Georg Lukacs 1947


History of German Literature

Source: Georg Lukacs. Skizze einer Geschichte der neueren deutschen Literatur, Aufbau-Verlag, Berlin, 1947. Translated by Anton P.

Table of Contents

1. Foreword
2. Introduction
3. Greatness and limits of the German Enlightenment
4. The interlude of classical humanism
5. Romanticism as a turning point in German literature
6. The end of the art period
7. The burial of Old Germany
8. German literature in the Age of Imperialism
9. German Naturalism
10. The overcoming of Naturalism
11. Representative poetry of the Wilhelminian period
12. Representative epic and drama of the Wilhelminian period
13. The First World War and Expressionism
14. The Weimar period
15. Fascism and Anti-fascism