Enrico Ferri 1900

Socialism and Modern Science
(Darwin, Spencer, Marx)

Source: Project Gutenberg, from 3rd Edition, 1900;
Translated: by Robert Rives La Monte.
First Published: by Charles H. Kerr & Co., Chicago 1917.

Table of Contents.



First Part. The Three Alleged Contradictions between Darwinism and Socialism

I. Virchow And Haeckel at the Congress of Munich.

a) The equality of individuals
b) The struggle for life and its victims
c) The survival of the fittest

Second Part. Socialism as a Consequence of Darwinism.

Socialism and religious beliefs
The individual and the species
The struggle for life and the class-struggle

II. Evolution and Socialism.

The orthodox thesis and the socialist thesis confronted by the theory of evolution
The law of apparent retrogression and collective ownership
The social evolution and individual liberty
Evolution. – Revolution. – Rebellion. – Violence

III. Sociology and Socialism.

Sterility of sociology
Marx completes Darwin And Spencer. Conservatives and socialists

Appendix I. – Reply to Spencer

Appendix II. – Socialist superstition and individualist myopia