Rosa Luxemburg

In Defense of Nationality


Written: 1900.
Originally published: Roza Luksemburg, W obronie narodowolci, Poznan 1900.
Published in German: Rosa Luxemburg, Zur Verteidigung der Nationalität, Gesammelte Werke, Vol. 1, Part 1, Berlin 1982, pp. 810–28.
Translated from German: Emal Ghamsharick for the Marxists’ Internet Archive in October 2014.
Marked up: Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.
Public Domain: This work is in the under the Creative Commons Common Deed. You can freely copy, distribute and display this work; as well as make derivative and commercial works. Please credit the Marxists’ Internet Archive as your source, include the url to this work, and note any of the translators, transcribers, editors, proofreaders etc. above.

1. The system of denationalization

2. Whose fault?

3. Our allies

4. Nobility, bourgeoisie and people
in Poznan province

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