Jose Carlos Mariategui

History of the World Crisis

Written: 1924
Translated: Juan R. Fajardo, 1998
Transcription\HTML Markup: Juan R. Fajardo, 1998


Lecture 1: The World Crisis and the Peruvian Proletariat
Lecture 2: War Literature (Author's Notes)
Lecture 3: The Failure of the Second International (Author's Notes)
Lecture 4: Italy's Intervention in the War
Lecture 5: The Russian Revolution
Lecture 6: The German Revolution
Lecture 7: The Hungarian Revolution
Lecture 8: Germany's Current Political Situation (Author's Notes)
Lecture 9: The Versailles Peace and the League of Nations
Lecture 10: Proletarian Agitation in Europe in 1919 and 1920 (Author's Notes)
Lecture 11: The Economic Problems of Peace
Lecture 12: The Crisis of Democracy (Author's Notes)
Lecture 13: Revolutionary and Socialist Agitation of the Eastern World
Lecture 14: The Institutions of the Russian Regime (Author's Notes)
Lecture 15: Internationalism and Nationalism
Lecture 16: The Mexican Revolution (Press Description)
Lecture 17: Eulogy of Lenin (Author's Notes)

*   *   *