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Tom Kerry

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Biography [biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]



December 1942:

The West Coast Longshoremen and the ‘Bridges Plan’ (writing as C. Thomas)

July 1943:

A Marxist Book on Maritime (book review, writing as C. Thomas)

February 1945:

The Campaign to Conscript Labor (writing as C. Thomas)

May 1950:

Negro Workers and the CIO (writing as C. Thomas)

Spring 1955:

The Political Meaning of the CIO-AFL Merger

Fall 1957:

Why Was the CP Ousted from the CIO? (book review)

Fall 1958:

Howe’s History of the CP (book review)

Fall 1959:

Class Struggle and American Labor

Spring 1963:

Class Struggle – American Style (book review)


The Wohlforth Way: A Methodological Mutation (discussion bulletin contribution)

Spring 1964:

Maoism and the Neo-Stalin Cult

Summer 1964:

Labor’s Revolt Against Industrial Oligarchy (book preview)

Fall 1964:

Labor Leaders and the ‘White Backlash’

Winter 1965:

The Leap from Open Shop to Industrial Unionism (book review)

Winter 1966:

Exchange with Brian Pearce (letter)

Octoberr 1967:

Some Comments On Party Policy And Tactics In The Antiwar Movement (Discussion Bulletin contribution)

Septemer 1969:

A Mao-Stalin Rift – Myth Or Fact?


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