Nikolai Bukharin 1924

Imperialism and the Accumulation of Capital

Written: 1924;
First Published: 'Der Imperialismus und die Akkumulation des Kapitals', Unter dem Banner des Marxismus, Vienna/Berlin, 1925-6, Vol II.
Source: Rosa Luxemburg and Nikolai Bukharin Imperialism and the Accumulation of capital. Edited with an Introduction by Kenneth J. Tarbuck. (Allen Lane The Penguin Press, London, 1972), pp 151-270.
Translated: (from the German) by Rudolf Wichmann;
Transcription/Markup: Steve Palmer;
Copyright: Kenneth J. Tarbuck and Rudolf Wichmann 1972;
Notes: Notes by the editor and translator appear [thus]. MIA notes appear {thus}.
Introductory essay: "Imperialism and the Accumulation of Capital" by David Yaffe.


1. Expanded Reproduction in an Abstract Capitalist Society

2. Money and Expanded Reproduction

3. The General Theory of the Market, and Crises!

4. The Economic Roots of Imperialism

5. The Theory of Capitalist Collapse

6. Conclusion