4th International Hailed
by Cannon in Introduction

(15 May 1948)

Published: The Militant, Vol. 12 No. 21, 24 May 1948, p. 1.
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In a nation-wide radio broadcast over the NBC network, Farrell Dobbs, Socialist Workers Party nominee for U.S. President, on May 15 called on the American people to “unite with the Socialist Workers Party” in order to stop war by ending the capitalist system that breeds war.

James P. Cannon, SWP National Secretary, opened the SWP radio program with an introductory statement, the text of which follows:

* * *

The Socialist Workers Party launches today its first presidential campaign, and presents its candidate, Farrell Dobbs.

The Socialist Workers Party is the sole representative in this country of the authentic socialism, of Marx and Engels, of Debs and Haywood, of Lenin and Trotsky.

We are called “Trotskyists” – and we are proud to bear that name.

For Trotsky – side by side with Lenin – was the leader and organizer of the Russian revolution – the greatest and most progressive social action in all history.

Even more than that. Trotsky defended the Russian revolution – and the principles of world labor emancipation which it embodied – against the Stalinist betrayers up to the very moment of his death, at the hands of a Stalinist assassin, in Mexico City eight years ago.

“Trotskyism” is a world-wide movement which unites revolutionary militants of all countries and nationalities, of all races and colors, in a common world organization, founded by Trotsky, and known as the Fourth International.

The Fourth International has just successfully concluded its World Congress in Europe, with delegates in attendance from 19 countries and four continents. Although prevented by the reactionary Voorhis Law, from affiliation, the Socialist Workers Party is in full sympathy with the world struggle of the Fourth International for the emancipation of the workers and colonial peoples from capitalist exploitation and oppression.

From this national radio forum I salute the World Congress of the Fourth International in the liable of the Socialist Workers Fatty of the United States.

Farrell Dobbs, the presidential candidate of the Socialist Workers Party, has spent most of his active life in the socialist and labor movement. He was one of the leaders of the great Minneapolis truckdrivers’ strikes.

For years he served as secretary-treasurer of the famous Local 544 of that city. As international representative of the Teamsters Union, he was the chief organizer of more than 200.000 motor transport workers in eleven states.

Farrell Dobbs was one of the 18 leaders of the Socialist Workers Party and Local 544 who served prison sentences in 1944 and 1945 for their defense of democratic unionism and opposition to the war. For a number of years he has been the editor of The Militant, the weekly Trotskyist newspaper.

It is my great privilege to introduce to you this evening the candidate of the Socialist Workers Party for President of the United States, Farrell Dobbs.

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