Karl Liebknecht
The Future Belongs to the People

Reichstag Meeting, March 23, 1916

DISCUSSION of the Budget and taxation bill.

Different persons spoke.

Dr. Liebknecht asks to be recognized on the motion of closing the discussion.

DR. LIEBKNECHT (speaks to the question): I am sorry that under this motion, which was directed in the first place against me, I will be unable to say that I certainly refuse all taxes to the Government of martial law, the government of War über Alles. (Excitement at the right side of the House.)

PRESIDENT KAEMPF: I must ask you to confine yourself to this discussion of the order of business.

MEMBER DR. LIEBKNECHT: I assert that even in the Prussian Assembly there exists more freedom of speech than in this House. (Laughter and excitement.)

PRESIDENT KAEMPF: If you don't obey my orders I will be forced not to let you talk any further to the question.

MEMBER DR. LIEBKNECHT: It is also made impossible for me to look into the dark chamber of our German war policies and military dictatorship.

PRESIDENT KAEMPF: I can't give you the floor for this question any longer.

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