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(The ensemble constituting an application of the transitional program concept to the entry / intervention of the Forward Group into the Ontario NDP following cessation of publication of its journal FORWARD and beyond the incapacitation of Ross Dowson, who in the summer of 1989 suffered a major stroke.)

(jpg file) Socialist Caucus Proposals to the 1967 Federal Convention of the New Democratic Party
(text file of above)
Mobilize opposition to the Vietnam War
Support for the rights and struggles of the working people
(continuation) Today the working people
Public ownership of the CPR
The youth movement and internal democracy
What is the Socialist Caucus?
Contacts and Reading list

The world economic crisis
Social ownership: The only solution
Economic democracy
Women’s rights
The Crisis of Confederation
Peace and world justice
an NDP government in power
The program of the NDP Left Caucus


1985Aug-1-1 LC News Vol. 1 No. 1 Three major victories by the left at NDP Convention; Anti-NATO policy reaffirmed
Economic policy rejected for ignoring social ownership; Tech change resolution amended to include reduced work week; Censure motion blocked
1985Aug-2 (Notice attachment) ONDP Left Caucus Conference; Public forum: NATO, its meaning for the peace movement


1985Fall-1-1 LC News Vol. 1 No. 2 NDP Update, coming events
1985Fall-1-2 Correspondence, Educationals

1985Fall-2 (attachment) Petition at the June/85 ONDP Provincial Council meeting for a change in policy away from support for a Liberal minority government

1985Fall-1-1 (Attachment flyer) “how can you believe that private, sectarian secondary (Catholic) schools should be supported by public taxes?
1985Fall-1-2 (continuation) Isn’t that anti-Catholic?

1986May-1-1 LC News Vol. 1 No. 3 CAP campaign support, LC Forums
1986May-1-2 LC warned that the Liberal/NDP Accord is fraught with danger for the Future of our party; “Losing our soul,” declares (Gord) Doctorow in policy conference debate on extension of separate school (Catholic) funding

1986Nov-1-1 LC News Vol. 1 No. 4 Campaign for Activist Party and ONDP Left Caucus unite; Protest the imprisonment of Newfoundland union leader; Tories preparing the burial of the Canadian family farm
1986Nov-1-2 CAP and LC carried fight against separate (Catholic) school funding; MP Heap launches petition against NATO
1987Feb-1-1 LC News Vol. 2 No. 1 Challenge of the shorter work week, by Ross Dowson; Quebec NDP on Quebec
1987Feb-1-2 Harry Kopyto vs. the Attorney-General
1987Feb-1-3 NDP must defend right to choose (on abortion); The NDP and militarism
1987Feb-1-4 The LC-CAP conference


1987June-1-1 LC News Vol. 2 No. 2 Stop closures Save our plants, by Ross Dowson, St. George-St. David NDP; Defence debated at Left Forums; Accord ending: NDP must go left
1987June-1-2 (continuation) Stop closures; Save our plants
1987June-1-3 Caucus needs $3000 by Fall; Toronto forums
1987June-1-4 Ed Broadbent rebukes NDP MPs; NDP rally on Quebec
1987June-1-5 (continuation) Broadbent & Quebec)
1987June-1-6 (continuation) NDP must go left

1987June-2-1 Flyer: “Clear the names of the accused in the Moscow Trials” despite ‘glasnost’ those accused of being paid agents of Nazism remain unrehabilitated)
1987June-2-2 Flyer: “T.C. Douglas speech: “The day they stopped electing cats to govern mouseland”

1988Feb-Mar-1-1 LC News Vol. 2 No. 3 NDP leaders retreat from anti-war policy; The ‘Last Debate’ on Free Trade
1988Feb-Mar-1-2 No independence without socialism (Free Trade article continued)
1988Feb-Mar-1-3 Socialist education policy for the NDP
1988Feb-Mar-1-4 Meech Lake Accord subverts rights; Clear names of victims of Stalinism
1988Feb-Mar-1-5 Victory for women’s right to choose movement, by Ross Dowson Withdraw from NATO-NORAD alliance
1988Feb-Mar-1-6 (continuation) LC Newsletter subscription form

1988Nov-1-1 LC News Vol. 2 No. 4 Vote labour to power in Ottawa; NDP is the only choice for women; Nfld., Innu protest NATO air base
1988Nov-1-2 (continuation) Vote labour to power in Ottawa
1988Nov-1-3 (continuation) NDP is the only choice for women; LC challenge to NDP fed. council, by Ross Dowson
1988Nov-1-4 Alberta Lubicon establish rights
1988Nov-1-5 Kuerti campaign is model for NDP
1988Nov-1-6 Readers’ responses; British Labour party upholds unilateralism
1988Nov-2-1 (Attachment) Open Letter to NDP Federal Council re: Council policy on NATO/NORAD and Defence
1988Nov-2-2 (continuation) assist in supporting this Open Letter


1989-03Mar-1-1 LC News Vol. 3 No. 1 Labor opens debate on NDP future, by Ross Dowson; Quebec NDP assails federal campaign, Black Community mobilizes vs. racism
1989-03Mar-1-2 (continuation) Labor opens debate; Blacks charge police
1989-03Mar-1-3 Estonians make gains; (CAW Pres.) White demands open debate on support for FTA), by Ross Dowson
1989-03Mar-1-4 (continuation) Quebec NDP speaks out
1989-03Mar-1-5 (continuation) Quebec NDP; Feminist challenge to NDP women
1989-03Mar-1-6 First fruits of the Free Trade Agreement


1989-06Summer-1-1 LC News Vol. 3 No. 2 Build the movement, Bob White says; Broadbent supports market economy
1989-06Sum-1-2 (continuation) Broadbent believes in the market
1989-06Sum-1-3 (continuation) White: workers are basis of socialism
1989-06Sum-1-4 Women’s panel at LC Conference; Native struggles on the upswing; Alberta NDPers launch Left Caucus
1989-06Sum-1-5 (continuation) On women’s panel; On sexual harassment
1989-06Sum-1-6 ONDP Left Caucus holds ‘89 conference; Funds urgently needed


1989-10OctNov-1-1 LC News Vol. 3 No. 5 NDP future depends on left leadership; NDP must be voice for abortion choice
1989-10OctNov-1-2 Left leadership needed to solve NDP crisis; Fight against abortion Criminalization!
1989-10OctNov-1-3 Historical roots of NDP’s crisis
1989-10OctNov-1-4 Left Caucus fills gap in NDP
1989-10OctNov-1-5 Environmental choice: Socialism or disaster
1989-10OctNov-1-6 (continuation) Left Caucus fills gap; Fund Drive appeal

1989-10OctNov-2-1 (Insert) Left Caucus eyewitness report on Chinese uprising in Tiananmen Square, by Angie Codina
1989-10OctNov-2-2 (continuation) Chinese students


1990-Summer-1-1 LC News Vol. 3 No. 6 Greening the NDP through workers’ Control; Is socialism dead in Eastern Europe?
1990-Summer-1-2 Lessons of the Nicaraguan defeat
1990-Summer-1-3 Defend francophone rights; NDP-Quebec resolution on Meech Lake Accord
1990-Summer-1-4 Has East Europe by-passed socialism? (continuation) Workers’ control can save environment
1990-Summer-1-5 Kopyto not guilty—a victim of law society’s bias
1990-Summer-1-6 Labor needs NDP to be its political voice

1991-01Spring-1-1 LC News Vol. 4 No. 2 The challenge before the NDP Convention; For a mass circulation NDP-labor paper
1991-01Spring-1-2 (continuation) NDP challenge: socialist measures
1991-01Spring-1-3 ONDP backs Native self-determination; Toronto NDPers will contest (Toronto) mayoralty
1991-01Spring-1-4 A critical opinion of Throne Speech
1991-01Spring-1-5 Oil and blood in Gulf (war)
1991-01Spring-1-6 Left Caucus conference prepares convention resolutions
1991-06JunJul-1-1 LC News Vol. 4 No. 3 Left Caucus program at the Ontario NDP convention
1991-06JunJul-1-2 The LC Newsletter and you

1992-Summer-1-1 LC News Vol. 5 No. 1 NDP at Crossroads; Casino Socialism or Democratic Planning?
1992-Summer-1-2 Clear CUPW workers
1992-Summer-1-3 Labour, NDP need their own press; Broad Left can revitalize Party
1992-Summer-1-4 Reform the Senate? Investigate Police Chief McCormack
1992-Summer-1-5 The Textbook and the Gun (by Lennox Farrell)
1992-Summer-1-6 Health care reform threatens women
1992-Summer-1-7 Remember socialism? (LC leaflet to the OND Provincial Council)
1992-Summer-1-8 (continuation) Chaos not inevitable; Plan for human need
1992-Summer-1-9 Tony Benn on the British Labour Party defeat
1992-Summer-1-10 Obituaries: Muni Taub, Bill Clinton
1992-Summer-1-11 Make RU-486 available in Canada
1992-Summer-1-12 (continuation) Support the abortion pill campaign

1993Spring-1-1 LC News Vol. 6 No. 1 Discussion needed! CAW Report points Left; Drainville speaks out on casino gambling
1993Spring-1-2 (continuation) Casinos—A tax on the poor
1993Spring-1-3 Left intervenes at Alberta NDP convention
1993Spring-1-4 New Democrat off the mark on Referendum; Alliance backs NDP on use of force laws
1993Spring-1-5 Marion Boyd—a new start?
1993Spring-1-6 Hargrove calls for independent labour mobilization
1993Spring-1-7 Hargrove urges in CAW Report: Stop bowing to business, Stand up for NDP program!
1993Spring-1-8 (continuation) Hargrove to NDP caucus: Let`s open debate
1993Spring-1-9 Left Caucus Notes
1993Spring-1-10 Casino socialism, anyone?
1993Spring-1-11 Program needed to replace foodbanks; Mailbag
1993Spring-1-12 Our survival depends on you! (Fund drive)


1993vAutumn-1-1 LC News Vol. 6 No. 2 (Special Edition) What happened to the NDP?
1993vAutumn-1-2 (continuation) Drifting to the right…
1993vAutumn-1-3 Remember socialism?
1993vAutumn-1-4 Why should I vote NDP?

1993Winter-1-1 LC News Vol. 6 No. 3 Labour’s political future; Who we are
1993Winter-1-2 Labour leaders must share the blame (for the crisis in the NDP)
1993Winter-1-3 (continuation) Where do we go from here? Is the NDP still an option for the labour movement?
1993Winter-1-4 Remember socialism? (continuation) The political future of labour
1994Special-1-1 LC News Vol. 7 No. 1 Path to labour unity (1994 Convention dition)
1994Special-1-2 The Party’s not over. Help keep socialism alive in the NDP.
(end of series)

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