MIA Budget

Account Summaries of the Marxists Internet Archive



End-of-Year Status

We started 2020 with US$16,716.53 in the bank. Our year-end bank balance was US$17,417.71


In addition, we ended the year with US$532.45 in our Paypal account. 

Thus, our combined assets at year-end were US$17,950.16



We received US$1,713.44  in income into our checking account.  Of that US$200.00 was in donation checks received, the remainder was transferred from our Paypal account and consisted primarily of scheduled sustainer donations and one-time donations.

After accounting for gross expenditures, our gross income was US$701.18 in 2020.



Our gross expenses in 2020 amounted to US$1,012.26.  Internet hosting continued to be our greatest expense, directly accounting for US$544.22, or 53.76% of expeditures, for the year. Indirect cost of our hosting arrangement were another US$16.33 incurred in bank and credit card foreign transaction fees. Thus, webhosting accounted for US$560.55 in expenditures.  A related expense was the renewal of our domain names, accounting for US$29.97

The next largest single expense, was the US$150.00 for Post Office box rental.

An additional category of expenditures was US$269.70 in "uncategorized" spending. This consists of a number of online expenditures created  in January and October by DW, who belatedly realized that he had used the wrong credit card.  This spending has been repaid into our Paypal account.