Jean Jaurès 1907

Democracy & Military Service
An abbreviated Translation of the Armée Nouvelle of Jean Jaurès

Source: Democracy & Military Service, An abbreviated Translation of the Armée Nouvelle of Jean Jaurès. Edited by C.G. Coulton, with a Preface by Pierre Renaudel, Editor of L'Humanité. London, Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., Limited, 1916;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.


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I The New Army

II The Active Army and the Reserve

III A Mutilated and Incomplete Defensive

IV A Warning against Napoleon

V The Future: The Offensive and the Defensive

VI The French Revolutionary Tradition

VII Scheme for a New System

VIII Officers and their Education

IX Army, Labour Organizations and Universities

X Militarism and Democracy

XI Capitalism and Proletariat

XII Internationalism and Patriotism

XIII Jaurès’s Bill

XIV Officers and their Promotion

XV The Trend of Facts and Ideas

XVI Conclusion

Appendix I. Captain Gilbert

Appendix II. Extracts from General Percin

Appendix III. The Life of Jaurès