James P. Cannon

SWP Protests Anti-Negro
Atrocities in Tennessee

(9 March 1946)

Published: The Militant, Vol. X No. 10, 9 March 1946, p. 1.
Source: PDF supplied by the Riazanov Library Project.
Transcription/Mark-up: Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.
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Governor Jim McCord,
Nashville, Tennessee

We vigorously protest the outrageous wholesale atrocities and violations of civil rights committed by state troops and local police against the Negro citizens of Columbia, Tennessee.

All the facts clearly prove that the invasion by your troops of this Negro community was a calculated move to terrorize and repress the defenseless Negro citizens of Columbia who had been threatened by lynch mobs.

Eye-witness reports reveal that your troops blasted away at Negro dwellings and businesses with machine-guns and carbines, invaded and ransacked homes without search warrants, manhandled men, women and children and arrested at random scores of Negroes, many of whom are still being held in jail in violation of their constitutional rights. Two imprisoned Negroes were shot down in cold blood by guards.

Together with other working-class political parties, unions and civil rights organizations, the Socialist Workers Party demands that you immediately end the reign of terror in Columbia, withdraw the state troops and release all the innocent victims who are being held illegally in prison..

We hold your administration directly responsible.


James P. Cannon,
National Secretary,
Socialist Workers Party

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