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Harry Braverman

1920 – 1976

“... the job is not to see where ‘Marx was wrong’ so much as to make a fresh application of his theory to the world around us as it is, not as it once was. To borrow a comparison from the field of physics, we need socialist Faradays and Maxwells or if we are lucky, Einsteins and Plancks, not people who confine themselves to knocking Isaac Newton.”
Marx in the Modern World


Harry Braverman

Harry Braverman joined the Trotskyist movement in 1937 while a member of the YPSL, the Socialist Party youth movement. Although without formal academic training, he developed into a powerful theoretician and organiser. In the early 1950s he was a leader of the so-called Cochranite tendency and was expelled with them from the SWP. He then became editor of The American Socialist until its demise in 1959. During the early 1960s he worked as an editor for Grove Press, where he was instrumental in publishing The Autobiography of Malcolm X. In 1967 he took over the editorship of Monthly Review Press, where he worked until his death. His most important work was the classic Labor and Monopoly Capitalism, which was published shortly before his death from cancer in August 1976.

Note: When writing for Fourth International and The Militant, i.e. until 1952, he used the pseudonym Harry Frankel.


Jun. 1940

“Youth Are Not Interested in Politics,” ... (as Harry Frankel)

Feb. 1941

How They Let Hitler Take Power (as Harry Frankel)

Mar. 1941

Bourgeoisie Fears Study of Its Own Revolutionary Past (as Harry Frankel)

Mar. 1941

Phillip Murray’s Statement on the “Lease-Lend” Bill (as Harry Frankel)

Sept. 1941

LaGuardia Gets Stalinist Boost for Reelection (as Harry Frankel)

Sept. 1941

LaGuardia Denounced by TWU Convention (as Harry Frankel)

Mar. 1942

The 59th Anniversary of the Death of Karl Marx (as Harry Frankel)

Jan. 1943

The Renegades: Lewis Corey (review) (as Harry Frankel)

May 1944

A Defamer of Marxism (review) (as Harry Frankel)

Mar. 1946

Class Forces in the American Revolution (as Harry Frankel)

April 1946

How the Constitution Was Written (as Harry Frankel)

Dec. 1946

The Jackson Period in American History (as Harry Frankel)

Mar. 1947

Three Conceptions of Jacksonianism (as Harry Frankel)

Jan. 1949

New Deal Democrat Carries the Ball for the Steel Trust (letter)

Nov. 1950

John L. Lewis (as Harry Frankel)

Jan. 1952

Important Internal Developments in the USWA: What the Steel Convention Revealed (as Harry Frankel)

Mar. 1952

Does America Disprove Marx? Income Trends: Fact and Fiction (as Harry Frankel)

May 1952

The Structure of US Imperialism: America Nears the Crisis (extended review) (as Harry Frankel)

July 1952

How Many Capitalists in the US? The Brookings Report on Stock Ownership (as Harry Frankel)

Sept. 1952

Capitalism and Democracy (as Harry Frankel)

Oct. 1955

Automation: Promise and Menace

Feb. 1956

Big Business Moves in on the Farmer

April 1956

Which Way to a New American Radicalism

Sept. 1956

America Also Had A Revolution (extended review article)

Dec. 1956

Prosperity on Easy Payments

May 1958

Marx in the Modern World

Jan. 1959

The Nasser Revolution

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