Hugo Dewar 1951

Assassins at Large:
Being a Fully Documented and Hitherto Unpublished Account
of the Executions Outside Russia Ordered by the GPU

Source: Published in 1951 by Wingate, London and New York.

Scanned and prepared for the MIA by Paul Flewers. Basic spelling errors have been corrected; however, in some cases where the spellings of names in the original text vary from the standard transliteration from the Russian, the usual rendering is entered afterwards in brackets.


I: The Case of the Missing General
II: The Dupe
III: Resignations not Accepted
IV: Links in the Chain
V: Europe’s Little Russia
VI: When is Suicide Murder?
VII: The Lady Vanishes
VIII: Murder in Mexico
IX: The Sentence is Executed
X: Who Killed Kirov?
XI: Legalised Murder
XII: Conclusion
XIII: Brief Historical Note on the GPU