Antonio Gramsci

State and Civil Society

Written: Antonio Gramsci;
Source: Selections from the Prison Notebooks;
Publisher: International Publishers, New York, 1971;
Translated: Quintin Hoare;
Transcription/Markup: Dylan Stillwood;
Online Version: Antonio Gramsci Internet Archive ( 2001;
Proofed and corrected: by Kevin Goins, 2007.

Political Parties in Periods of Organic Crisis
The Fable of the Beaver
Agitation and Propaganda
The "Philosophy of the Epoch"
Political Struggle and Military War
The Transition from the War of Manoeuvre to the War of Position
Politics and Military Science
Internationalism and National Policy
Problem of the "Collective Man" or of "Social Conformism"
Sociology and Political Science
Hegemony (Civil Society) and Separation of Powers
The Conception of Law
Politics and Constitutional Law
Parliament and the State
Self-criticism and the Hypocrisy of Self-criticism
The State
Organisation of National Societies
Who is a Legislator?
Religion, State, Party
State and Parties
"Merits" of the Ruling Classes
Historical Belles-Lettres
"Wave of Materialism" and "Crisis of Authority"

In this transcription, the author's footnotes are indicated with letters [A] through [], while the translator's footnotes are indicated with numbers [1] through [].

The following texts, often cited in the translator's footnotes, are volumes of the Quaderni del carcere – selections from Gramsci's notebooks that were brought out by the Turin publisher Einaudi between 1948 and 1951:

Finally, Alcuni temi refers to Alcuni temi della quistione meridionale, Gramsci's important essay on the Southern Question (written immediately prior to his arrest) – it can be found on this site as Some aspects of the Southern Question, and in 2000 pagine di gramsci, edited by N. Gallo and G. Ferrata, Vol. I, "Nel Tempo della lotta, 1914-1926", Il Saggiatore, Milan 1964.