M.I.A. Library: Louis B. Boudin

Louis B. Boudin

1874 — 1952


Portrait of Louis B. Boudin It would therefore be absurd for a labor party in this country to waste any energy on getting any labor legislation passed unless it at the same time took steps to prevent these laws being declared “unconstitutional.” It would have to start out by demanding the “curbing” of the Supreme Court, the abolition of its power to declare laws “unconstitutional.” And it would have to back up this demand by such a show of determination to use the entire resources of the working class and all the weapons and ammunition at its command in an endeavor to enforce this demand, as to carry the conviction to the entire capitalist class, including the Supreme Court, that it must “end” or “mend.”

In other words, in order to do something practical it would have to begin by being revolutionary. And there goes the dream of a “practical,” “safe and sane,” American Labor Party. . . .

From Prospects of a Labor Party in the U.S. (1910)


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