Marxist Writers: Anatoly Lunacharsky


Anatoly Lunacharsky




Revolutionary Silhouettes

Table of Contents

1. – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
2. – Lev Davidovich Trotsky
3. – Grigorii Ovseyevich Zinoviev
4. – Georgii Valentinovich Plekhanov
5. – Yakov Mikhailovich Sverdlov
6. – Comrade Volodarsky
7. – Moisei Solomonvich Uritsky
8. – Yulii Osipovich Martov (Tsederbaum)
9. – Fyodor Ivanovich Kalinin
10. – Pavel Bessalko
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On Literature and Art

First published: by Progress Publishers Moscow 1965;
Translated: from the Russian by Avril Pyman and Fainna Glagoleva, Edited by K. M. Cook, Designed by Y. Ganushkin, Compiled by A. Lebedev, Cand. (Phil. Sc.);
Transcribed: by Eugene Hirschfeld.

Table of Contents

From the Compiler


Theses on the Problems of Marxist Criticism, 1928
Chernyshevsky’s Ethics and Aesthetics: a Contemporary Evaluation, 1928


Alexander Pushkin, publ. 1937
Dostoyevsky’s “Plurality of Voices” (Re Bakhtin on Dostoyevsky), 1929
Taneyev and Scriabin, 1925
Alexander Blok, 1932
Maxim Gorky, 1932
Vladimir Mayakovsky, Innovator, 1931


Heroes of Action in Meditation, 1909
Bacon and the Characters of Shakespeare’s Plays, 1934
Jonathan Swift and A Tale of a Tub, 1930
Heine the Thinker, 1931
Richard Wagner, 1933
Marcel Proust, 1934
The Man Who Painted Happiness. In Viewing the Canvases of Renoir, 1933
George Bernard Shaw, 1931

Other Works:

Self-Education of the Workers. The Cultural Task of the Struggling Proletariat, 1918
To All Who Teach, 1918
Smolny on the Night of the Storm
Dostoyevsky as an Artist and Thinker, 1921
On Pushkin, 1922
Prohibition of public display of the swastika, 1922
The Italian Question, 1923
Byron, Shelley and Heine, 1924
German Classical Literature, 1924
Romantic Literature, 1924
Lecture on Dostoyevsky, 1926
Romanticism, 1928
Hamann, 1929
On Walter Benjamin’s Goethe article, 1929
Dostoyevsky’s Worldview and Creativity, 1931
Leo Tolstoy, 1931
Goethe and His Age, 1932
Ibsen, 1934


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