Henrik Ibsen's

An Enemy of Society

A play in five acts

Written: 1882
Source: From Henrik Ibsen: The Pillars of Society, Ghosts, and An Enemy of Society, Walter Scott, London.
Translated: 1887, Eleanor Marx Aveling
Transcribed and HTML Markup: Sally Ryan for marxists.org in 2000


Dr. Thomas Stockmann, Medical Officer of the Baths.
Mrs. Stockmann, his wife.
Petra, their daughter, a teacher.
Ejlif & Morten, their sons, boys of 13.
Peter Stockmann, the Doctor's elder brother, burgomaster and prefect of of police, chairman of the board of directors, etc.
Morten Kiil, master tanner, Mrs. Stockmann's foster-father.
Hovstad, editor of the "People's Messenger."
Billing, on the staff.
Captain Horster, a ship's captain.
Aslaksen, a printer.
Townsfolk present at the meeting all sorts of conditions of men, some women, and a crowd of schoolboys.

Scene: A town on the South Coast of Norway

Act I

Act II


Act IV

Act V