V. I. Lenin

Remarks On the Draft "Propositions Concerning the Management of Nationalised Enterprises"

Written: June 2, 1918
First Published: Lenin Miscellany XXXVI in 1959
Source: V. I. Lenin, Collected Works, Fifth Russian edition, Vol. 36, p. 392
Transcription\HTML Markup: D. A. van den Berg and Charles Farrell
Online Version: Lenin Internet Archive (marxists.org) 2000


Communism demands and presupposes maximum centralisation of large-scale industry throughout the country. The all-Russia centre must, unconditionally, therefore, be given the right to place all enterprises of a given branch under its direct control. The regional centres will determine their functions depending on local, everyday and other conditions in accordance with the instructions and decisions of the centre.

To deprive the all-Russia centre of the right of immediate control over all enterprises of a given branch in all parts of the country, as is implied in the commission's draft proposals, would be regional anarcho-syndicalism, and not communism.