Dawn To Dusk, Ernest Lane 1939


Catalogue of Educational Propaganda Books.
(See page 131)

The following catalogue of books, bearing on the working class fight for a regenerated society, has been compiled by the Literature Committee elected at the Rockhampton Conference of the A.W.A. last January, 1913. The committee realise the urgent necessity that exists for propaganda based on the economic and ethical principles of the Labour movement, and this is the reason why this attempt has been made to place in the hands of the workers the thoughts and aspirations of the intellectuals and writers of the Forward Movement.

The catalogue is of necessity limited, as there is great difficulty in securing prices, etc. Still it covers a wide range, and all the books are of a very high literary and economic value.

There is a great dearth of such books amongst the booksellers of Australia, and at present many will have to be obtained from Europe and America, which means a delay of three or four months from the date of ordering. A number, however, can be procured in Australasia.

Money must accompany orders (which will be immediately acknowledged). Postage is not included in the listed prices, which in some instances, however, may be reduced.

The committee believe that this effort to concentrate and circulate books of this character will bear good fruit, and shortly evolve into a larger and more systematic sphere than is possible at present. Individuals as well as branches, etc., will be attended to on receipt of orders, as it is desirous to assist all seeking knowledge and not to restrict it to any section of workers.

No profit is made out of this scheme, and all the work in connection with it is cheerfully volunteered, all that is asked in return, is for the workers to avail themselves of this opportunity to acquire knowledge and strength, and by active co-operation make it of permanent and invaluable assistance to the Labour cause generally. The committee will welcome enquiries, and do everything possible to assist those who are anxious to help in this too long neglected work.


Economics and Sociological
Soul of Man under Socialism. —— Oscar Wilde1/3
My Country Right or Wrong. —— G. Herve1/-
Studies in Socialism. —— Jaures1/6
Fabian Essays on Socialism 1/6
Fabian Tracts (complete set, bound) 4/6
Socialism and Superior Brains. —— B. Shaw1/-
Socialism and Religion. —— Fabian Society1/-
Political Economy for Plain People. —— Smith Adams1/-
History of Trades Unionism. —— Sydney Webb7/6
Fields, Factories and Workshops —— P. Kropotkin1/-
The Struggle for Existence. —— Mills10/6
The Old Order and the New. —— Morrison Davidson
The Gospel of the Poor
Annals of Toil (4 volumes)
Co-operative Commonwealth. —— L. Gronlund2/6
Our Destiny. —— L. Gronlund2/6
Political Justice. —— Godwin2/6
The Evolution of Property —— P. Lafargue2/6
The Ethics of Socialism. —— Belfort Bax2/6
The Religion of Socialism. —— Belfort Bax2/6
Outlooks from the New Standpoint. —— Belfort Bax2/6
Civilisation: Its Cause and Cure. —— Ed. Carpenter2/6
England’s Ideal. —— Ed. Carpenter2/6
Work and Wages. —— Thorold Rogers2/6
Strikes and Social Problems. —— J. S. Nicholson3/6
Contemporary Social Problems. —— A. Loria2/6
Economic Foundations of Society. —— A. Loria
The Communist Manifesto. —— Marx and Engels2/3
Woman, Past, Present and Future. —— A. Bebel
The Common Sense of Socialism. —— Spargo4/-
Revolutionary Essays. —— P. Burrowes4/-
The Class Struggle. —— Kautsky2/3
Socialism, Utopian and Scientific. —— F. Engels2/-
The Social Revolution. —— Kautsky2/-
Ethics and the Materialistic Conception of History. —— Kautsky
Materialistic Conception of History. —— Labriola4/-
The Evolution of Property. —— Lafargue2/-
The Right to be Lazy, etc. —— Lafargue2/-
Socialism: Its Growth and Outcome. —— Bax and Morris2/-
Socialism: Positive and Negative. —— R. Rives La Monte2/-
What Are We Here For? —— T. Dundas Todd2/-
War: What For? —— Kirkpatrick4/6
Mutual Aid. —— P. Kropotkin
The Labour Unrest. —— F. Henderson2/6
The Case for Socialism. —— F. Henderson2/6
Socialism and Positive Science. —— Enrico Ferri1/6
Collectivism and Industrial Evolution. —— Emile Vanderveld1/6
Child and State. —— Margaret McMillan1/6
The Coming Force. —— F. Rose1/6
Sabotage. —— Emile Pouget2/-
The American Farmer. —— Simons2/-
The Common Sense of Socialism. —— J.Spargo4/-
Social Unrest. —— Brooks6/-
Socialists at Work. —— R. Hunter6/-
Origin of the Family. —— F. Engels2/-
Critique of Political Economy. —— Karl Marx4/-
Capital (3 volumes). —— Karl Marx. Per volume8/-
Memoirs and Biographical
Memoirs of a Revolutionist. —— P. Kropotkin
John Ruskin. —— F. Harrison2/6
William Morris. —— A Noyes2/6
Sixty Years of an Agitator’s Life. —— J. Holyoake3/-
Life of Robert Owen. —— Lloyd. Jones
Jean Paul Marat. —— B. Bax2/6
How I Became a Socialist. —— Hyndman, Morris1/3
Memoirs of Marx. —— Liebknecht2/-
Tolstol: His Life and Work. —— 2/-
Life of Victor Grayson. —— 2/-
Debs’ (Eugene) Life, Writings, and Speeches. —— 4/-
Karl Marx: His Life and Work. —— J. Spargo8/6
Robert Burns and the Common People. —— W. Stewart2/-
Walt Whitman: A Study. —— M. Tupper4/-
Poetry, Etc.
Shelley. —— 2/6
W. Whitman. —— 2/6
Lowell. —— 2/6
Burns. —— 2/6
Ballads and Lyrics of Socialism. —— E. Nesbit1/-
History of the French Revolution. —— Kropotkin7/6
The Story of the French Revolution. —— B. Bax2/6
History of the Paris Commune. —— Lissagaray6/-
The Civil War in France (Commune). —— Marx1/-
The Russian Bastille. —— Pollock2/-
The Ancient Lowly (2 volumes). —— Ward. Each vol 8/-
American Communities and Co-op. Colonies. —— W.Hinds6/-
Barbarous Mexico. —— J. K. Turner6/-
The World’s Revolutions. —— E. Untermann2/-
Tragic Story of the Waihi Strike. —— 2/6
Our Own Little Rebellion (Eureka Stockade). —— 3/6
Industrial History of England. —— H. De Gibbins 3/6
Martyrdom of Man. —— Winwood Reade
"93." —— Victor Hugo2/-
Origin of the Family. —— Engels2/-
Ancient Story. —— Morgan6/-
Revolution of the Baltic Provinces of Russia. —— 1/6
The End of the World. —— Dr. Meyers2/-
The Evolution of Man. —— W. Boelcher2/-
Life and Death. —— Dr. E. Teichman2/-
The Making of the World. —— Dr. Meyers2/-
The Triumph of Life. —— W. Boelsche2/-
Germs of Mind in Plants. —— R. H. France2/-
Science and Revolution. —— Untermann2/-
Origin of Species. —— Darwin2/-
Fiction and Miscellaneous
Love’s Coming of Age. —— Ed. Carpenter 4/-
News from Nowhere. —— W. Morris2/6
Dream of John Ball. —— W. Morris1/6
Merrie England. —— R. Blatchford. Paper cover4d.
De Profundis. —— Oscar Wilde2/6
Guilty or Not Guilty. —— R. Blatchford 6d.
Equality. —— E. Bellamy1/-
Stories of the Struggle. —— Winchevsky2/-
Looking Backward. —— E. Bellamy1/-
The Jungle. —— Sinclair3/-
Eye for an Eye. —— Darrow6/-
Story of an African Farm. —— Olive Schreiner3/-
Britain for the British. —— R. Blatchford4d.
People of the Abyss. —— Jack London6/-
God’s Children. —— Allman2/-
Rebels of the New South. —— W. Raymond 4/-
The Rose Door. —— Estelle Baker4/-
Prisons, Police and Punishinent. —— Ed. Carpenter1/-
Revolt of Ghent. —— W. Morris 6d.
Thoughts of a Fool. —— Evelyn. Gladys4/-
The Rebel at Large. —— May Beale2/-
Out of the Dumip. —— Mary Marcy2/-
God and My Neighbour. —— R. Blatchford9d
Mysteries of the People. History of a Proletarian Family Across the Ages. (21 volumes). —— Eugene Sue