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 Jan. 1st  WV Vol. 1 No 2 SEL (socialist education League)analyzes Toronto vote (Dowson & Stanton candidates
 March 1st  WV Vol. 1 No 4 Soviet Congress hears Stalin cult attacked, by RD
 Apr 1. art.1 pg.1
 Apr 1. art.1 pg.2
 WV Vol. 1 No 5 Death of Stalin cult not easy for LPPers
Cdn.Tribune swallows new line, by Ross Dowson
 Jun 1st. art. 1—1
 Jun 1st. art. 1—2
 WV Vol. 1 No 7 Buck answers LPP membership;
 Stalinist cult, page 2 (see buck photo)
 Jun 1st. art. 2—1  Strike and fare hoist face Torontonians, by Ross Dowson (RD)
 July 1st. art. 1—1  WV Vol. 1 No 8 Use of Party label weighed by unionists, by RD
 Aug art. 1  WV Vol. 1 No 9 Housing—Toronto’s shame; Council takes no action, by RD
 Sept. art 1 pg.1
 Sept. art 1 pg.2
 WV Vol. 1 No 10 Where next? A contribution by Ross Dowson;
  A New Labour party? Socialists remain in Power
 Nov. art 1 pg. 1
 Nov. art 1 pg. 2
WV Vol. 1 No 12  12 Mass revolt hits Hungary
 Bureaucrats attempt to smash Hungarian Workers Committees
 Nov. art 2  No Canadian soldiers for Egyptian “Korea” by RD
 Dec art 1 pg. 1
 Dec art 1 pg. 2
 Dec art 1 pg. 3
 Dec art 1 pg. 4
 Dec art 1 pg. 5
WV Vol. 2 No 1        Elect a labor mayor; vote Dowson on Dec. 3;
       Program of Action; What are the real issues?
       An Election for working people
       A program of municipal action
       Against War—for socialism

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