MIA Budget

Account Summaries of the Marxists Internet Archive


We started this year with US$2583.93 in the bank - US$349.79 above where we were a year ago.  At the start of the year our financial outlook wass good, particularly due to three principal developments:  1) our having reduced our ISP costs by 50%, bringing  them down to US$100/mo.; 2) our receiving funds from an archival project which amount to US$360 per annum; and 3) our elimination of the free DVD program, which -though an unfortunate necessity forced upon us by to the increasing cost of postage- will at least help keep some of our costs down. 

We end the year with a bank balance of US$2345.35, which means that our income and expenses have been roughly equal.  Consequently, our financial outlook continues as it was at the start of the year and we wre in a stable financial position which, barring any costly emergencies, could potentially permit us to cover the costs of running the server for the next 18 months even with no further income in that time (which, of course, we hope will not be the case!).


Year-End Banking Balance Summary (By Quarter)


Year-End Income/Expense Comparisn (By Quarter)