MIA Budget

Account Summaries of the Marxists Internet Archive



End-of-Year Status

We started 2019 with US$16,667.69 in the bank. For the first three quarters of the year, our average quartely balance was US$16,790.78.  Our year-end bank balance was US$16,956.19.


In addition, we ended the year with US$879.06 in our Paypal account. 

Thus, our combined assets at year-end were US$17,835.25.



We received US$1,459.88  in income.  Of that US$259.88 was in checks received, the remaining US$1,200.00 was transferred from our Paypal account and consisted primarily of  scheduled sustainer donations, and one-time donations.



Internet hosting continued to be our greatest expense, directly accounting for US$782.26, or 35.97% of expeditures, for the year. Indirect cost of our hosting arrangement were another US$23.20 incurred in bank and credit card foreign transaction fees. Thus, webhosting accounted for US$805.46 in expenditures.  A related expense was the renewal of our domain names, accounting for US$29.95

The next largest single expense, was the US$150.00 payment to the Corporate Compliance Center, which is to maintain our status as a corporation legally registered with the state of California.

Following that, there was US$165.61 incurred in mailing costs before we suspended production and distribution of the HDDs.