Isaac Deutscher 1950

Soviet Trade Unions: Their Place in Soviet Labour Policy

Source: Book published in 1950 by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (London and New York) and Oxford University Press (London). Scanned and prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Paul Flewers.



I: Trade Unions Under Tsardom

a: Lenin on Trade Unions
b: Trade Unions in the 1905 Revolution and After

II. Trade Unions and the Revolution

a: After the October Revolution
b: Debates at the First Trade-Union Congress
c: Trade Unions in the Civil War
d: ‘Point Five’ of the 1919 Programme
e: Individual Management and Labour Armies
f: The Trade-Union Controversy at the Tenth Party Congress:

i: The Views of Trotsky-Bukharin
ii: The Workers’ Opposition
iii: ‘Platform of Ten’

g: Proletarian Dictatorship, Proletarian Democracy and Trade Unions

III. The New Economic Policy

a: Transition to NEP
b: Trade Unions under NEP

IV: Planned Economy

a: Transition to Planned Economy
b: Trade Unions and Planned Economy:

i: Industrial Recruitment
ii: Training of Labour
iii: ‘Socialist Emulation’
iv: Wages Policy
v: Stakhanovism
vi: Trade Unions and Social Insurance

V: Machinery and Organisation of Trade Unions

VI: The Tenth Trade-Union Congress

VII: Road to Serfdom?