MIA Budget

Account Summaries of the Marxists Internet Archive



End-of-Year Status

We started 2021 with US$17,417.71 in the bank. Our year-end bank balance was US$16,163.95. 


In addition, we ended the year with aprox. US$2000 in our Paypal account. 

Thus, our combined assets at year-end were US$18,164, rounded to the nearest dollar.



US$682.00 was was received in donations received via check and through Paypal.

After accounting for gross expenditures, our gross income in 2021 was US$-1,253.76.



Our gross expenses in 2021 amounted to US$1,885.76.

Internet hosting continued to be our greatest expense, directly accounting for 35% of expeditures, for the year. Indirect cost of our hosting arrangement were another 0.38% incurred in bank and credit card foreign transaction fees. Domain registration and security certificates accounted for 24.4% .  Thus, running the website accounted for 60% of our expenditures.

The next largest expense areas were  the US$358 (19% of spending) spent on corporate compliance, and the US$176.00 for Post Office box rental (9.33% of spending).