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Yes, please see:
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Q: Help! This title isn't hyperlinked!
Send us email with a list of documents you need and they will be promptly added to this on-line library. For example, all letters "TO INESSA ARMAND" were added to Volumes 35 and 43 by special request from a reader.
Q: Is there a HOWTO for this thing?
Yes, see:
Q: What is Poor Man's Markup (PMM)?
PMM is a plain ASCII file format with at most two pages per file (verso and recto). It is OCR (optical character recognition) output with as few edits as possible. It allows a little bit of HTML markup and a little bit of TeX markup. Otherwise, it looks a lot like the original book. With minimal re-formatting effort, these files are ready for Project Gutenburg. We use this script to convert PMM to HTML web pages.
Q: Can I download HTML sources?
Yes. Each zip archive has a single file created by concatenating many .tx files • "pp" is Progress Publishers; • "fl" is "Foreign Languages Press"; • "z" is "[unknown]"; • then comes 2-digit year (or "99" for "zz"); • then comes "h" if .tx files came from HTML that pre-dated Poor Man's Markup:
v01pp72.zip  • v01zz99h.zip • v02zz99h.zip • v03zz99h.zip • v04pp64h.zip • v05fl61h.zip • v05zz99h.zip • v06zz99h.zip • v07zz99h.zip • v08fl62.zip  • v09pp72.zip  • v09zz99h.zip • v10pp65.zip  • v11pp65.zip  • v12fl62.zip  • v13pp72.zip  • v13zz99h.zip • v14pp72h.zip • v15pp73.zip  • v15zz99h.zip • v16pp74.zip  • v16pp77.zip  • v17pp74.zip  • v18pp75.zip  • v19pp77.zip  • v19zz99h.zip • v20pp72.zip  • v20zz99h.zip • v21fl70h.zip • v21pp74h.zip • v22zz99h.zip • v34pp74.zip  • v35pp76.zip  • v36pp66.zip  • v38pp76.zip  • v39pp76.zip  • v41pp77.zip  • v42pp71.zip  • v42zz99h.zip • v43pp77.zip  •
Q: Anything else?
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