Wilfred Burchett. 1950


Warmongers Unmasked: History of Cold War in Germany

Published: Warmongers Unmasked: History of Cold War in Germany, Wilfred Burchett. World Unity Publications, Melbourne, 1950;
Source: Left History Archive.


Part 1.

Note on the Author
East-West Train
Allied Control Council
Clay Wrecks Currency Reform
Food Crisis Myth
German Farmers’ Defiance
The American Bill
Dollar Democracy
Land Reform East
Privileges Of Aristocracy
Berlin Re-Visited

Part 2.

Wreckers of Unity
Dr. Ernst Reuter, Von Papen’s Protege
Planned European co-operation sabotaged
Conspirators in high places
Saving German military and economic power
Wreckers or traitors?
I. G. Farben’s infamous record
Who was responsible for this miracle?
The guilty men named
Private Enterprise in death demands its dividends
Why Four-Power control was ended and Germany divided
Nazi assets safe in the hands of friends
Senator Kilgore learns the truth
A Socialist British Government betrays the electors
Garrulous warmongers

Part 3.

A return to the Soviet Zone
Corruption Of Berlin
Crown Jewels Of The Hohenzollerns
Corruption In High Places
Forgery Of Protokol M
Disarming Germany
Saboteurs At Work
Myth Of The Iron Curtain
Socialisation Of Ruhr Heavy Industry
Opposition By Americans
Adenauer Plays The American Game
The Inconsistent Ernest Bevin
The Arrest of Max Reimann
A Pertinent Question