Lenin September 1919

Koltchak Outlawed

Source: Ulianov Lenin and Kalinin, “Koltchak Outlawed” The Call, 4 September 1919, p.3;
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

The Council of People’s Commissaries has published the following decisions to be applied in the districts abandoned by Koltchak.

1. Koltchak, the ex-Admiral of the Imperial Government, who proclaims himself “Supreme Ruler,” and has under him a “Council of Ministers,” is proclaimed an enemy of the people, and is hereby outlawed.

2. All proclamations or laws, all decrees or prileazes (orders) emanating from Koltchak or from his delegated officials are annulled.

3. All deeds of sale or purchase, contracts, treaties, or concessions granted by Koltchak, his ministers, or delegated officials are annulled.

4. Similarly are declared null and void all treaties, agreements, concessions, or contracts concluded between Koltchak and the Governments of Foreign Powers, desirous of enriching themselves at the expense of the Russian people.

5. The rights of the various peoples are unaffected; land and property pass into the hands of the community.

6. Notes, issued by the Soviet Government resume their currency at the some rate as prevails in Eastern Russia.

7. The various peoples of Siberia may exercise the same right of self-determination and may conduct their internal and external affairs as freely as the Ukrainians, the Letts, the Lithuanians, the inhabitants of White Russia, the Tartars, the Bashkirs the Kalmacks, and other peoples of Russia have done.

KALININ (Chairman of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee),
ULIANOV LENIN (President of the Council of People’s Commissars).