Hyndman Justice, December 1915

Who and What is Peter Petroff?

Source: Anon but certainly H. M. Hyndman, Justice, December 23, 1915, p. 4;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

Many of us have known of Peter Petroff for some years, though we have known little about him save that he has usually acted as a disintegrating nuisance. That he places a high value on his knowledge of and services to the Socialist movement we readily admit. He has now been for some weeks on the Clyde. What he doing there, and what may be his object is best known to himself. It is for the representatives of the Glasgow workers to determine what is his status on the Clyde Workers Committee, and to make whatever inquiries concerning him they may deem necessary. His recent scurrilous attacks on Emile Vandervelde, however, may enable some to judge of the manner of man he is. The International Socialist Bureau naturally requires money to function as well as it can under the present most difficult circumstances. To say that such money is going to be used by Vandervelde “for the further demoralisation of the International” is a gross slander. We will leave the Executive committee of the B.S.P. to deal with his “criticism” of their actions!