A Better World

Programme of the Worker-communist Party of Iran

Adopted: First Congress of the Worker-communist Party of Iran, July 1994
First Published: December 1997
Source: Worker-Communist Party of Iran
Translated: Bahram Soroush (edited by Mansoor Hekmat)
Transcription/Markup: Worker-Communist Party of Iran / Brian Baggins
Copyleft: Mansoor Hekmat Internet Archive (marxists.org) 2003. Permission is granted to copy and/or distribute this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Part One

Social and Intellectual Basis of Worker-communism
A better world
Freedom, equality, prosperity clearly
Class struggle: proletariat and bourgeoisie
A balance-sheet
Foundations of capitalism
State and political superstructure
Culture, ideology, morality
Social Revolution and Communism
The free communist society
Proletarian revolution and workers' state
The communist party and the communist International of the working class
Worker Communism and Bourgeois Communism
Revolution and Reform

Part Two

General Principles and Framework
The Structure and Organs of Political Power
Council rule
Dissolution of the army
Abolition of unelected bureaucracy. Direct popular participation in administration
An independent judiciary. Legal justice for all
Individual and Civil Rights and liberties
Equality and Elimination of Discrimination
Equality of women and men. Prohibition of discrimination according to sex
Equal rights for all residents of the country irrespective of citizenship
Prohibition of racial discrimination
Elimination of national oppression
The Kurdish question
Modern and Progressive Social and Cultural Norms
Religion, nationality and ethnicity
Cohabitation, family, marriage and divorce
Children's rights
Sexual relationships
The fight against drug addiction and drug trafficking
The fight against prostitution
Principles of trials
Rights of the accused and offenders
Abolition of the death penalty
Respect for the dignity of people
The mass media
National and local languages
Changing the Farsi alphabet
Labour and Social Welfare Laws
Labour law
Social welfare and insurance
International Relations