Tom Mann, 1923

Tom Mann's memoirs

Date: 1923
Publisher: The Labour Publishing Company Limited, 38 Great Ormond Street, London WC I
Transcription, mark-up: Steve Painter

Table of contents

Book 1. Europe
I. Childhood and apprenticeship
II. Early jobs and workmates
III. First socialist activities
IV. The fight for an eight-hour day
V. The dock strike of 1889
VI. After the dockers’ strike
VII. The labour movement and the churches
VIII. Secretaryship of the Independent Labour Party
IX. International labour organisation
X. Organisation of general workers

Book 2. Southern skies
XI. New Zealand
XII. First years in Australia
XIII. Socialist workers, writers and poets
XIV. Free speech fight
XV. New South Wales; New Zealand revisited
XVI. The Broken Hill dispute
XVII. South Africa

Book 3. Home again
XVIII. Industrial solidarity
XIX. Police brutality
XX. The don’t-shoot leaflet
XXI. Trial for incitement to mutiny
XXII. Conclusion and farewell