MIA Budget

Account Summaries of the Marxists Internet Archive



End-of-Year Status


We ended 2018 with US$16,667.69 in the bank, plus US$781.86 in our PayPal account. Our year-end financial assets were US$17,449.55


We started 2018 with US$6,799.36 in our bank acount, and ended the year with US$16,667.69. For the first three quarters of the year, our average quartely balance was US$6,287.18.  We received a US$9,990.00 cash infusion in December 2018 from the sale of our marx.org domain name.


Internet hosting continued to be our greatest expense, directly accounting for US$655.25, or 35.97% of expeditures, for the year. Indirect cost of our hosting arrangement were another US$18.53 incurred in bank and credit card foreign transaction fees. Thus, webhosting accounted for US$673.78 in expenditures.

Our second greastest expense was the investment made in producing and distributing the portable HDDs of the archive.  That accounted for 35.62% of our expenses, between purchases of blank HDDs and mailing costs.  We invested US$648.92 in the HDD production and distribution.  However, sales of the HDDs brought in a gross US$2,428.8 into our PayPal account, giving us a gross profit on the HDDs of US$1,779.88.  

Other important sources of income were recurring donations made via our PayPal account by six individuals, who together provided US$405, and the US$300 transfered to marxists.org from Erythrůs Press and Media, LLC, from the sale of MIA Publications titles.  Non-recurring donations trough PayPal provided another US$306.55.

As stated earlier, we also received an important infusion of cash in December from the sale of our marx.org domain name to an undisclosed buyer.  The US$9,990 received from that sale alone increased our bank balance by about 150%, leaving us with a year-end balance of US$16,667.