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July 1940:

Stalinists Continue to Run the AYC

February 1941:

YPSL Speaker Blasts AYC Line

October 1941:

American Labor Has a Vital Stake in Minnesota Trial of 28

December 1941:

Duranty – The Creature Is at His Dirty Work Again

December 1941:

Liberals State Their Program of Bankruptcy

December 1941:

Minneapolis – As “Sedition” Trial Draws to a Close

January 1942:

What Are the Coughlinites Doing Now?

January 1942:

What the Truman Report Revealed And What Should Be Done About It

January 1942:

Who Are the Real Enemies of Production?

February 1942:

Daily Worker Covers Up Poll-Tax Politicians on Missouri Lynching

February 1942:

Democracy Wins the Battle of Sikeston, Missouri

March 1942:

Labor Action Replies to St. Louis Paper’s Slander

March 1942:

Stefan Zweig – His Suicide Marks the End of an Era

April 1942:

Labor Action Replies to Christian Science Monitor

April 1942:

The Saturday Evening Post Slanders the Jewish People

May 1942:

Labor Action Answers California Eagle Attack

May 1942:

Poison Gas – The Imperialist War Adds a Refinement

May 1942:

Stalinists Defend War Profiteers!

May 1942:

Their Profits Born in Blood

June 1942:

Jim Crow – Who Will Win the New Orleans Race?

June 1942:

A Letter of Protest (letter, with Henry Judd)

Contributor Replies to Protest Letter, from Susan Green

June 1942:

The Second Front Issue in England

June 1942:

Split Crisis Grows Sharper in the CIO

June 1942:

Wallace and Hoover on the War Economy

September 1942:

Diplomacy – Fascist Franco Gets A Gift from FDR (as R. Fahan)

March 1946:

On Comrade Johnson’s American Resolution – Or Soviets in the Sky

September 1946:

Reviewing The New Course

October 1946:

The Significance of Koestler

July 1947:

On the Significance of Koestler – A Reply

October 1947:

Intellectuals’ Flight From Politics

December 1947:

Why Stalin Needs Slaves

January 1948:

Bernard Shaw’s Anti-Capitalism

March 1950:

The Politics of Incineration (as R. Fahan)

November 1950:

1984 – Utopia Reversed


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