V. I. Lenin

On Reviving Rail Transport

Draft Decree of the C.P.C.

Written: June 14, 1918
First Published: 1933 in the Lenin Miscellany XXI
Source: Lenin's Collected Works, Fifth Russian Edition. Volume. 36, p.423
Transcription\HTML Markup: D. A. van den Berg and Charles Farrell
Online Version: Lenin Internet Archive (marxists.org) 2000


After an exchange of opinions on the question of reviving rail transport the Council of People's Commissars decrees: Comrade Nevsky is instructed, in consultation with colleagues strictly adhering to a Soviet, genuinely socialist and not syndicalist, policy, to place before the Council of People's Commissars at an early date practical proposals on the struggle against syndicalism and slackness, on measures for exposing and penalising those who violate Soviet policy, on measures to establish the precise responsibility of each person in a position of authority for performing his duties to practical effect, and on measures to draw comrades capable of management into the conduct of such work.

The appointment of a Collegium in the Commissariat for Railways is to be postponed in view of the failure to publish the decree.