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George Breitman

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Biography [biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]



May 1941:

Dictatorship in the South (writing as Albert Parker)

June 1941:

The Negro March on Washington (writing as Albert Parker)

May 1942:

Roosevelt and the Negroes (writing as Albert Parker)


Negros March on Washington (writing as Albert Parker — in PDF format from the original pamphlet)

June 1943:

The Struggle for Negro Equality (writing as Albert Parker, co-written with John Saunders — in PDF format from the original pamphlet)

June 1943:

The Negro in the Post-War World (writing as Albert Parker) Click HERE for PDF of the original pamphlet.

July 1943:

A Letter on “Male Superiority” (writing as Albert Parker)

October 1943:

Wartime Crimes of Big Business

November 1947:

NAACP Appeals to the UN; (writing as Albert Parker)

October 31, 1949:

Deutscher’s Biography of Stalin

November 7, 1949:

Deutscher’s False Evaluation of Stalinism

May 1951:

Yugoslavia and the Shachtmanites

January 1952:

The Bomb-Murder of Harry T. Moore

November 1952:

Negro ‘Progress’ – What the Facts Show

June 1953:

Why the Soviet Bureaucracy Is in Crisis

June 1953:

How Stalinism Will Be Ended

October 1953:

To James P. Cannon (letter)

January 1954:

To Ernest Mandel (letter)

Spring 1954:

When Anti-Negro Prejudice Began

22 March 1954:

Is Deutscher Objective About Trotsky?

29 March 1954:

An ‘Objective’ Biographer ‘Restores ’ Leon Trotsky

5 April 1954:

A Slick Distortion about Trotsky and Lenin

12 April 1954:

Deutscher Worthless as Guide to Action

3 May 1954:

Trotsky’s Story – Tragedy or Triumph

Spring 1963:

The Future of the Negro Struggle

Spring 1964:

How A Minority Can Change Society

Summer 1964:

Exchange of Views on Deutscher Biography (letter)

Winter 1965:

Question of Alliances in Negro Freedom Struggle

October 1966:

In Defense Of Black Power

March 1967:

Introduction to Afro-American History by Malcolm X

March 1967:

Myths About Malcolm X

June 1979:

Castroism – Revolutionary or Centrist?

August 1980:

Loyalty and Party Membership (letter)

June 1981:

Why the Political Resolution Should Be Amended on the FI and Castroism

August 1981:

Breitman Minority Caucus Statement

May 1985:

Introduction to The Cannon Tradition


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