Lenin Biography: Timeline: 1918

Lenin Biographical Timeline: 1918


December 22

Lenin conducts a session of the Council of Defense at which the following questions are discussed: fitting out railway workers; accounts of commissars sent to newly formed divisions; the amount of grain stocks on the railways, etc.

December 23

Lenin writes the article Democracy and Dictatorship .
Lenin sends a telegram to the Commander in Chief (Vatsetis) requesting information about the reinforcements sent to Perm and the reasons for noncompliance with his orders to take Orenburg.

December 24

Lenin's article "Heroism of the Presnya Workers" is published in Byednota No. 222.

December 25

Lenin receives a representative from the Melekess Committee of the Russian Communist Party, Samara Gubernia, who reports there are no means of transportation in the district for dispatching the grain; in the Council of Defense Lenin raises the question of taking urgent measures to insure the transport of grain from Samara Gubernia.

Lenin speaks on the international situation and economic tasks at the Second All-Russia Congress of Economic Councils held in the Second House of Soviets (the Metropol Hotel).

December 29

Lenin conducts a session of the Council of Defense at which the following questions are discussed: plans for transporting army material, personnel, and food; moving reinforcements up to the Eastern Front; the Simbirsk and Izhevsk arms factories, etc.

December 30

Lenin conducts a meeting of the Council of Peoples Commissars at which the following questions are debated: financial and economic policy; granting loans to the Government of the Estonian Labor Commune and the worker peasant Government of Latvia.

Late December:

Lenin gives instructions to the Peoples Commissariat of Education (Lunacharsky) about writing and publishing popular books; and creates outlines on various subjects.

Lenin drafts thesis for the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party, in the document "Tasks of the Trade Unions".

Lenin begins the article "A Little Picture in Illustration of Big Problems". It remained unfinished.

Lenin conducts a commission for drafting a socialist agricultural policy and measures for the transition to socialist agriculture; he delivers a report to the commission and writes notes to the draft concerning common cultivation of the land.