carlo
    (Political Cartoon)

    Stalinist Issue Paramount at CIO Convention by B.J. Widick, Labor Secretary, S.W.P.

    Appeal Concludes Extra Editions –—Now


    Hitler Speeds Eastward Drive Against U.S.S.R. – All Central Europe Passing Under Nazi Heel

    Czech Parties Long Prepared for

    Authoritarian Regime by W. Keller

    Fast Action By Sailors Wins New Shepard Pact – Militant Display Quickly Brings Line to Heel After Attempt to Utilize N.M.U. Back- Stabbing

    Wilkes-Barre Guild Closes Four Papers

    Vol. II No. 45 Saturday October 15, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Will Stalin Bow to Hitler? – Duranty Article Lays Down New Line of Kremlin – Sees “No Obstacle” in Path of Such a Move

    Supreme Court Denies Review of Mooney Case – Fight for Freedom Goes On After New Setback

    New Jersey C.I.O. Calls for Unity – Convention Draws Plans for Anti-Hague Fight by B.J. Widick Labor Secretary S.W.P.

    Puts AFL Bureaucrats on Hot Spots

    Sailors Slated to Get National AFL Charter

    In the Coming Elections – For Independent Labor Politics! Begin Full Press “Spy Scare” to Aid War Plans – Roosevelt Prepares for Anti-Labor Legislation

    Militants Face “Treason” Trial; In Spain Court – Frame-up Hearings Finally Open in Barcelona

    Lindbergh’s The Culprit!

    Wrecking Crew Regime Tottering in Painters Union – Clique Admits Bankruptcy; Asks for Opposition’s Aid – At End of Their Rope, Weinstock & Co. Try to Trick Opponents Into Okay of New Tax

    Subway Union Hits Wage Cut – Dem Increasing In Counter Proposal Appeal Army – World Congress Issue Appears Next Week!

    Gaston Medina Dies

    For a Socialist United States of Europe
    (Partial text of a speech delivered by James P Cannon on “The war crisis in Europe and the meaning of the Munich pact.”)

    Sweeping Purges Threatened by J.G. Wright [Joseph Vanzler]

    1,000 Protest (Protesting the persecution of revolutionary militants by the Loyalist Government in Spain) Pinning ’em Down by James Casey

    Free Tom Mooney!

    Tobin’s Bombshell

    Sliding Scale of Hours

    New International Offers November


    Alliance “Friend” Denounces Strikes

    Czech Labor Movement Now Faces Fight Against Fascism by W. Keller

    Vol. II No. 46 Saturday October 22, Part 1, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    World Congress Founds Fourth International – Thirty Delegates From Eleven Countries Raise New Banner – New International Created Midst of European War Crisis Gives Voice to Revolutionary Opposition to Imperialist War – Youth International Formed

    Congress Climaxes 15 Years’ Struggle – Fourth International Emerges From Fight Against Degeneration in the Third

    International by Max Shachtman

    4th International by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Ten Years of the Fight to Build a Revolutionary Party in the US by James P Cannon

    James P Cannon, and Max Shachtman, pioneers in the Communist movement in the United States 10 years ago (Photograph)

    Congress – Delegates Gather Despite Many Obstacles by Nathan Gould

    From Left Socialism to Bolshevism by Ernest Erber, National Chairman, Y.P.S.L.

    The Revolutionary Marxist Press – Ten Year Record of Struggle and Progress by Martin Abern

    Appeal Army

    Affiliated Sections of the Fourth International Revolutionary Tasks and Work in the Trade Union Movement by V.R. Dunne

    Historical Role of S.W.P. The Early Days by Max Shachtman

    Progressives Merge with Fourth International by James Burnham Co-Editor, New International

    The Struggle for Marxism In the Socialist Party by Glenn Trimble Member, Nat’l Comm., S.W.P.

    A Life-or-Death Appeal! – Here’s Your Chance to Act Internationalism Our Banner by Maurice Spector Co-Editor New International

    In Their Footsteps – by Atkins (Political Cartoon honoring Lenin, Liebknecht Luxembourg) First Youth Conference Was Held In Chicago In November, 1929 by Albert Gates

    Pages from the History of the Youth Movement by Nathan Gould National Organizer, Y.P.S.L.

    Vol. II No. 46 Saturday October 22, 1938 – Part 2
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International – Transitional Demands Will Mobilize The Masses

    World Congress Greetings to Leon Trotsky

    Manifesto of the Congress – Against Imperialist War!

    Greetings to the Fighters in Spain from The Executive Committee of the Fourth International

    Salute to Our Living Martyrs in Our Heroic Dead

    Statement of the I.S. – On the Moliniere Group

    On Organizing Defense and Relief for Persecuted Revolutionists

    On Unification of the British Section

    On the Greek Question

    On the Mexican Question

    Vol. II No. 47 Saturday October 29, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    U.S. Builds War Machine – 10,000 Plants Geared To Army, Navy Needs – Administration Prepares to Put Over Record Appropriation for Armed Forces and Fighting Planes

    Kuomintang Gives Up Vital War Positions – Canton and Hankow Are Surrendered to Invaders; Turn to Guerilla Warfare Must Be Made by Lo Sen

    Dictatorship – Tortures Used to Extract Names From Victims

    GPU Odor Begins to Spread from Nazi Spy Trial – Rumrich Drops Some Curious Hints on the Stand

    POUM Trial Foreshadows Munich Plan for Spain – Barcelona Frame-Up Is Smokescreen to Conceal Impending Betrayal of Anti-Fascist Spain by Felix Morrow

    Trade Unions and the Social Crisis – A Conversation on the Problems and Program of the American Labor Movement by Crux [Leon Trotsky] (Fourth International Press Release)

    Roosevelt’s “Popularity” Railroad Unions Resists Threat of Wage Slash – Road Bosses Reveal Attempt to Quash Board Inquiry by Bill Morgan

    N.M.U. Officers Are Accused As Bosses Agents – Rank-and-File Pilot Makes Sensational Accusation


    Appeal Army

    Defense Group Organized for G.P.U. Victim – Blackwell Committee is Representative Twice Arrested Sirovy, “Friend” of Moscow, Outlaws C.P. – Social Democrats and Union Leaders Join in Craven Capitulation to Pro-Hitler Regime by W. Keller

    Open the Doors!

    Vote Labor! – For Independent Political a Fighting Program

    Harlem Locals Quit Alliance

    Millions Hit As Stalin Purge Continues in Soviet Union by John G. Wright [Joseph Vanzler]

    The Notebook of An Agitator

    Vol. II No. SPECIAL CALIFORNIA ELECTION EDITION Saturday November , 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Vol. II No. 48 Saturday November 5, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    C.I.O. Faces Crucial Issues of Democracy In the Unions – Convention Next Week Must Take Decisive Steps – Unity and Fight on Stalinism on the Agenda by B.J. Widick Labor Secretary S.W.P.

    Twenty-One Years (21st anniversary of the Russian Revolution)

    Spanish Veterans Form New Group

    Progressive Painters Spurn C.P.’s Bribes – Lash Administration for Pork-Barrel Regime

    Pouliopoulos Escapes From Hands of Metaxas’


    How to Vote on Tuesday

    POUM Leaders Sentenced in Spanish Frame-Up Trial – Workers Everywhere Must Protest Savage Prison Terms Meted out to Spanish Revolutionary Militants

    NMU Seamen Bullied into Signing Rotten Contract – Vicious Campaign Against Lundeberg and Militant Seafarers International Precedes Voting

    1,500 Hear Trotsky Speak at New York Mass Meeting – Antoinette Konikow Honored by Tributes at Tenth Anniversary Celebration; Cannon Points the Road Ahead – Mass Meeting Hails Founding of Fourth International

    Batista – Cuban Dictator Due for War Parley in Washington by J. Lopez

    Trotsky Reiterates Mission of the Fourth International by Leon Trotsky

    Cannon Reviews the Past and Points to the Future (Excerpts from a speech delivered by James P. Cannon)

    National Committee Greets Konikow on 50th Anniversary by James P. Cannon, National Secretary, Socialist Workers Party Antoinette Konikow Views 50 Years of Her Activity (Text of the speech delivered by Comrade Antoinette Konikow at the Center Hotel mass meeting in reply to the tribute paid her there on the occasion of her 50th anniversary in the revolutionary movement)

    Appeal Army

    Anti-Imperialist Struggle Is Key to Liberation, Trotsky Tells Matteo Fossa (Fourth International Press Release)

    Fossa Joins Forces of the Fourth International

    C.P. Joins Nazis to Elect New Chile President – Stalinists Here Make Ludicrous Attempts to Cover Up by Donald Bergner

    Nov. New International Out

    The Fear of War

    Let the Refugees In!

    The Socialist Party: Act V and Curtain

    Forgotten Man Will Soon Be Remembered! by< Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Socialist Party near Collapse Recent NEC Meet Reveals

    Vol. II No. 49 Saturday November 12, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Build Labor’s Own Party! – Poll Shows Drift from New Deal – Labor Party Alone Can Stem March of Reaction – Workers Must Take Own Path

    Let’s Remember the Armistice!

    Belgian Fourth Int’l Candidates Score at Polls – Secure 7,000 Votes And Eight Seats in Communes (Special to the Socialist Appeal)

    Organize the Ford Motor Co.! – Successful Drive Will Put Labor on Offensive – Incompetent Stymied Previous UAW Efforts By John Adamson

    Out with Batista – Roosevelt Bids Welcome to Butcher of Workers – Cuban Dictator, Who Rules by Terror, Hailed as “Democrat” by Local Stalinist Party

    Lima Conference Will Seal Latin American Pacts – U.S. Is Seeking to Consolidate Its Hegemony

    Indochinese Authorities Close Trotskyist Journal

    Organization of South Is Major CIO Problem – Pittsburgh Convention Must Launch Drive

    Johnson Freed in Bill Brown Murder Trial – Union Enemies Slander 544 As Organizer Is Absolved (Reprinted from Northwest Organizer)

    Readers Commemorate Bulletin Anniversary (10th anniversary of the Russian Bulletin of< the Opposition)

    Marxist School Opens; Lists Important Classes

    Unions Condemn WPA Labor Camps

    Davey Breaks Ohio Tobacco Plant Strike – Threatens Workers with National Guard Terror

    New York Workers Vote Anti– War St Shachtman To Review Stolberg Book Next Week

    Rousing Meetings on Gould Tour

    Appeal Army

    U.S. Japanese Clash Due Over Nine– Power Treaty – Tokyo Hopes for Far Eastern Munich Pact – But Big-Navy Man Roosevelt Prepares Steadily for War As Diplomatic Conflicts Grow Acute

    Free the P.O.U.M. Leaders! – Fourth International Lashes G.P.U. Trial in Barcelona

    Veterans Picket for Blackwell

    Lovestone Comes Out For Boss Candidates in Poll

    Y.P.S.L. Mass Convention Rally

    The “Kingmaker’s” Friends Duranty Scents the Trail Reporting from More Duty, Sir! (Political Cartoon about Roosevelt, Batista and Cuba)

    Recovery: Industry Re-Geared Not for Plenty But for War

    Statement on Diego Rivera

    Vol. II No. 50 Saturday November 19, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Demonstrate Saturday at the German Consulate Against Nazi Terror (Headline above Masthead)

    Let the Refugees into U.S.! – Open the Doors to Victims of Hitler’s Nazi Terror! (From the National Committee of the Socialist Workers Party, Section of the Fourth International)

    SWP Polls 6700 Votes in Jersey – Outruns S.P. and Comes Close to Stalinists – Crew Leads Party Ticket

    Puppet UAW Board Hits Union Rights, Democracy – Bans Auto Workers Paper, Slams Big Tax on Members, Hands Slush Fund to Officers, Hits W.P.A. Auxiliary by John Adamson

    Pres. Cardenas Raps Attack on Trotsky Asylum – Sharply Repudiate Toledano Charges Against Exile (Special to the Socialist Appeal)

    Rubber Unions Appeal to NLRB – But Action, Organization Can Stop Wage Cut by R. Ferguson [Robert Treash]

    Labor Unity, Union Democracy Issues Stir CIO Convention – Lewis’ Miners Machine in Full Control; Attempt Steamrolling of Bureaucratic Constitution – Stalinists Lewis’ Cheering Squad by B.J. Widick Labor Secretary, S.W.P.
    (Special to the Socialist Appeal)

    GPU Brews New Rubens Trial – Moscow Links Local Spy Trial to Couple

    Lewis “Pledges” C.I.O. Workers to Boss War – War-Mongers Offer Labor’s Blood to War– Makers
    (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    Left on the Galley

    Genora and Kermit Johnson, Leading Auto Workers, Quit S.P., Join S.W.P by George Clarke

    Text of the Statement Issued by Genora Kermit Johnson

    New Int’l Has Lively Features

    The Truth at Last!

    All Set for the Ball Game!

    Appeal Army

    Weber to Lecture on Moscow Foreign Policy

    Elections Prove Need for Independent Labor Action

    * Benson Defeat Shows Disgust For New Deal – Farmer– Labor Party Goes into Slump as Victim

    of Attempt to Become Prop of Roosevelt Regime by Jules Geller

    Heavy Vote for Jasper McLevy Shows Readiness of Workers to Support Independent Labor Ticket by B. Harde

    Frank Shapiro and Willis Crews, S.W.P. candidates in the Essex County, N.J. elections

    A Pointed Lesson in the Polls

    ALP Pays Price for Sleazy Deals in N.Y. – Vote Falls Off by 100,000 as Workers See No Differences Between Labor Party and Democratic Machine

    Open the Doors! (Admit refugees from the Nazis)

    Elections over...WPA Slash!

    C.L.R. James, Noted Negro Militant to Speak on Decline of British Empire

    One Road toward Progress! – By Carlo
    (Political Cartoon)

    Trotsky Defends Asylum in Slashing Reply to Toledano (Special to the Socialist Appeal)

    Vol. II No. 51 Saturday November 26, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    National Plenum Votes to Issue Appeal Twice-Weekly – Launch Campaign for $3, 000 Fund (Resolution of the Plenum of the National Committee)

    Enough Pious Tears: Admit the Refugees! – Empty Talk Fills Air As Progrom Goes On – Hypocritical Plans For Havens In Remote Colonies Offer No Real Possibility Of Relief For Victims Of Hitler

    Plenary Session of N.C. Adopts Program of Action – Party to Be Geared to New Tempo to Apply Transitional Program In Trade Union Activity

    “Treason” Counts Collapse During Trial of P.O.U.M. – Militants Sentenced Only For Part In May Days

    Belgian Militant Tried for Slugging Fascist Chieftain (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    CIO Convention Rubber Stamps Lewis Machine – Mine Leader Rides Roughshod to Full Control by B.J. Widick (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    YPSL convention Opens in Chicago

    UAW Autonomy Endangered by Detroit Move – G.M. Loses No Time in Seizing Its Opportunity

    Minn. Labor Demands Open Door for Refugees

    Roosevelt Proclaims Hemisphere His Domain – New Arms Program Designed to Assure Rule of U.S. Imperialism from Arctic to Cape Horn

    Daladier Lashes French Workers; Fight Strikers – Concentration Camp to Be Created for “Undesirables”

    Membership Meet on Plenum Report

    Appeal Army

    Review of the Mid-Term Elections

    * Corrupt New Dealer Beaten at Mass. Polls—Labor Refuses Curley Backing Despite Fanfare by William Sherman

    Workers Corralled in Voting for Crooked Gang by Albert Goldman

    California Labor Movement Smashes Anti-Labor Measures

    Anti-Semitic Pogroms Are By-Products of Capitalism – Stem from Same Roots As Lynchings of Negroes Here by James Burnham

    An African “Homeland” for the Jewish

    Refugees? – New “Panacea” Put Forward by World

    Imperialist Full of Pitfalls— Only Solution

    Is “Open Doors” Right Here by C.L.R. James

    New York Party Arouses Masses on Asylum

    Issue – Workers Respond to Vigorous Drive By


    The Case of Grynszpan by Art Preis

    Bosses Exploit Jobless Needs to Bar Nazi Victims

    I Ought to Know by Mike Gold

    Workers Picket Nazi Consulate – United Front Demonstrates Labor Strengths

    American Fund Calls for Aid

    Newark Jobless Demand Asylum for Nazi Victims – Call Upon Roosevelt to Open Doors of America

    Green and Woll Dodge Issue of Asylum for Jews

    Zionism Proves to Be a Blind Alley for the Jews by Ben Herman

    CIO Skirts Issue of National Guard

    Des Moines Drivers Win New Contract

    C.P. Hogties Connecticut CIO – Capture onvention in Absence of Major Unions (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    Bridges Dictatorship Drubbed by CIO Leaders – Rubber and Shoe Worker Delegates to CIO Convention Defy Machine; Back Fight for Democracy (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    New Revolutionary Organ Published by Peru Group

    Nicos Panayiotidis (Obituary)

    Truce Declared in Chile When Workers Arm – Popular Front and Fascists For U.S. Imperialism By Donald Bergner

    Resolutions Adopted by National Committee Plenum

    Campaign Lines (Resolution of the Plenum of the National Committee)

    Sidelights on C.I.O. Convention by B.J.W. [B J. Widick]

    Two Times Every Week!

    What’s the Difference?

    Spike Slanders

    The People Want No War

    Let Me in – by Aesop (Political Cartoon)

    Daladier Regime Is Leading France Swiftly to Fascism by Terence Phelan [Sherry Mangan], (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    Book Review – Story of CIO by Max Shachtman The Story of the CIO, by Benjamin Stolberg, Viking Press, New York

    Vol. II No. 52 Saturday December 3, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Drive is Launched for Twice-Weekly Appeal
    (Headline Over Masthead)
    Fascism Menaces France – Strike of Two Million Shows Workers Ready to Fight; Leaders Fear Showdown – Refusal to Meet Challenge of Power Enables Daladier to Score Bloodless Victory for Cause of Advancing Fascist Reaction – Workers’ Power is Only Road

    Demand That U.S. Congress Open the Doors to Refugees * Cannon Urges Party to Speed Appeal Campaign – Success of Drive Will Assure Appearance of Twice-Weekly by February 1 – Or Sooner by James P. Cannon. National Secretary, S.W.P.

    Score Board – Local Quotas

    Issues Drawn in France Since Fascist Riot In ‘34 – People’s Front Weakens Workers in Anti-Fascist Fight and Prepares Road For Daladier by Harold Roberts

    Union Guards Storm Silver Shirt Meetings – Fascists Thrashes in Youngstown and Chicago

    Members Meet on YPSL Convention

    Sloan Would Tie G.M. Workers to Company

    Loans – Plan Designed to Smash Union’s Militancy

    Boston Readers Attention!

    Slants on the News in the Unions by B.J. Widick, Labor Secretary, S,W,P,

    Large Audience Hears the Johnsons at Mpls.

    Forum by Arthur Hopkins

    Small Farmers Rebel Against Gov’t Policy – Want Legislation to Protect Poor Farmers

    Model Resolution on Refugees

    Protest Deporting of Vincent Ferrero

    Teachers Demand Raising of Quotas

    I.L.G.W. Local for Refugees

    Youth Branch for Open Doors

    Appeal Army

    Roosevelt Speeds Drive to Mobilize Hemisphere

    Wall Street Dictator Rulesa Peru, Seat of Conference by Donald Bergner

    Stalin and Nazi Persecutions

    Mr. Backer’s Backers

    Ludlow’s Victory A Damning Confession

    Sweet Land of Liberty – by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Negroes Underline Hypocrisy of U.S.

    Asylum in the U.S.S.R.? – Daily Worker

    Writhes Over a Knotty Problem

    Vol. II No. 53 Saturday December 10, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Twice Weekly Appeal Drive Gets Off to Flying Start – Paper Will Wield Double Strength, Says Shachtman by Max Shachtman Toledo Goes Over the Top In First Week of Campaign Score Board

    French Strikes Go On – French Workers Strike Against Mass Reprisals – Daladier Uses Navy To Break Havre Walkout

    American Fund Asks Christmas Aid to Refugees – Committee Issues Special Appeal For Workers

    N.Y. Workers Demand Asylum

    Yankee Imperialism Plays for Big Stakes at Lima by Albert Goldman

    Militant Action Can Halt Daladier Menace in France

    General Motors Launches New Attack on UAW – Uses “Responsibility” Letter to Penalize Militants

    Monopoly Inquiry Shows Capitalism at Standstill – Income of over Half Nation’s Families below $1200 a Year; Industry Stagnates; Few Control Wealth

    Anti-Semite No. 1

    The Pot Boils Over

    Letters to the Editor

    The Smoke Screen by Carlo (Political


    Dictators Welcome “Democrats” at Lima by Donald Bergner

    Y.P.S.L. Convention Hails Twice Weekly

    Flash! Flash! Literary Tea’s Agog Over New Blessed Event

    2 Anti-Daladier Pickets Jailed on West Coast – Boss Press Wants “Stiff Jail Terms” YPSL Convention Adopts Fighting Policy – Decision Will Make League Mass Youth Organization – 68 Delegates Represent Young Fourth Internationalists; Gould Elected National Secretary (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    Walgreen Man in Houston Strike – Unions Come to Aid of Sixteen Workers (By a Special Correspondent)

    Some ’Boy Friends’?” – LaGuardia Relief

    Investigator Advises Girl Applying for Welfare by Paul Kujak

    Y.P.S.L. Convention Greets Trotsky

    Food Workers Fight Racketeers – Progressives Enter Fall Slate Against C.P. Clique

    “Hunger Fighter” Lashes N.Y.C. Relief Set-Up – Jamaica, L.I., Jobless Expose Do-Nothing Agency

    Appeal Army

    Appeal Finances

    Houston C.I.O. Asks Asylum for German Refugee – Also Solidarizes With French Workers
    (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    Lehigh Unemployed Speak Out

    How Shall We Fight Anti-Semitism? By Felix Morrow

    Socialist Party Prepares to Liquidate Into A.L.P.

    Picketing the Nazis – Socialist Workers Party members and sympathizers picketing at the New York Nazi Consulate (Photograph)

    C.L.R. James Addresses Big Meeting in New York

    Vol. II No. 54 Saturday December 17, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    “Let Us In Or We Perish” – 300,000 Refuges Demand Entry Here; Storm Consulates – Victims of Nazi Persecution Plead in Berlin, Vienna, and Naples for Asylum in U.S.

    The “Democratic Front” In Latin America
    (Includes map showing dictatorships democracies)

    Jobless Occupy Relief Bureaus; Demand Food for Children

    WPA Slashed –—FDR Xmas Gift by Bill Morgan

    France is Main Axis of Coming Events Abroad – Uneasy Interlude Precedes Open Struggle

    Bankers Turn Omaha Into a Harlan County – Drivers’ Strike Continues Despite Boss Terror

    Burnham Sees Long Step Forward in Twice- Weekly by James Burnham

    Toledo CIO Asks Open Door for Jewish Refugees – Drivers’ Cooperation Stops Work; Bosses Sign Up (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    Speed Up the Twice-Weekly Appeal Drive Score Board

    N.Y. Checkers Win Strike

    500 Protest WPA Cuts in St. Paul

    To All Readers of Socialist Appeal!

    Idlers Wine and Dine Eden As Profiteers Hold Parley

    Zina Nesson (Obituary)

    Interest in Mahoney Bill Spreads

    Cannon Will Lecture on Transition Program

    Progressives Gain in Cafeteria Union

    Appeal Army

    Ruth Querio Gives Points On Pushing Appeal

    Sales by Ruth Querio – Allentown’s Ace Literature Agent

    Refugee Campaign—Tasks for All

    How Shall We Fight Anti-Semitism –—By Felix Morrow – Blind Alleys for the Jewish

    People (Part 2 of a series)

    Yezhov Following Yagoda to G.P.U. Resting Place

    Cannon, James Speak on France

    Why Does Stalin Keep Jews Out of Soviet Union?

    Blackwell Coming to Trial, State Dep’t Is Informed

    Make the List Grow

    On the Make

    Refuge and Social Democracy

    Trotsky Writes On Europe in Dec. N.I. Outlines Available

    Stalinists Try To “Smear” Grynszpan

    Collective Security — for the Capitalists by

    Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Remember These Facts! (About the Daladier Government in France)

    U.S. Establishes Control Over Chile After Long Battle With Great Britain by Donald Bergner (3rd in a series on Latin America)

    “Communists” Become Open Backers of Arms Program

    Question Box

    Vol. II No. 55 Saturday December 24, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Bread! Not Battleships! – A Program for the Unemployed

    Score Board

    Speed up Refugee Campaign!

    U.S. Fights for Wall St. Rights at Lima

    Parley – Quashes Proposals Aimed at U.S. Investors

    Unions Organize Jobless For Showdown with New Deal – Cleveland UAW Is Setting Up Union WPA Auxiliary – To Fight WPA Cuts

    Charter W.P.A. Workers Major Task Before C.I.O. – Industry Pick-Up Does Not Relieve Unemployment; Labor Action Alone Will Open Factories by Art Preis

    The Decisive Hour in France by Leon Trotsky
    (Fourth International Press Release)

    Our Press, Organizer and Educator; Twice Weekly! by Martin Abern

    Branch Competition Keen for Twice-Weekly Prizes

    Local 544 to Fight WPA Cuts (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    There Are No Jobs! – Factory Wheels Turn But

    Unemployed Do Not Return to their Former Jobs

    by David Cowles

    Stage Six-Day Sit-in In New York Relief


    Strike Threat Wins Gains on Detroit WPA

    Appeal Army

    On the Conveyer

    Boss Court Convicts Three Who Fought Hunger

    Christmas on WPA...and Off

    Come Across, Or Else...

    Gorman and Hillman

    Are You Going to Pioneer’s Party?

    How Shall We Fight Anti-Semitism –—By Felix Morrow Jew-Baiters Are the Spawn of Capitalism

    The Roosevelt Technique by Carlo (Political Cartoon)

    Unions Demand Control of Minn. Farmer-Labor Party (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    No Bottles, No Machines And No Sales—-But Forty Million in Profits!

    Jan. New International Contents

    Vol. II No. 56 Saturday December 31, 1938
    Socialist Appeal
    Published Weekly as the Organ of the Socialist Workers Party.

    Appeal Fund Celebrates New Year by Topping $1,000 – Twice-Weekly Drive Total $1,001.70; Branches Promise Action on Balance by Rose Karsner, Appeal Campaign Director

    A Happy New Year for the Working Class! (Political Cartoon)

    Score Board

    Tasks in Refugee Campaign!

    FDR: “Warplanes Instead of WPA” – 10,000 Planes for Army While Relief is Cut – Ten

    Million Need Money That Goes for War Aims

    Make Congress Heed Labor

    Arms Program Displaces Open Door for Refugees

    Progressives Sweep Mpls. Drivers Poll

    Lima Parley Is Cold Comfort to U.S. Diplomats – British Succeed in Checking Wall

    St. Program

    Detroit Drivers Win Area Pact, Wage Increases – Bosses Crack Before Strike Ultimatum Expires

    N.Y. Organizes Appeal Sales by Abe Miller
    (Head of New York’s Literature Distribution)

    Challenge of Youth Appears

    Montana Farmers Destitute on $44 Monthly W.P.A. Ration

    Soulounias, Fur Militant, Vindicated In

    Libel Action

    Capacity Crowd Hears Cannon in Minneapolis

    New Outlines

    James Tour Opens at Philadelphia; Will Go to Coast

    Progressives Fight Food Union Bosses

    Gussie Krakowsky (Obituary)

    Appeal Army

    Brazil Communists Repudiate Moscow – Sao Paulo Regional Committee Issues Call For United Front Congress to Form New Party
    (Special to Socialist Appeal)

    Muniz, Carlini Awaiting Trial on Phony Charge – Counsel Asks for Mental Test of Witness SH –—SH! United States Also Uses Spies!

    How Shall We Fight Anti-Semitism—By Felix Morrow (Part 4)

    In the Farmer Labor Party – An Editorial

    People’s Front Liberates Nazis

    Soviet Press Gives Scant Coverage to Nazi Pogroms

    Question Box (Conducted by the National Education Department

    A Healthy Young Baby

    More Pious Tears

    Why We Need an Army

    W.A.-Company Union

    Counsel of Treachery

    Politics and the Unions – Concerning the Sailors Union of the Pacific

    Democracy a Myth in the Argentine by Donald Bergner


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