Marx/Engels Virtual Library (11/26/1993)

Date: 1993-11-26 12:55:19 PST
From: Zodiac (
Subject: Marx/Engels Virtual Library

I've have spent a good deal of 1993 uploading Marx/Engels etexts to 
lists and newsgroups here and there...  overloading mailboxes across the 

Well, I'm happy to say, those days of chaotic distribution are over. At long 
last, after wandering the cyber-deserts in exodus, all these Marx/Engels 
etexts now have one, cozy, communal home.

You will find the collection at your beloved Once in, you will find the Marx directory in the Progressive Sociologist 
Network directory (managed by that unparalleled ascii-graphic artist, Martha 

This collection will, of course, be constantly added to and tinkered with, so 
check in every two weeks or five for changes/additions. 

As of this writing, the opening menu looks like this:

                            Marx and Engels

      1.  1843--Ruge.letters(M)/
      2.  1844--Intro.Critique.of.Hegel's.Philosophy.of.Right(M).
      3.  1844--On.the.Jewish.Question(M).
      4.  1845--Theses.on.Feuerbach(M).
      5.  1847--Principles.of.Communism(E).
      6.  1848--Communist.Manifesto(ME)/
      7.  1848--On.the.Question.of.Free.Trade(M).
      8.  1849--Wage-Labor.and.Capital(M)/
      9.  1857--Intro.Critique.of.Political.Economy(M)/
      10. 1868--Synopsis.of.Capital.vol.1(E)/
      11. 1871--Marx'
      12. 1871--Marx.Interview:New.York.World.
      14. 1875--Critique.of.the.Gotha.Program(M).
      15. 1877--Socialism:Utopian.and.Scientific(E)/
      16. 1879--Marx.Interview:Chicago.Tribune.
      17. 1882--Bruno.Bauer.and.Early.Christianity(E).
      19. 1895--Law.of.Value.and.Rate.of.Profit(E).

I hope you find this useful, whether for research, self-education, or simply 

BTW: Should you wish to join this project, and contribute to the 
ascii-ization of M&E, please write me (most especially to prevent duplication 
of effort).  The more the merrier.

Toward keeping Marx and Engel texts ever available...

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