MIA Budget

Account Summaries of the Marxists Internet Archive


End-of-Year Status

We started the year with US$4,747.08 in the bank, and we end it with US$6,799.36. In addition, year-end cash-on-hand in our PayPal account is US$524.89. Our total financial assets are thus US$7,324.25.

Banking Summary


Although the graphs above accurately represent what we actually have in the bank, they are misleading in that they appear to show an sizeable increase in our income during 2017. The apparent decrease in net worth by roughly US$2000 during 2016 is an artifact of the fraudulent transactions to which we were subject in November 2016--three sizeable and identical payments to an outfit in Dubai in Novemeber 2016. In March of 2017 we were able to get the issue resolved and US$2,103.18 was returned to our account.

When the figures are reconciled, 2016's cash flow balance looks much more like 2015 and 2017's, showing that our overall bank balance has remained fairly stable from year to year.

Spending/Income summary


[*The figures in red in this column reflect the bank refund of $ from the fraudulent transactions. The remaining figures, reflecting actual spending during the year, total $1,950.90]

Even though sales of the HDDs have slowed significantly, our move Hetzner Online as our ISP continues to show dividends in the savings that it represents (about 50%) over our previous model of maintaining our own co-located server, allowing our income (US$1,900.00, as per transfers from PayPal) to continue to keep roughly apace of our spending (US$1950.90).