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From the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement

The Irish Tragedy: Up Scottish Revolutionists!

by John Maclean

First Published: The Vanguard, November 1922
Transcription\HTML Markup: Scottish Republican Socialist Movement Archive in 2002 and David Walters in 2003
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I hold that the British empire is the greatest menace to the human race. Lloyd George’s Caernavon speech proves it. The best interest of humanity can therefore be served by the break-up of the British empire. The Irish, the Indians and others are playing their part. Why ought not the Scottish?

The corruption of the English communists and the position of the English governing class, then, amply justify the establishment of a Scottish Communist Republic. Were the SLP and all sound and determined communists to come together at the close of the coal crisis and take the initial step in this matter, we ought to be able to rally Scottish labour so effectively that Scotland would follow Ireland and Scotsmen throughout the world respond to our revolutionary call.

We on the Clyde have a mighty mission to fulfil. We can make Glasgow a Petrograd, a revolutionary storm-centre second to none. A Scottish break-away at this juncture would bring the empire crashing to the ground and free the waiting workers of the world.

This is not the time for the empty conceits of vainglorious demagogues, but the occasion for well-grounded marxians smartly able to seize the upsurging opportunities to rouse and lead our class to victory. English labour is bound to respond to our call if we in Scotland strike out boldly for political conquest. We have no time to waste. Every delay, every hesitation brings the world nearer the perdition Lloyd George and Woodrow Wilson are preparing for us.