E. Belfort Bax 1903

The Rise and Fall of the Anabapists

Source: The Rise and Fall of the Anabaptists, Swan Sonnenschein, 407pp, reprinted by Kelley, New York, 1970;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.



I. Beginnings of Anabaptism.
II. The Anabaptist Doctrines and Practice.
III. Persecution of the Anabaptists and Death of the Earlier Leaders.
IV. Melchior Hoffmann and the Revolutionary Movement.
V. The Reformation Movement in the Episcopal Territories of Münster.
VI. The Reign of the Saints.
VII. The New Israel.
VIII. The Propaganda outside Münster.
IX Münster’s Fall and the Fate of the Movement.
X. The Anabaptist Movement in England.
XI. Conclusion