Request Copyright Permission!

What we need from the Copyright Holder

A paper or digital letter from the copyright holder is sufficient (paper we will scan and store in our digital archives). The letter we receive from them can be brief, must be signed, and should include:
    • The name of the book(s)
    • That the letter's sender is the legal copyright holder (or agent)
    • Giving the Marxists Internet Archive perpetual, worldwide rights to distribute the books in electronic form on a royalty-free basis.

For internal organisational reasons, all works that need and recieve permission to publish, must link to a copy of that permission letter or scanned image on the MIA.

Points of fact for the copyright holder

• You do NOT need to grant the book to the public domain. It is still copyrighted, according to whatever national laws apply.

• You still own your book, and all rights to it (for example, you could sell copies of the book in print or electronic form).

• The Marxists Internet Archive has no way of "recalling" our etexts, so you cannot expect to be able to change your mind. Once we add it to the collection, it will stay there. We can fix errors or update the formatting, as needed.

• If you desire to have a URL or other information included with the etext, we will be happy to oblige. Minimally, we will include clear notation that the book is copyrighted by the copyright holder.

Sample Letter

Here is a sample letter of what we would could get from the copyright holder, but keep in mind that what they actually write can vary quite widely:

To: Marxists Internet Archive
255 N Rosemont Blvd
PO Box 12166
Tucson, AZ 85732

Dear Marxists Internet Archive:

I am the sole copyright holder for the book, "The Wealth of Nations." I grant the Marxists Internet Archive perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive rights to distribute this book through Marxists Internet Archive Web sites, CDs, DVDs, or other current and future formats. No royalties are due for these rights.

    Adam Smith