New Marx/Engels Internet Archive Notes (11/18/1996)

Date: 1996/11/18
From: David Walters (
Subject: New Marx/Engels Internet Archive Notes

The Marx/Engels Internet Archive now has its own domain name. Please 
edit your bookmarks to the new address: 

See the notes below on the subarchives for other Marxist writers.

The following are the new additions to the M/EIA and subarchives from 
October 2 through November 16th.

October 2 1996: ADDITION: Rosa Luxemburg and Mass Action. (Thanks to 
Dave Hollis.)

October 22 1996: UPGRADE: Footnotes from a Chinese edition of Engels' 
1847 work Principles of Communism have been added. In short: translator 
Paul Sweezy thought it unlikely a previous version of this work 
existed, however, it was later discovered such a document did exist 
(called the Communist Confession of Faith, also written in 1847). These 
additional notes also contain some "answers" which are left blank in 
the "Principles of Communism." (Thanks to Michael J. Griffin.)

October 26 1996: ADDITION: New central hub set up at Other 
Marxist archives now found at,,, etc.

November 8 1996: ADDITION: Our first Spanish language translation of a 
Marx/Engels work: Origins of the Family. It's currently not HTML-ized, 
it's a full RTF document

November 9 1996: UPGRADE: Revamped Trotsky Internet Archive. ADDITION: 
Trotsky photo gallery opened. ADDITION: Trotsky's 1932 essay On Lenin's 
Testament. (Thanks to Doug Fullarton.)

November 10 1996: ADDITION: Rosa Luxemburg's famous 1916 work, The 
Junius pamphlet. (Thanks to Dave Hollis.)

November 11 1996: ADDITION: Marx's 1842 "parliamentary" report on 
Prussian laws on "theft of wood" in forests. Marx would later pinpoint 
this as the beginning of his studies in economics.

November 11 1996: ADDITION: Rosa Luxemburg's 1918 article The 
Socialisation of Society, which examines what shape a future socialist 
society might take -- an issue oft overlooked in the history of Marxist 
literature. (Thanks to Dave Hollis.)

November 12 1996: UPGRADE: Fresh HTML mark-up on Marx's 1847 book The 
Poverty of Philosophy -- his rebuttal to Proudhon's own book, The 
Philosophy of Poverty. If you haven't read this work, or read it in 
some time, give a special glance at part 5 of the second chapter, 
Strikes and Combinations of Workers. It's Marx's first clear statement 
about union activity in the proletariat. Unlike almost every other 
socialist of his time, Marx clearly comes out in favor of unions 
("combinations" as they were then called): "Large-scale industry 
concentrates in one place a crowd of people unknown to one another. 
Competition divides their interests. But the maintenance of wages, this 
common interest which they have against their boss, unites them in a 
common thought of resistance -- combination." As combinations mature 
and grow, soon they reach a new stage and
become political.

November 15 1996: ADDITION: The Introduction to Trotsky's 1931 
Permanent Revolution. More to come. (Thanks to Sally Ryan.)

   November 15 1996: ADDITION: The The Military Writings of Leon 
Trotsky, Volume One, 1918. Right now, we have the author's preface and 
introduction, plus all 8 chapters of section one: "The Spring of 1918." 
Please note: This is a five volume collection, so stay tuned! (Thanks 
to David Walters.)