November 20 1944
Dear Gang;

I have received your two contributions on the CCF alright and have kicked back your copy of the novelette. I see that you were going to send the months dough but decided to send it under separate cover-well I hope to hell that you havent sent it yet for I have not received it. In no hurry but hope it hasnt gone astray.

There is a fellow that I think you should make every effort to locate in Ottawa. His name is Lloyd Sawyer and he is married to a girl named Pol1y-they were both Kremites and very active ones-I had tried to re-interest them along with Frank and Ellen, I mean with the aid of-but they seemed to be slightly tired. However they are good stuff and now the trick might be accomplished. I am trying to get the address but if that backwoods has a city directory it should be no trouble finding them-he was at one time a teacher but he might be anything now


I met Ronny and had a little chat with him. Told him that I would send a copy of all available stuff to read as soon as it came off the press-only too glad to loan anything we have here and hope you will take advantage of the offer.

I think it would be a good idea when you drop in on New York to ask for Art or E.R. Frank-I think the latter is the one who has the best picture of our situation. Unfortunately their convention was held the week-end that you sent the stuff so Bill attended with only what he could remember of the goings on. I have since sent all material and probably E.R. has seen it. If you could and he is able to spend the time I would like you to spend the day with him-any advise be can give us etc. Will you have any room to bring anything back? We here are in great need of the ABC stuff-- the trials etc. Whatever you can do will be appreciated—we will kick thro.

I was glad to hear the news about the paper. We will have to get to work on it right away. Have you had a chance to see Frank yet-what does he think of the proposals so far-have you been able to consult Jean? (Jean-Marie Bédard -ed) I have not heard from them for some time. It is now my opinion that Challenge is the best name so far suggested. It has a shade of melodrama and church vanguardism in it but what has anyone else to offer. We can always change our name as we see things develop but right now I think our other suggested name would serve to mark us too sharply and attract the wrong peoples attention-after all we want to distribute it in the Haldimand and Trinity CCF. As far as size is concerned I notice that The Tribune, The Commonwealth and Le Canada Nouveau are all the same—that can not be an accident—it may have to do with paper stock sizes but off hand I would say let us carry on with the same size. The whitish paper that the Commonwealth uses is out-it is about the deadest looking rag I ever saw-prefer the yellowishness of Le Canada and the Tribune. The Tribune cuss them have a dawn good paper typographically but that has a lot to do with their columns which liven it up and profuse use of cuts-but they are a weekly and we can for the present talk only once a month so we cannot follow. But I think we should have one column something like left jabs. I am going to subscribe at once to all the CCF papers-we can possib1y use some of their material, particularly the West-it would be good cover. Sma1l cartoons 1ike Stalinists at work and a steaming sewer, or line drawings of political figures mentioned in the articles I think are even preferable to most photos. This Canada Nouveau is not bad -a few little cuts would give it just the added colour. I am enclosing some clippings from prominent tabloids-the types and column widths that I liked best I have marked in ink-what do you think? The man who has the most valuable experience is Jean-he must have some pet ideas that he would like to see used --after all be is the guy with the practical experience. You must take a week end off and go to see him. Take the expenses from the sustaining fund. If you are unable 1 will take a trip down but since it costs $20 I do not like to take it so soon after the conference. I will certainly go to Montreal before February but I would like to see us get a lot of it straightened up soon so we could get the opinion and approval of the West. I have no copies of Jean’s papers at hand so am unable to discuss them.

The Challenge
Ivory coloured paper
Same size as Tribune Le Canada Nouveau
Small cartoons & cuts
Types and Column widths ??

Articles must be of a semi-theoretical character as paper is a monthly- cartoons will break this deadness however. A Left-jabs would give it a little raciness. We could .have a column on the editorial page somewhat like the English press but the CCF to power on the following program; the transitional demands. This I think would set the tone of the paper. The (paper) is a propaganda paper-not agitational, this should be always kept in mind when discussing the format, N’est-ce pas?

Very glad. to hear about the new developments there. If you are really breaking the ice it might be well to postpone your departure until everything is on a firm base. Our press fund is coming along fine....Chris kicked in with $10 a month. I should be able within a week or so to send you a full report on what is going on everywhere.

The very best
(Signed) Ross

Would you send the mail to Dicks until we see what the situation is with me. I passed the physical with flying colours as was expected—the next few weeks should tell.

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