December 10, 1944
Dear Frank;

On Saturday we received from Montreal along with a report of the CCF Convention a short note on your relationship with the group there. I can not recall the exact details of the report as it is not at hand at the moment but they are of no immediate importance. I recall from the report that you are no longer living with Al and that you have notified our friends that you are taking a rest for a period of 2 to 6 months—the purpose of this retirement is by no means clear.

Of course I was amazed to hear this after our so successful conference of last month and having known your attitude towards organizational problems in the past. I have long been aware that your personal relationship with Al has not been all that could be desired but in the past you have never allowed your personal relationships to interfere with your political activities-I find it hard to believe that this is now the case.

Shortly over a month ago at the Montreal Conference you were chosen by friends from Toronto, Ottawa, Prince Rupert, Vancouver and Montreal to represent them on the National Committee and also on the Editorial Board of our press. I state this only to draw to your attention your prestige in our organization and the responsibilities that you assumed so recently. We are now in the process of drawing the strings together in preparation for the formation of a national organization. We are laying the foundations for the mass revolutionary party. You and I and other responsible members of the organization must now set the standard of disciplined conduct.

Any hasty actions or decisions taken at this time may cause you regret for a long period to come. You owe yourself and ourselves an explanation of your attitude-perhaps we can do something to help you. In all fairness to you nothing is being said to any of our friends about the Montreal report. We are looking forward to an immediate and detailed report of your attitude towards our ideas and organization.

Warmest Greetings

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