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ETOL Writers: Ernest Erber

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Ernest Erber



February 1935: Of What Importance an Election?

March 1935: Can the Road to Power Be a Legal One?

June 1935: The Significance of the Struggle Between the Yipsels and the Old Guard in New York

August 1935: The YIPSEL Convention

August 1936: The YPSL and the AYC

March 1937: Statement on Ethics

March 1938: Paris Commune (book review)

June 1940: Marxism and National Defense

June 1941: Basis for Defensism in Russia (as Ernest Lund)

July 1941: Statement on PC Position on the Russo-Nazi War (as Ernest Lund)

March 1942: Protect Labor’s 40 Hour Week! (as Ernest Lund)

September 1946: Leon Trotsky and the Workers Party

July 1947: On the Czechoslovakian Coup (with Emanuel Garret & Henry Judd)

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