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This feature began on January 1 1996. Thus, it doesn't list any "new things" before that date.


  • NOTE: The new central hub for the MEIA is http://www.marx.org. Our gracious hosts at Colorado's Progressive Sociology Network and Computers for a Sustainable Future will remain our major U.S. mirror site. However, until we perfect the system for automated maintenance of mirror sites, this one will suffer a lag behind marx.org. Please check http://www.marx.org for material added after Labor Day 1996.

  • LABOR DAY 1996!: ADDITION: Engels' series of articles in 1881 for English newspaper The Labour Standard. These quick and insightful reads -- like "Trades Unions" and "A Working Men's Party" and "Social Classes -- Necessary and Superfluous" -- highlight Engels' great talent for popular journalism. (Happy Labor Day, sister and brothers!)

  • LABOR DAY 1996!: ADDITION: Lenin's famous 1920 booklet Left-Wing Communism -- an Infantile Disorder. This work was written in rebuttal of ultra-left tendencies in Germany and Holland following the Russian Revolution. Poignant observations about "revolutionaries" who would "abandon the unions as reactionary" remain as sharp as ever -- indeed, you will find such ultra-leftists all over the net. Lenin notes that Communists go where working people collect. Unions are the working class' first line of defence in a capitalist system, therefore, Communists must work there.

  • September 1: ADDITION: Engels' celebrated, insightful, and entertaining masterpiece, the 1877 Herr Eugen Dühring's Revolution in Science -- better known as Anti-Dühring. Marx and Engels had warned that Lassellean-style opportunist concessions at the heart of the German workers' movement would lead to a more general and theoretically destructive opportunism. Berlin prof Duhring was one such manifestation. In this work, Engels takes him to task, and during that develops a variety of Marxist concepts.

  • August 31: ADDITION: Engels' 1875 letter to August Bebel. Bebel kept this letter tucked away from public viewing for 36 years, finally publishing it in 1911. It's often published as a "follow-up" to Marx's better known Gotha Programme. Among other things, it analyzes errors in Germany's Lassallean labor movement, such as regarding all other classes as "only one reactionary mass" in relation to the working class.

  • August 30: ADDITION: Lenin's 1914 article Disruption of Unity Under Cover of Outcries for Unity -- a rather scathing attack against Trotsky's "non-factional" periodical Borba. Also, Lenin's 1915 article On the Two Lines of the Revolution -- rebutting Plekhanov's theory of "ascending/descending" revolution, as well as Trotsky's theory of "Permanent Revolution." (Thanks to Carl Kavanagh.)

  • August 29: ADDITION: J. V. Stalin's 1924 speech Trotskyism or Leninism? (Thanks to Carl Kavanagh.)

  • August 27: ADDITION: Trotsky's 1937 article Pacifism as the Servant of Imperialism. (Thanks to J. J. Plant.)

  • August 22: ADDITION: J. V. Stalin's well-known 1913 work, Marxism and the National Question -- which developed the Bolshevik theory/programme on the subject of "nations" and "peoples." (Thanks to Carl Kavanagh.)

  • August 21: ADDITION: More in the on-going transcription of Marx's 1894 Capital III. Chapter 37, 38 and 39. (Thanks to David Walters.)

  • August 20: ADDITION: The new Mao Tse-tung Internet Archive opens with over a meg of material -- including On Contradiction, On Protracted War and On New Democracy. (Thanks to Jay Miles.)

  • August 13: ADDITION: Trotsky's 1937 article Stalinism and Bolshevism. (Thanks to Mike Griffin.)

  • August 12: ADDITION: The new Georgi Dimitrov Internet Archive. This includes the 1935 Report to the VII Congress, along with two smaller items, the 1935 Youth Against Facism and 1936 The People's Front.

  • August 6: ADDITION: Trotsky's 1914 article War and the International. (Thanks to David Walters.)

  • August 4: ADDITION: Lenin's 1913 article What can be done for public education -- which takes a look at the New York public library system. (Thanks to Richard Bos.)

  • August 4: ADDITION: Another 20 or so photographs added to the Lenin Internet Archive.

  • August 3: ADDITION: Lenin's 1913 unfinished review of a new four-volume collection of The Marx-Engels Correspondence. This document has links to the early letters Engels wrote to Marx -- those very interesting letters themselves are also just added, including Engels' 1847 letter telling Marx about his own "Principles of Communism" document, which would evolve into the Communist Manifesto.

  • July 28: ADDITION: Another Mariategui essay, to the June 1929 Latin American Communist Conference, on Anti-Imperialism.

  • July 28: ADDITION: More Lenin, on the topic of what "Marxism" is: Marxism and Revisionism and The Historical Destiny of the Doctrine of Karl Marx.

  • July 27: ADDITION: Marx's 1856 speech at the anniversary of The People's Paper -- an interesting talk on the antagonism between modern productive powers and social relations.

  • July 27: ADDITION: The opening of the transcription of Leon Trotsky's 1930 3-volume book The History of the Russian Revolution. The preface and first two chapters. (Thanks to David Webb.)

  • July 27: ADDITION: J. V. Stalin's 1938 essay Dialectical and Historical Materialism. The transcriber writes: "I frankly don't know how you feel about this one, but the source is historically important as representing the statement of the line at that time." (Thanks to M.)

  • July 27: ADDITION: Another installment in the on-going transcription of Marx's 1894 Capital III. Chapter 36, Pre-Capitalist Relationships. (Thanks to David Walters.)

  • July 26: ADDITION: A user and friend of the MEIA wrote: "I've tried an Alta Vista search, but have been unable to find an online copy of Lenin's A Great Beginning, in which he gives the most succinct definition of 'class' -- have you seen it online any place?" No, we hadn't. But, now we have. Here's Lenin's 1919 pamphlet A Great Beginning: Heroism of the Workers in the Rear. "Communist Subbotniks.".

  • July 26: ADDITION: Lenin's 1921 Preliminary draft resolutions of the 10th Congress of the R.C.P..

  • July 26: ADDITION: We open the José Carlos Mariategui Internet Archive. It only has two small articles at the moment, but it's a start and will hopefully introduce some English speakers to this thinker sometimes called "the Gramsci of the Americas."

  • July 24: ADDITION: Marx's June 28 1855 news article for Neue Oder-Zeitung, "Anti-Church Movement: Demonstration in Hyde Park". It deals with the class nature of England's pietist legislation -- and the right to drink beer on Sunday!

  • July 8: ADDITION: The Fifth Congress of the First International Working Men's Association: The Hague Congress, 1872 -- almost completed, but still missing documents, such as the report on Bakunin's secret Alliance. Transcribing this historic congress is no small endeavor, to be sure... whew.

  • June 24: ADDITION: Lenin's 1913 article The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism. (Thanks to Lee Joon Koo and Marc Luzietti)

  • June 17: ADDITION: Engels' 1873 series of articles Bakuninists at Work. Engels looks at Spanish revolts in the summer of 1873, and how the political "abstentionism" of the Bakuninists (any state is bad) led to a confused defeat.

  • June 8: ADDITION: The 1919 Manchester Guardian Interview with Lenin. (Thanks to J.J. Plant.) Also, added 1929 Lenin poster

  • June 7: ADDITION: 1895 biography of Engels written by Lenin. (Happy birthday, Morgan!)

  • June 6: ADDITION: We're proud to store a copy of Akama Michio's German transcription of Das Kapital -- including chapters 1 through 11, and 17 and 23. (Thanks to Akama Michio, Hans Ehrbar, and Hinrich Kuhls)

  • May 17: ADDITION: Engels' 1891 pamphlet Brentano vs. Marx -- examining the "academic controversy" surrounding a supposed "lyingly added" quote Marx used in the Inaugural Address of the First International. The controversy would show that the speaker of the quote -- Chancellor of the Exchequer and future Prime Minister Gladstone -- actually did speak thusly, and then somehow went back and changed Hansard (the parliamentary record). Fortunately Gladstone couldn't rewrite the newspapers of the day. Marx was vindicated.

  • May 7: ADDITION: For an example of Marx and Engels' more wicked satire, give a glance to the 1852 cult classic Heroes of the Exile -- an often hilarious recounting of the adventures of the German exile community holed up in London after the 1848-49 revolutions on the continent -- and plotting great revolutions of the future. "Light" Marx reading at its best.

  • May 5: ADDITION: Happy birthday, Karl! Check out the revamped International Working Men's Association subarchive. Loaded with new items, too numerous to list here. Much, much more to come.

  • May 4: ADDITION: Engels' 1869 short biography on Marx.

  • May 2: ADDITION: Leon Trotsky's 1936 Their Morals and Ours (Thanks to David Walters.)

  • May Day: ADDITION: At long last, Capital I is done! A meaningful May Day to proletarians all around our beautiful blue planet.

  • April 26: UPGRADE: Marx's classic 1865 address Value, Price & Profit.

  • April 11: ADDITION: Leon Trotsky's 1924 Lessons of October (Thanks to David Walters.)

  • April 9: ADDITION: We begin swinging the hammers and pick axes to start the transcription of the 1894 Capital III. Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. (Thanks to Hinrich Kuhls.)

  • April 7: ADDITION: 1936 Leon Trotsky in Norway (Thanks to Per I Mathisen.)

  • April 5: ADDITION: David Riazanov's 1927 Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels: An Introduction to Their Lives and Work.

  • April 2: ADDITION: Anatoly Lunacharsky's 1923 Revolutionary Silhouettes.

  • March 29: ADDITION: Karl Marx's "Instructions for the delegates of the Provisional General Council. The different questions.". Of particular interest is the section on "Trade Unions: Past, Present and Future."

  • March 28: ADDITION: Another two dozen or so editorials by Daniel DeLeon. (Thanks to Mike Lepore.)

  • March 27: ADDITION: The full text of Trotsky's 1923 The New Course. (Thanks to David Walters.)

  • March 9: ADDITION: The full text of Trotsky's Revolution Betrayed finally completed, and adapted to HTML.

  • March 7: ADDITION: Anton Pannekoek's 1912 essay on Marxism and Darwinism (Thanks to Jon Muller). Plus, some UPGRADES: In the "Other" Archives: Lenin's State and Revolution and a series of essays and editorials spanning the period 1898-1907 from Daniel De Leon. Also, ADDITION: Rosa Luxemburg's 1902 news article Martinique (Thanks to holloway@kbbs.com).

  • March 6: ADDITION: The Class Struggles in France, 1848-50 -- Marx's series of Neue Rheinische Zeitung news articles, applying the new materialist interpretation found in the Communist Manifesto to revolutionary events in France. (Thanks to Louis Proyect.)

  • March 5: ADDITION: More Capital, volume 1: Chapter 19, 20, 21, 22. (Thanks Bill McDorman.)

  • February 8: ADDITION: Articles and letters concerning the joint Marx-Ruge publication Deutsche-Französische Jahrbücher. This one-time publication featured two articles by Marx -- On The Jewish Question and Contribution to a Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of Law. Introduction, the latter containing Marx's famous comment about religion being the opiate of the masses -- and two by Engels -- including a review of Thomas Carlyle's new book Past and Present and Engels very first writing on political economy, Outlines of a Critique on Political Economy.

  • February 7: ADDITION: More Capital, volume 1: Chapter 2. (Thanks Bert Schultz.)

  • February 3: ADDITION: The collection of (Karl's father) Heinrich Marx's letters to his son off at university in Berlin. ADDITION: Drawing of Marx at age 18. ADDITION: Karl Marx's 1842 series of news editorials for the Rheinische Zeitung on the Debates on Freedom of the Press.

  • February 2: UPGRADE: Marx's 1844 The Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts.

  • January 28: UPGRADE: A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philsophy of Right: Introduction, On "The Jewish Question", Critical Notes on "The King of Prussia" and Engels' 1847 The Principles of Communism and several smaller speeches and news articles.

  • January 27: ADDITION: More Capital, volume 1: The entire Part 8 ("The So-Called Primitive Accumulation"), which strips away, in a blazing fashion, the mythology of how capitalism acquired sufficient capital to begin with. Chapters 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33.

  • January 25: ADDITION: Karl Marx's short 1872 news article on The Nationalization of the Land. ADDITION: More Capital, volume 1: Chapters 16, 17. (Thank you Allan Thurrott.)

  • January 22: ADDITION: Two Engels' articles: The 1876 post-humously published The Part Played by Labour in the Transition from Ape to Man and the 1894 On the History of Early Christianity.

  • January 20: ADDITION: More Capital, volume 1: Chapters 7, 8, and 9. Also, an UPGRADE: Chapter 1 (Commodities) converted to HTML.

  • January 19: UPDATE: Jenny Marx Longuet, Karl Marx's eldest daughter, bio page updated to include an obituary by Engels (she died at age 37) and her well-written series of articles on Ireland, written under the pseudonym "J. Williams" for La Marseillaise in 1870. ADDITION: Several articles Engels' wrote about the passing of Marx.

  • January 17: ADDITION: Marx/Engels SEARCH! -- Yes, a search engine, to help you navigate the 40,000 pages that comprise the collected works and letters of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. (Not that all 40,000 are online, of course... not yet.) ADDITION: More Capital, volume 1: Chapters 24 and 25 -- Chapter 25 is 304k! Whew!

  • January 15: ADDITION: Capital, volume 1: Chapters 5 and 6 transcribed by Hinrich Kuhls. (Chapter 4 has been upgraded.) Bert Schultz has added a series of prefaces and afterwords. ADDITION: Engels' 1876 biographical series on friend and comrade Wilhelm Wolff. (Includes shorter 1886 version.)

  • January 14: ADDITION: Helene Demuth obituary by Engels (1890).

  • January 13: ADDITION: The Marx and Engels Media Interviews page. (Three new Engels interviews added from 1890s.)

  • January 6: ADDITION: The Marx/Engels Internet Photo Gallery.

  • January 5: ADDITION: The Peasant War in Germany -- Engels' insightful 1850 history text on 16th century Germany.

  • January 1-3: UPGRADE: Major overhaul of site, adding a "table of contents" page to many larger works. New images added. Many works upgraded from straight text files to hyper-text documents (a process which will be complete early in '96). All new documents will be filed in HTML format.

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